Half Price Maternity Swimwear in the M&S Sale

Jun 12

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The M&S Sale is here again bringing with it some great offers on maternity swimwear for all our mums to be.

Whether you are having a girl or a boy, want a costume, tankini or bikini, Marks and Spencers have the lot  – and with most items now under £10 each.

As the comfort and convenience of wearing a tankini during pregnancy becomes more apparent, we have found that an increasing number of merchants are providing great quality, supportive maternity tankinis that are perfect for the beach or the pool, for serious swimming or just playing about.

Marks and Spencers Maternity TankiniAnd this Halterneck Spotted Tankini from M&S is just perfect.

Available in this pretty pink or luscious jade, the combination of checks and spots on this design gives you shape and definition as well as support and security throughout your pregnancy.

The padded cups and secret support ensure that your bust remains defined and supported throughout your pregnancy while the adjustable halterneck strap ensures everything stays in place.

Fully lined for the ultimate in comfort, the frills on this tankini top provide the fun and feminine edge that completes this outfit so beautifully and keep you looking fantastic.

And with the top now half price at just £9.50 and the coordinating bottoms now just £6, if you can’t choose between the jade and the pink styles right now, why not opt for the simple solution and get them both, you will still pay just over £30 and with mix and match options will have four different to wear them!

Marks and Spencers Maternity BikiniIf you want to get the most from the sun and give your baby a few rays too, why not opt for this gorgeous maternity bikini top which provides the support and comfort you need through your pregnancy is a cute minimalist style that will ensure you get more of an all over tan.

This bikini is perfect if you want to get some colour to your belly, but remember, the skin on your pregnancy bump is going to be more sensitive than ever before so will need extra attention when putting on suntan lotion and moisturising at the end of the day to avoid burning or dryness which can be exacerbated during pregnancy.

With added stretch to ensure you can wear your bikini right up to the end of your pregnancy, remember to order your pre-pregnancy size in any maternity swimwear from Marks and Spencers as accommodation for your changing shape has already been made.

Now only ££7.50 for this stunning top and just £6 for the bottoms, you can get yourself some amazing bargains when you shop at M&S right now.

And there are still maternity swimsuits and other gorgeous maternity clothes that we have not even mentioned. Though the full range may not be available in your local store, simply by clicking on either picture you will be taken directly to the M&S online sale so that you can see the full collection of maternity wear in the sale and start saving today.

Up To 30% Off All Maternity Clothes at Dorothy Perkins

Mar 29

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Here is a great way to update your maternity wardrobe for summer with the latest in maternity fashion from Dorothy Perkins. Until Sunday 1st April, Dorothy Perkins are offering up to 30% off everything on their site in fashion pop up event which includes their full range of maternity clothes.

There is no voucher code, you just click on the banner and everything will be automatically reduced by either 10, 20 or 30%, you just have to choose the items that you want and get shopping.

The thing we love about choosing maternity clothes from Dorothy Perkins is that they incorporate the same sense of style and high street fashion in their maternitywear as they do in their standard clothes, which means you get the styles and designs that were seen on the catwalk just a few weeks ago, in store and ready to enjoy.

Mamalicious Maternity Bikini at Dorothy PerkinsAnd Dorothy Perkins understand that just because you are pregnant, it doesn’t mean you want to hide your body away, in fact some of us want to flaunt it more than ever, which is why we love this Mamalicious grey print maternity bikini from Dorothy Perkins.

Not only does it qualify for the full 30% discount this weekend which means it costs less than £11, but it also looks and feels fantastic when you are pregnant.

As long as you use lots of high factor sun cream to protect your fragile skin when you are pregnant, there is no reason you shouldn’t wear a bikini. In fact, there is a school of thought that suggests some of the benefits of being in the sun will actually feed through to the baby and they may even get a head start in absorbing Vitamin D. How much of this is true, we couldn’t say, and whether sunlight helps with stretch marks is still questionable, but we do know that wearing a bikini during pregnancy feels great and this one from Dorothy Perkins has everything you need.


Whenever you are choosing maternity bikinis look out for self tie tops that will ensure your bikini fits well and can be fully adjusted as you change shape so that you can continue to wear it with confidence throughout the summer months. Opt for quick dry material so that you don’t have to buy more than one and consider a halterneck design to give your bust more support as you progress through your pregnancy.

