Make the Most of the Secondary January Sales

Jan 06

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For most of us, Tuesday 6th January is the true start of the year. The kids have gone back to school, we have all gone back to work and the Christmas decorations are finally back in their boxes.

But today doesn’t have to be all gloom and doom, in fact it marks the start of a fantastic opportunity for pregnant women and new mums everywhere – and it’s something we like to call the Secondary January Sales.

What Are the Secondary January Sales?

Asthall Maternity  Dress

Snatch up this gorgeous Asthall Maternity Dress for just £42, down from £105.

Unlike the traditional January Sales, the secondary sales usually start quite a bit after the first flurry of sale shopping is over. But while the interest may not be as high as it usually is during the first few days after Christmas, the discounts that are available quickly make up for it.

And for those of us that have an unquenchable thirst for designer maternity clothes, but don’t have the budget to match, these secondary sales give us the opportunity to really indulge in our favourite pleasure.

High street names and designer labels give us the opportunity to snatch up some of those best loved items for a fraction of the cost, so who are we to resist!

Hamilton Maternity Dress from Isabella Oliver

This Hamilton Dress is close to a third its original price!

Just take a look at leading names such as Isabella Oliver and you will see exactly what we mean.

As their man sale comes to a close ‘end of season offers’ provide greater discounts than ever before.

This gorgeous Asthall maternity dress, suitable for day or night is discounted by 60%,

While this gorgeous Hamilton design is down to nearly a third of its original price.

And it’s not just maternity dresses that enjoy these sort of discounts, nor is it only at Isabella Oliver that offers such huge price cuts.

Tops, trousers, skirts, in fact anything you can think of when it comes to high quality maternity clothing enjoys the same incredible offers, from all manner of retail provider.

The reductions are going on absolutely everywhere, and it would be absolutely criminal if you missed out.

How To Make the Most of the Secondary January Sales

1. Plan Ahead

Thankfully, when it comes to the changes us women experience during pregnancy, things pretty much run along one course. Though you are going to get wider and a little larger (sorry!) those wonderful maternity retailers have taken all that into consideration when designing the clothes that you want to wear. So you can pick your usual dress size, knowing that even at the very end of your pregnancy these clothes are still likely to fit you.

And in knowing that you are most likely going to be the same size for the next 3/6 months means you can buy clothes for this season, the next season and even the one after.

And because you are buying stock that is out of season, you are going to be able to get even bigger discounts than you can on clothes that you can wear now.

2. Don’t Forget the Baby

But this doesn’t just apply to the mum. Now is also a great time to buy baby clothes too. Whether you are expecting a winter, spring, summer or even autumn baby, there are fabulous discounts across a massive amount of stores. Just work out how old your baby will be in each season and get the clothes to suit. It may seem crazy to plan so far ahead. But when it comes to the first few months of parenting and you don’t want to be out shopping for you or the new baby, you will be glad you took this step.

Just think, almost a year’s worth of clothes bought and paid for in one easy shop. After today, January 6th is likely to become more fun than Christmas!

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