How To Get Help With Your Childcare Costs

Nov 07

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working tax creditWhether you choose to return to work after the birth of your baby by choice or due to financial pressures, childcare costs can be astronomical.

In the UK, the average cost for a full time place at nursery is around £177. Which means some people will be paying considerably less, but others will be paying considerably more.

But there are ways to get help with your childcare costs so that you don’t end up going back to work just to pay to keep your child safe.

Childcare Tax Credits

Unlike most other types of credits that are only applicable to those out of work, Childcare Tax Credits are specifically designed for those that do have a job to reduce the cost of childcare.

But in reality, this tax credit is not actually called the Childcare Tax Credit, although that’s what most people call it. Instead it is titled the Childcare Element of the Working Tax Credit, much more official and far more difficult to remember!

How the Childcare Element of the Working Tax Credit Works

Basically, the Childcare Element of the Working Tax Credit is a sum of money that is paid to you on a weekly or monthly basis to help with the cost of raising your children.

Eligibility will depend on the number of hours you work, your salary and the number of children you have. And all credits must be applied for to ensure you get them.

Thousands of people every year miss out on this basic entitlement just because they don’t know about it or think they earn too much to be eligible. But even if you think this isn’t the case, isn’t it worth a few minutes of your time to ensure you couldn’t benefit?

How To Apply

The easiest way to find out if you are eligible is simply to pick up the phone and ring the Tax Credit Helpline on 0345 300 3900.

As a guideline, Childcare Tax Credit is offered to individuals or couples who work a minimum of 16 hours per week with an average income of less than £41,000 per year.

But with different options for those with more than one child and for parents who have a disabled child, or are disabled themselves, even if you do not think you are eligible, it is always worth a call.

It’s Not Just For the Childminder

It is important to also realise that this support is not just for individuals who put their children in full time nursery. It can also help parents who have older children that go to afterschool clubs or summer camp.

Anyone with a child under 16 years of age, or under the age of 20 and in full time education, can apply. And there’s no penalty if you apply and you are not eligible, so why not give it a go.

Working Tax CreditRemember to Renew

Once you get your tax credit, the key to long term success is to make sure you sign and return the annual renewal statement when it comes through the door.

Thousands of people every year are losing their benefits, just because they don’t realise that the form has to go back.

In fact, the deadline at the moment is the 1st July every year, and if miss this deadline it can cause all sorts of problems.

Take Action Now

Though you may not want to think about it just yet, returning to work can be a difficult time for your whole family. So make sure you are as prepared as you can be using every means possible to get the best support.

And when you have a few moments putting your feet up with the PC, browse the HMRC Website and get the latest up to date information on all the support you are entitled to from Childcare Tax Credits.

You never know, it could make all the difference.

Great New From SnuggleBundl

Oct 19

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Extra! Extra! We have just received some fabulous news from SnuggleBundl. To thank all our competitors for entering our competition they are offering you all 15% off your very own SnuggleBundl.

All you have to do is click on the SnuggleBundl banner, which will take you directly to the site and enter voucher code snug15 when you place your order.

This is the perfect way to get your little baby wrapped up for Christmas or could be the perfect gift for a new little baby or someone who is expecting. So make sure you click over today and take advantage of this fabulous offer.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to SnuggleBundl. Not only did they put up the prize for our fantastic competition but learning about the benefits that their products can bring has helped a lot of pregnant women who simply couldn’t function properly without their baby lifting blanket. And now we have to thank them again for a fabulous exclusive offer.

Even if you haven’t considered how you are going to lift your baby, this wonderful product helps every step of the way. So make sure you get over there today and take advantage of this fabulous offer.

Sign Up To Our Newsletter For The Latest Offers

May 03

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Mum To Be NewsletterAll the feedback we have had from our customers has shown that you are loving the range of news, articles and voucher codes that we offer on the site, however a number of you have said that you don’t want to have to keep checking back with us for new offers and discounts, and would rather we contacted you.

In response to this, we are bringing back our newsletter so that we can keep you up to date with the latest news and reviews as well as voucher codes and offers without you having to keep checking in with us all the time.

All you have to do to join our newsletter is enter your email in the panel just below our latest offers and latest articles on the right hand side of this page or click on the picture above and you will be taken directly to the form.

Once you have validated your email address, we will be able to keep you up to date throughout your pregnancy and, if you also enter your due date, we will make sure that you don’t keep receiving further maternity related emails after your baby has been born until you are ready to register for the next one!

Don’t worry, we will keep your email address safe. We won’t be passing it on to anyone, just using it to keep you informed while you are still happy for us to contact you.