A good quality bikini such as this one will not only service you throughout your pregnancy but is adjustable so that you can wear it again after your baby is born until you are ready to get back in your pre pregnancy swimwear. It is light and flexible and contains 18% Elastane which means that as long as you wash it with care it is going to return to it’s normal shape and keep you looking great as the summer goes on.

But the discount at Dorothy Perkins is not just limited to swimwear, or indeed to maternity wear. Everything on the site is reduced, from shoes and dresses to accessories and hats, so make the most of this weekend’s offer and get shopping today.

Huge Discounts on Maternity Swimwear in the Figleaves Sale

Mar 20

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If you didn’t get that special something you wanted for Mothers Day or just simply feel that you need a treat, then take a look at the fantastic range of maternity swimwear in the Figleaves sale and treat yourself to your own designer swimwear without having to worry about the price.

Pez Dor Maternity Swimsuit at FigleavesThis gorgeous Luxe Bow Maternity Swimsuit is created by Pez Dor a luxury swimwear designer that has been creating chic but practical swimwear across the globe since identifying a gap in the market in 2008.

The combination of luxury material in this deep sensual red hue and creative design gives you swimwear that is going to flatter your pregnancy and make you feel amazing.

As you can see from the detail in this costume, the beauty of this suit comes from the creativity used in both the design and the fit. Boned at the sides of the bust and lined for support, this costume has removable straps to create the most versatile look and is finished with an elegant knot that creates a gorgeous focal point on a highly sophisticated costume.

Usually £40, this designer maternity swimsuit is just £28 now thanks to the launch of the Figleaves sale this morning, which gives us all the opportunity to wear top designer maternity swimwear and feel great during pregnancy.

And if you look closely there are lots of amazing bargains in the Figleaves sale offering up to 50% off selected maternity swimwear as well as maternity nightwear and underwear that will ensure you have everything you need for your pregnancy. So go to the Figleaves site right now and see the wonderful array of products they have to support you through your pregnancy and make yourself feel truly blessed by the wonders of becoming a mum.

20% off Maternity Wear at Mummy and Little Me

Mar 15

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If you have never tried the fantastic range of maternity wear at Mummy and Little Me then our voucher code gives you the best excuse to start. We are offering all Simply Maternity customers 20% off all maternity wear at this fantastic designer maternity clothes site until the end of June. This means you can enjoy 20% off your entire summer wardrobe and get still have time to get ready for the autumn using this voucher code again.

There is no limit to the amount of times you can use the voucher, so share the post on your facebook and let all your friends enjoy a fantastic offer that is going to make you look amazing this summer.

The range at Mummy and Little Me covers everything you will want this season, from the traditional to the highly creative designs that are going to keep you coming back to this site.

Amoralia Halterneck Maternity TankiniWith so many people planning to jet off to the sun this Easter, we had to showcase the fabulous maternity swimwear range that Mummy and Little Me stock. Our favourite has to be this Amoralia Halterneck Tankini – and one look at it tells you why. This gorgeous bright pink colour gives a breath of fresh air to maternity tankinis everywhere and with full adjustable sides this tankini is going to fit throughout pregnancy, and then again after the baby is born which is fantastic for covering that baby bulge while you are trying to get back into shape.

The extra length means your bump is always going to stay covered if you want it to, but just tighten the side ties to expose your bump and your baby can start enjoying the summer sun before she is even born!

Guano Silk Maternity TopWhen you have finished languishing on the beach, or by the pool, you are going to need cool casual maternity tops that are going to keep you looking and feeling fresh for those long sticky evenings, and this Silk Maternity Top from Noppies at Mummy and Little Me is perfect.

Available in red or yellow, this delicate maternity top is ideal for hot summer evenings and is only £15 in the Mummy and Little Me sale but it still qualifies for a further 20% off with our voucher code.

With a discrete black camisole around the bust area for added protection, you can wear this top with linen maternity trousers, shorts or a maternity skirt, to give you the style that you want with one very beautiful sheer top that will keep the elegance in your summer evening.

Maternity Chiffon Wrap TopAnd when you get home and want to show off your tan, why not treat yourself to this stunning Chiffon Maternity Wrap Top.

Already reduced to an incredible £15 – a saving of £24.99 on the original price, this beautiful top is delicate, stylish and oh so flattering that you will want to wear it again and again.

The bell sleeves and sheer quality to this material give such a gorgeous feminine feel that you can even wear it with jeans and you still look fabulous. The blend of pinks and purples used to create the design are just amazing and create such a beautiful style that we would defy any mum-to-be not to fall in love with this top.

Combine with the gorgeous Tete a Tete maternity jeans that are also featured in this picture and once you have applied your voucher code, you will have a fabulous designer maternity outfit for less than £28. An amazing offer from such a fabulous company.

But the offers don’t stop there. There are maternity dresses, underwear, workwear and all kinds of trousers, skirts and shorts to choose from at Mummy and Little Me, which all qualify for our voucher code. So start shopping at Mummy and Little Me today and experience some of the best designer maternity wear at phenomenal prices, just for you. Happy Shopping!

Shop All Maternity Wear at Mummy and Little Me

20% Off Exceptional Maternity Swimwear At Figleaves

Feb 15

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When one thinks of Figleaves swimwear the words that spring to mine are designer swimwear, incredible quality, intelligent design and outstanding style, and the range of maternity swimwear is no different.

It seems that Figleaves have taken a different approach to maternity swimwear, putting style and design at the forefront of every piece they create in store or select from the range of leading brands used on the site.

This style is then combined with high quality fabrics and intelligent integrated support to make one of the best collections of maternity swimwear on the market.

And right now, Simply Maternity can offer you a voucher code that not only offers you 20% off all maternity swimwear on the site, but actually offers you 20% off every full priced item at Figleaves.com.

If you are expecting a baby, then you may also be interested in the wonderful range of maternity and nursing underwear on the site which includes well known brands such as Emma Jane, Anita Maternity and Amoralia as well as the up and coming sexy maternity styles such as Hotmilk and Elle Macpherson Intimates which can really spice up your pregnancy.

Or if you simply want to treat yourself or the man in your life then there is a fabulous range of lingerie and mens underwear that has more choice than you could possibly imagine.

To qualify for this fantastic new offer, simply click on the banner at the side of the page to enter the Figleaves site and start shopping.

When you have finished, cut and paste the voucher code from the bottom of the page into the checkout of the Figleaves site before midnight on Monday 20th February 2012 and every full priced item in your basket will be discounted by 20%.

This is a great offer and a fantastic way to treat yourself or a loved one, so take a look at Figleaves today and see the amazing range of products that are now open to you.

Fantastic Maternity Swimwear at M&S

Feb 02

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When we are looking for maternity swimwear, one of the most difficult choices is not what swimwear to opt for, but when you should start wearing it. Though most of us are incredibly keen to get in our maternity swimwear and show off our bumps in the prenatal swimming classes as soon as possible, at the same time you don’t want to be the woman who has jumped in too quickly and has a little droop where her bump should be.

Marks and Spencers Maternity SwimwearWell the new maternity swimwear range from Marks and Spencers will go a long way to stopping this dreadful dilemma with the introduction of tide side fasteners in their latest maternity swimsuit. Pull the ties tightly and the suit will draw in, giving you a flatter costume that looks as if it fits perfectly even in the early stages of pregnancy. Let the ties out throughout your pregnancy and you havea costume that is going to continue to fit you for as long as you want to be wearing it.

And after your baby is born, follow the same pattern in reverse and you have a costume that is going to continue to fit until you are ready to attempt your pre pregnancy swimwear again.

And though this swimwear is incredibly functional, with padding, lining, detachable strap and the extra stretch you need in a good maternity swimming costume, it has also been created to look great too. The intelligent design actually flatters your body shape, neatly drawing you in at the waist and carrying attention up the body to balance out your body shape even as you near the end of your pregnancy.

The detachable strap means that you have a costume that looks great both in the pool and on the beach and at only £29.50, it won’t break the bank to buy it.

Though you won’t find maternity swimwear in many of the M&S stores, their range of swimwear and maternity clothes in general is fantastic. So take a look today and see the full range of maternity wear available from M&S.