So why not take the stress out of finding your maternity clothes and let Simply help you today. We are here to make life easier and make sure you look and feel as good as you possibly can on your journey to becoming a mum, so if you feel there is anything you would like us to add to our site or any feedback on our newsletter then just get in touch.

Half Price Maternity Underwear at House Of Fraser

Apr 02

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The up to 50% off sale has started at House of Fraser with some fantastic discounts across the store including 50% off selected items in the gorgeous Elle Macpherson Maternity Underwear range – a great way to put you in fantastic mood when you are pregnant.

It was while she was nursing her second child that Elle Macpherson began her own signature maternity range which focused on fabulous shape and support with a certain level of sex appeal that Elle is so well known for.

Elle Macpherson Intimates Rainbow Rain Maternity BraAfter appearing a record five times on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Elle McPherson is one lady that truly understands what it takes to flatter the female form and the underwear that is needed to make your clothes hang well and make you look good, which is probably why the Intimates range of maternity underwear has been so popular.

However, with designer labels always come designer prices, so when offers like these on designer maternity underwear come along, you need to snap them up straight away to make sure you get the very best in style, but at the best possible price.

This Rainbow Rain maternity underwear set is perfect for your pregnancy and is now just half price in the House of Fraser sale.

With fabulous support without the use of the underwires that can hinder the production of milk during pregnancy, this bra has a beautifully delicate design but still has the nursery attachments and full cup support that you require to support your changing pregnancy shape.

Elle Macpherson Intimates Rainbow Rain Maternity BriefsCompleted by these gorgeous maternity bikini briefs, this is a complete set of gorgeously sexy maternity underwear that is going to make you look and feel fabulous and is now available at a mere fraction of the original cost.

And remember, this fantastic sale at House of Fraser does not just cover the maternity section, but covers every department in the store with up to 50% discount applied. So take a look today and check out the fantastic bargains that are available.

Choosing maternity underwear can be a challenge, not only do you need underwear that is going to be comfortable and supportive but you also need to ensure that you feel good in your underwear and that it makes your clothes hang well. If you are having any problems in finding the right maternity underwear for you, then take a look at our guide for information and support that is going to help you stay comfortable and get the best from all your underwear during your pregnancy.



Stay Healthy Over Christmas

Dec 16

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Christmas is traditionally a time for over indulgence and spoiling yourself with food and wine all day long, but when you are pregnant there can be a few challenges to making your Christmas safe for you and your unborn baby. But with a few words to the wise, you can have a happy and healthy Christmas and the very best present in the New Year.

Though there is a lot of over eating at Christmas, the core of the Christmas dinner is actually incredibly healthy and can be good for a pregnant woman. With iron rich Brussel Sprouts, more vegetables than you would have at a standard dinner and fresh turkey meat, you have the recipe for a balance diet at Christmas which is perfect for you and your growing baby.

Take care when cooking your turkey to make sure that it is thoroughly cooked before serving. If you are using a frozen variety, make sure it is completely defrosted before cooking and make sure you weigh your turkey after you have finished stuffing it to know how long to cook it for. Even the occasional orange and rashers of bacon can tip the scales so that your turkey needs longer in the oven.

Avoid the tradition of washing your turkey  which actually does nothing to wash away germs but can spread them through your kitchen. Keep your hands clean and remember a quick splash under the tap is not enough, rigorous washing with soap is the only way to stop germs.

When it comes to pudding, Christmas cake and Christmas pudding are full of dried fruit and nuts that can give you essential vitamins and energy when you are on your feet all day. Be careful that the deserts haven’t been laced with alcohol and check that your cream has been pasteurised and there is no reason you can’t enjoy your Christmas day and still feel like you are doing your bit to take care of bubs.

Almost 2% of the country think that they have suffered from food poisoning on Christmas Day and food storage is the key to making sure that you stay healthy over Christmas. If you are preparing evening nibbles, make sure that all items are covered when they are not being used and that they only stay out for the minimum amount of time. If you feel that food has been left out for over an hour, simply don’t eat it, there are plenty of other people around that will finish it off for you!

If you are going to a party with a buffet, try to be one of the first to eat when the food comes out so that you are not eating food that has been left out for a significant amount of time. Avoid seafood and pate wherever possible and if you are in doubt whether something is cooked, just don’t eat it. Pregnancy is a great excuse for a lot of things and it is easy to avoid eating questionable food without offending the host when you suddenly become ‘queasy’!

Even the most laid back of eaters needs to be more vigilant during the festive season when you are pregnant, and even if you don’t want to seem picky, think how much better your new year is going to be with the safe and happy delivery of a healthy child.