The Best In Maternity Swimwear In The Figleaves Sale

Jan 18

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Here at Simply Maternity we are always telling our readers that maternity clothes can be as glamorous as you want, and we are constantly trying to find the best maternity wear to suit your style and the latest trends and this week  we have come across a fabulous maternity swimming costume from Figleaves that we just had to show you.

Pez Dor Maternity SwimwearMaternity swimwear is everywhere at the moment and the sales are full of bargains, but finding something that is flattering, supportive and keeps up with fashion can be difficult, especially at this time. But we think we have found just the thing for any yummy mummy with this gorgeous Pez Dor Luxe Halter Maternity Swimsuit from Figleaves.

The overall look from the Pez Dor maternity swimwear range is absolutely fantastic and the striking shape and style to this swimsuit in particular is simply fabulous.

The sensual, slinky design created by the deep plunging neck line and gathering detail at the top of the cups creates a gorgeous shape to this swimsuit which would look equally sensational in a pool or on a beach.

This sensational costume is fully lined for comfort and support and the ruched sides ensure that you get a perfect fit to your costume throughout your pregnancy, maintaining the sleek stylish shape created by this gorgeous swimwear.

Originally £40.00, this costume is now just £24 in the Figleaves sale and would look great on practically any stylish mum-to-be. The halterneck shape and low back reduces the risk of bikini lines while the overall style of this costume screams elegance and fashion.

So if you want to be in style and looking fabulous through your pregnancy click on the picture above and see the full range of Pez Dor maternity swimwear at Figleaves. It is just one of the range of designers that are working with Figleaves right now which aim to make every woman feel great during their pregnancy.

Treat Yourself To A Maternity Bikini and up to 30% off at DP

Dec 02

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The up to 30% off across the Dorothy Perkins site is back and creates a fantastic opportunity for you to treat yourself this Christmas as well as get presents for all your loved ones from the comfort of your own home.

But when you are rushing round this Christmas writing lists and doing your shopping, take a breath and consider how your body is feeling during the stress of the festive season. Though it is always primarily up to the woman of the house to make sure that everything is ready for Christmas, it is also essential that you take some time out and relax during your pregnancy to keep you and your baby healthy and happy.

So when you are shopping for all your Christmas presents at Dorothy Perkins why not treat yourself to one of their fantastic maternity bikinis they have on the site and give yourself an afternoon off with a relaxing swim in the local pool.

Swimming is a great way to take the weight off when you are pregnant and also to ease the stress and strain that you can feel from having so much to do at this time of year. Choose a nice warm pool and you will find the warmth of the water can ease a sore back and give you time to really sort out your mind and get everything in order, ready to finalise your plans and get the preparations for Christmas well underway.

Not only is swimming a great relaxation technique during pregnancy but it is also a fantastic way to get some healthy exercise during your pregnancy. With the water supporting your body but also providing resistance to increase your exercise levels, having a quick swim even once a week can keep your blood pressure down and keep you feeling more toned ready to hit the dance floor at those Christmas parties.

And with bikinis starting at just £13.50 in the sale right now, you can afford to get yourself down to the pool and even treat yourself to a coffee afterwards before you get back in the rat race.

So take a look at the full range of discounts on the Dorothy Perkins, not only can you get all the presents for your family and yourself this Christmas but you can make great savings while you do it.

15% off Amoralia Maternity Lingerie and Nightwear

Sep 23

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Amoralia Pyjamas RoseThe Amoralia brand was developed by Jules Fossett, an ex-advertising strategist who was encouraged by pregnant friends and relatives to resolve the lack of stylish maternity lingerie available today and so Amoralia was born.

Now claiming to provide ‘the most beautiful maternity underwear on the market’ Amoralia provide a range of maternity products to help you feel beautiful and feminine throughout your pregnancy and resolve the most common issues that arise during pregnancy which is why you will see innovative solutions such as invisible nursing clips, pretty straps, breast pad holders and briefs cut to flatter larger bottoms integrated into beautiful, sensual maternity lingerie and maternity nightwear just for you.

And right now Mummy and Little Me are offering 15% off their complete range of Amoralia products until 20th October. To claim your discount simply click on the voucher code below and you will be taken directly through to the Mummy and Little Me website. When you have placed your items in the basket, enter the voucher code at the checkout and everything you buy from the Amoralia brand will be discounted by 15%.

Choose from beautiful lingerie, swimwear or nightwear such as these beautiful Honey Pyjamas. With a gorgeous yet stylish double layer top, ideal for discrete nursing, and the softest bamboo bottoms, these pyjamas are ideal to provide comfort and style both during your pregnancy and after

The longer length bottoms and pleated front can accommodate either a bump or post baby tummy but will still drape beautifully thanks to the lycra content which enables the material to keep its shape and make you look and feel great.

Amoralia Nougatine Nursing BraOr if you are looking to vamp up your underwear drawer during your pregnancy, take a look at the Amoralia Nougatine Lingerie Range. With the nursing bra from this range recently winning the Junior Pregnancy & Baby’s best nursing bra, you know that when you buy maternity lingerie from this range you are not only getting beautifully crafted underwear but products that are designed to fill the needs of a pregnant woman and a new mum.

Available in sizes 32 to 38G, this bra is designed with gorgeous leavers lace placed over stretch satin for a fantastic sensual yet comfortable effect. With coordinating French Knickers, Briefs or Thong to suit your style, this is one gorgeous underwear set yet it still comes with open nursing clips and is completely machine washable to ensure that is it supportive, comfortable and practical at the same time as being sexy, sensual and incredibly luxurious.

Ideal for a treat for yourself or a present for any pregnant loved one, place your order with Mummy and Little Me and take advantage of this great offer today.

Here at Simply Maternity we have a great range of Maternity Nightwear and Lingerie across our site to cater for all styles and budgets. So when you are looking for your new maternity clothes, keep coming back to Simply Maternity for offers, discounts and exciting new products that will keep you looking and feeling great throughout your pregnancy.

10% Off at Mothercare This Weekend When You Spend £120

Sep 17

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It may seem strange that anyone would offer you a voucher code for 10% off when you spend over £120, but when you see the full range of products at Mothercare for those that are expecting, it is easy to see how you can quickly reach this value in your shopping basket which makes it possible to make huge savings with our Mothercare discount code this weekend.

Whether you want to kit out your nursery, buy your new pushchair or just get some great new maternity clothes, everything on the Mothercare site is included in this fantastic offer with just the usual exceptions (products already reduced in the Offers section, Gift Vouchers, Milk, Medicines, Bugaboo, TP, Plum, Axi, Selwood, Saber, Mix & Match Nursery).

So if you are looking to buy something from Mothercare this weekend and want to save 10%, simply click on the Mothercare banner on this post and use the voucher code below to save 10% on every qualifying item when you spend over £120.

You have to check out before midnight tomorrow, Sunday 18th September 2011, but as long as you do, you can make some terrific savings.

With the kids back at school and days and the usual routine coming back in to play, a number of pre-natal aqua aerobic classes start again this week giving us all the opportunity to get fit during our pregnancy and meet some like minded mothers that will probably become friends for a very long time.

Aqua aerobics is ideal for pregnancy as it combines aerobic exercise with the support and comfort you need during pregnancy to keep you and your baby safe when you exercise.

In every class you can push yourself as hard as you like or take it easy for a gentle warm up that is going to make you feel great during your pregnancy, and Mothercare have maternity swimwear that is ideal for all aquatic activity whether you are looking to have a full body workout or just take some time to be weightless and free as you get bigger during your pregnancy.

Leaf Print Maternity Tankini from Mothercare

We love the Leaf Print Tankini that is available in the Mothercare online store right now. With its bright leaf pattern and block colour shorts, this brings the fun back into maternity swimwear and would look equally great on the beach or in the pool.

The halter neckline ensures you get the support you need for your bust during pregnancy but the elasticated costume and maternity design mean that this costume will grow with you during pregnancy. Thanks to the long cut, the costume will continue to expand as your develop and will ensure you remain covered and fully confident down to the day you give birth.

There are a great range of maternity clothes at Mothercare right now that are going to suit you no matter what you are looking for this season. So click on the Mothercare banner at the side of this page and go directly to the site that is going to have everything you need with 10% discount when you use our voucher code before midnight tomorrow.

And remember to keep coming back to Simply Maternity for more ideas and special offers on everything you need for your pregnancy.

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