Everyone here at Simply Maternity wishes you the very best this Christmas and hope to see you on our site in the New Year with more hints, tips, fashions and discounts to make next year one of the best ever.

The Mummy Is Going To Be A Mummy

Nov 02

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Jessica Simpson is pregnantAfter dressing up in a very appropriate Mummy costume for Halloween, Jessica Simpson has taken to Twitter to release a picture of her very rounded tummy and confirm the very obvious, she is indeed going to be a Mummy herself and is pregnant with her first child.

After weeks of speculation, outfits with tell tale bumps and so many rumours, Jessica has confirmed that she and finance Eric Johnson are expecting a baby, and by the looks of the bump it won’t be that far in the future.

Jessica had a rocky time with first husband Nick Lachey and their doomed ‘Newlyweds’ reality show when they ended up in the divorce courts in 2006. However since then she has brought out a Country Music Album and several Christmas songs and found love with new beau Eric Johnson whom she got engaged to in 2010.

Nicole is now set to work alongside Nicole Richie on the new Fashion Star American reality TV show where she will be mentoring the hopeful contestants and giving them through to the rocky road of success. And it will be a great opportunity for Jessica to get some words of advice herself from one of the most famous working mums in the US.

Sometimes when you are pregnant you need to just go all out for a party, let your hair down and really show off your bump in style, and we think this Mummy outfit that Jessica chose is fantastic to do just that. We are not quite sure how she made her probably regular pit stops but we still think she looked fabulous and all those lace bandages gave her an incredible body shape.

Jessica joins a whole team of celebrity women who are pregnant at the moment including Hilary Duff and Jennifer Garner who are both looking fabulous during their pregnancies. However we still have to see the first signs of the Beyonce bump that everyone is looking out for. Is she being deliberately coy or are the rumours of a surrogate being used for the pregnancy true?

However you carry your pregnancy, what really matters is that a family are created at the end of the term and that a new life is created with love. So we raise our glasses to the celebrities that are showing us their pregnancy style and look forward to seeing many more great sites in the weeks to come.

25% Off Winter Maternity Coats at Debenhams

Oct 28

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As part of their current offer on all winter coats and jackets, Debenhams are also offering 25% off all winter maternity coats this weekend.

Until midnight on Monday 31st October, simply add your choice of maternity coat from the range at Debenhams and 25% will be instantly deducted from the price. There is no voucher code, the discount you will receive will be seen on the site when you make your selection, which means you can instantly see the amazing savings on offer this weekend.

Navy Cape Maternity CoatIf you want  a relaxed, comfortable coat while you are pregnant, this Navy Cape Maternity Coat is a fantastic option. The style of this coat creates a gorgeous line over your bump while you are pregnant and the elegant cut ensures that your coat will continue to fit you perfectly throughout your entire pregnancy.

The beautiful sateen lining in this coat provides a gorgeous feel to this coat and creates a wonderful look and feel to complete this elegant style. We love the double breasted toggle front to this coat which creates a great line to the entire coat and means that you can easily continue to wear this coat post pregnancy and continue to look great.

Usually £65, if you buy this or any other winter coat from Debenhams this weekend you can claim 25% off and get this gorgeous coat for just £48.75, saving nearly £20.

We have a great range of maternity coats on our site from Debenhams and a fantastic range of maternity retailers that will keep you feeling warm and looking great this season. So take a full look around our site and see the amazing styles available across our complete range of maternity clothes. From Maternity Coats to Maternity Underwear, and everything in between, here at Simply Maternity we strive to bring you the most comprehensive range of maternity wear so that you can make the best choice when you buy your maternity clothes.

Get Your £10 Gift Voucher From Mummy & Little Me

Oct 12

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Attesa Maternity Dress For Special OccasionsIf you haven’t tried the fantastic range of maternity wear from Mummy & Little Me yet, then now is a great opportunity to get something really special for Christmas and to get something back.

When you spend over £50 at Mummy & Little Me this week, the company will thank you buy sending you a £10 Gift Voucher to be used on the site. Whether you keep the voucher yourself or give it to a friend, this is a great opportunity to make some fabulous savings and get something a little bit extra special this season.

We love this Attessa Maternity Dress for any chic mummy-to-be that really wants to celebrate her pregnancy in style.

This gorgeous above the knee dress is long sleeved and fully lined. Available in this gorgeous deep sea blue or a more traditional black, the dress has a silk neckline and gorgeous full panel that gently flows over your bump down and the gathered hemline sits beautifully on your lower thigh to create long legs that just cry out for some sparkly shoes and a great party to go to.

With 28% wool integrated into this dress, this is a high quality, well designed party dress that is going to keep its shape and whether you choose to hand wash or dry clean this dress, it will continue to keep its shape and its beautiful deep colouring however many times you wear  it, and with such a gorgeous design, you are going to want to wear it again and again.

Though you hope you are not going to be in your maternity clothes for long after your baby is born, the beauty of this style is that it is going to flatter your shape when you are pregnant and again while you are trying to loose your baby weight.

It is never a good idea to buy too many clothes for your pregnancy as you want to make sure you get the most out of everything you buy, but by buying one chic party dress and teaming it with different accessories and different hairstyles for different occasions, you will look fabulous at every special event this season and really enjoy being the Belle of the ball.

To claim your £10 gift voucher this week simply click on the Attessa Dress above to go directly through to the Mummy & Little Me site and place items of £50 or more into your basket. When you reach the checkout add our voucher code below and your gift voucher will be sent to you with your order. This offer does expire at midnight on Wednesday 19th October 2011 so make sure you place your order today to take advantage of this great offer.

And the best part is that every time you shop with Mummy & Little Me, not only do you get fantastic maternity clothes but you can also join the Mummy & Little Me reward scheme to claim loyalty points value off of future purchases.

We have a beautiful range of maternity dresses for special occasions on our site, so take a full look around at the great products we can offer you on our site and remember to keep coming back to Simply Maternity for more discounts and offers on all your favourite maternity wear.


GAP joins Simply Maternity

Sep 09

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GAPmaternityIt is with great pleasure that we announce that Simply Maternity have now joined forces with GAP to bring you the new line of GAPmaternity.

GAP have a history of bringing well designed, up to the minute clothes to the industry, especially with their signature jeans that are loved by the world over. And now, with their new line of Maternity Clothes, GAP are teaming with Simply to ensure that everyone has access to what is going to be a very popular line in the maternity wardrobe.

If you are one of the masses of women that return to GAP every season for your new jeans but went into meltdown when you realised that you would have to give them up during pregnancy, then fear no longer, with Boot Cut, Skinny and Long & Lean cuts now available in the new maternity line, designed to flatter your figure as you grow, you can continue to wear classic GAP jeans for as long as you want along with an entire collection of beautiful maternity tops that are going to look perfect this season.

WGAP Cherrywood Maternity Sweatere love this Kimono Sweater available in classic black or, our favourite, the deep cherrywood. With 5% Cashmere and a long tunic length, this elegant sweater is soft and comfortable and looks absolutely fabulous.

Whether you team it with tights and jewellery for a sophisticated smart look or just chuck it over your maternity jeans for a classic day time look, this is one sweater that is really going to turn heads, and at only £35.95, why not treat yourself to the coordinating jeans that will really give you the look you want during your pregnancy.

GAP have always had a reputation for well designed, great clothes that meet the needs of the woman of today and we are so pleased that they have now teamed up with our site to introduce such a fantastic line in maternity wear.

So browse through all selection of categories and see both the new styles from GAP as well as all our new autumn lines that are going to have you looking fantastic this Autumn.


Get Ready For Some Amazing Discounts At Isabella Oliver

Aug 30

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Isabella Oliver (UK)Isabella Oliver has always had a reputation for creating well designed up to the minute stylish maternity clothes, as proven by the incredible level of celebrity following from well known stars during their pregnancies including Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani, Emily Deschanel and Jodie Kidd.

And to make these clothes even more attractive, next week we have a voucher code that will offer all our customers up to 41% discount across the site, so get ready for a spending spree and look like a star during your pregnancy.

The trick with this offer is to get in early, as the earlier you place your order, the better the discount you will receive. Place your order on Tuesday 30th August, when this promotion starts, and you will receive a fantastic 41% off every qualifying product. Leave it until later in the week and though you will miss out on the best off of the week, you can still qualify for some fantastic discounts on an amazing range of maternity clothes.

Date Discount
30/08/11 41%
31/08/11 38%
01/09/11 35%
02/09/11 32%
03/09/11 29%
04/09/11 26%

To claim your discount simply click here to see the full qualifying range of styles from Isabella Oliver and place your order. Enter voucher code ‘Spree‘ at the checkout and qualify for this fantastic promotional offer.

And after you’ve placed your order, why not drop us a line to let us know what you bought for your pregnancy from this fantastic collection. Whether you are looking for maternity dresses, maternity tops or maternity coats to keep you warm this autumn, the range at Isabella Oliver is designed to suit all and with such fantastic discounts can also suit most budgets.

But remember the early bird is truly going to get the worm with this offer and all discounts will change at midnight each day, so don’t leave it until late in the day to place your order, get online as soon as you can to make sure you don’t miss out and claim as much discount as you can on this amazing Isabella Oliver at Simply Maternity.

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