Make the Most of the Secondary January Sales

Jan 06

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For most of us, Tuesday 6th January is the true start of the year. The kids have gone back to school, we have all gone back to work and the Christmas decorations are finally back in their boxes.

But today doesn’t have to be all gloom and doom, in fact it marks the start of a fantastic opportunity for pregnant women and new mums everywhere – and it’s something we like to call the Secondary January Sales.

What Are the Secondary January Sales?

Asthall Maternity  Dress

Snatch up this gorgeous Asthall Maternity Dress for just £42, down from £105.

Unlike the traditional January Sales, the secondary sales usually start quite a bit after the first flurry of sale shopping is over. But while the interest may not be as high as it usually is during the first few days after Christmas, the discounts that are available quickly make up for it.

And for those of us that have an unquenchable thirst for designer maternity clothes, but don’t have the budget to match, these secondary sales give us the opportunity to really indulge in our favourite pleasure.

High street names and designer labels give us the opportunity to snatch up some of those best loved items for a fraction of the cost, so who are we to resist!

Hamilton Maternity Dress from Isabella Oliver

This Hamilton Dress is close to a third its original price!

Just take a look at leading names such as Isabella Oliver and you will see exactly what we mean.

As their man sale comes to a close ‘end of season offers’ provide greater discounts than ever before.

This gorgeous Asthall maternity dress, suitable for day or night is discounted by 60%,

While this gorgeous Hamilton design is down to nearly a third of its original price.

And it’s not just maternity dresses that enjoy these sort of discounts, nor is it only at Isabella Oliver that offers such huge price cuts.

Tops, trousers, skirts, in fact anything you can think of when it comes to high quality maternity clothing enjoys the same incredible offers, from all manner of retail provider.

The reductions are going on absolutely everywhere, and it would be absolutely criminal if you missed out.

How To Make the Most of the Secondary January Sales

1. Plan Ahead

Thankfully, when it comes to the changes us women experience during pregnancy, things pretty much run along one course. Though you are going to get wider and a little larger (sorry!) those wonderful maternity retailers have taken all that into consideration when designing the clothes that you want to wear. So you can pick your usual dress size, knowing that even at the very end of your pregnancy these clothes are still likely to fit you.

And in knowing that you are most likely going to be the same size for the next 3/6 months means you can buy clothes for this season, the next season and even the one after.

And because you are buying stock that is out of season, you are going to be able to get even bigger discounts than you can on clothes that you can wear now.

2. Don’t Forget the Baby

But this doesn’t just apply to the mum. Now is also a great time to buy baby clothes too. Whether you are expecting a winter, spring, summer or even autumn baby, there are fabulous discounts across a massive amount of stores. Just work out how old your baby will be in each season and get the clothes to suit. It may seem crazy to plan so far ahead. But when it comes to the first few months of parenting and you don’t want to be out shopping for you or the new baby, you will be glad you took this step.

Just think, almost a year’s worth of clothes bought and paid for in one easy shop. After today, January 6th is likely to become more fun than Christmas!

Loving The New Isabella Oliver Nile Collection

Sep 16

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Nile Maternity Dress RangeWith the sun now a distant memory and the cold, windy autumn starting to put a grey hue over every day, it’s good to see that we can still add a little colour into our lives, and Isabella Oliver are certainly showing us how.

I know what you’re going to say, I’m always harping on about how skilled the designers at this maternity site are, but really it is true. And this season, never has that been more apparent.

Even their website has had the once over, so that the weather outside may be grey, but the splash of colour you can add is always going to be on their site.

Right now, we are loving the new Nile range of maternity dresses. Whether you choose the wrap dress, the midi or the tank, the colours and the pattern that decorate this stunning range are both stylish and flattering – and it’s going to make you feel fabulous every time you put it on.

All the colours that you will see in a good autumnal sunset seem to have been included in this pattern, which makes it ideal for the new season and a fantastic addition to any maternity wardrobe.

As usual, the cut is perfect meaning it’s going to flatter your figure and keep everything in proportion but is not going to be so tight you will feel restricted, no matter how big you get.

These maternity dresses are ideal for wearing for that special occasion when you need to look your best, but they are so comfortable, you will want to them every day. As office wear when you are pregnant, they are smart yet feminine or for a girly night out, nothing could be better.

And if you are worried that paying up to £130 is too much for one maternity dress, then never fear, opt for the wrap dress and you can wear it before you are pregnant, during your pregnancy and for many years after. You may not think that is possible, but you only have to try one of these gorgeous dresses once to understand the possibilities.

Imagine dressing the midi down with a comfy long cardigan and comfy boots for a great walk through the woods. Then put on your high heels and a bit of bling and you are already for a good night out.

And every time you put it on, the soft soothing material means you will stay relaxed and comfortable without compromising on your style.

As with all Isabella Oliver orders, as long as you spend over £30 on non sale goods, even delivery is free, giving you yet another incentive to get on and try this fabulous designer.

Yes, you can definitely buy cheaper maternity dresses and yes, one shape doesn’t fit all, but with this collection of styles, there is something for everyone. And once you’ve tried an Isabella Oliver maternity dress, I’m not sure you will ever look back.

If you are looking for something special for the Christmas season or just want to enjoy a little bit of luxury during your pregnancy, then one of these dresses will make you look sensational and feel just as good.

Everyone deserves a treat now and again, and for me, the new Nile collection at Isabella Oliver has to be at the top of my shopping list.  So why don’t you try it today and see how great you can look in something a bit special.

10% off at Mothercare and Free Delivery

Jun 11

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Until Midnight on Tuesday 12th June, Mothercare are offering all Simply Maternity customers a fantastic 10% off everything you buy when you spend over £100 on the Mothercare site. This covers the entire site with only the standard exclusions of Bugaboo, nappies, milk and gift cards, but everything else is included, which gives you a great opportunity to get everything you need for your pregnancy and for your new baby, whilst still saving money.

To qualify for your discount, simply click on the Mothercare banner to start your shopping and then enter voucher code 6H6D at the checkout and see a further 10% discounted from every qualifying product in your basket, even if it has already been discounted online before you checkout.

When it comes to anything to do with pregnancy or maternity clothes, Mothercare are probably one of the first places you will think of and with such a reliable and dependable brand comes some of the best maternity products you are going to find anywhere, which is why this offer is so attractive.

But the discounts don’t stop there. As well as 10% off everything you buy, you can also enjoy FREE DELIVERY on your order, as all orders over £29.99 qualify for free delivery under this code. So make sure you start shopping now to get your discount.

And we are loving the range of maternity dresses at Mothercare right now, as they provide that hassle free style that you need from a good maternity dress which is easy to care for and will not cost you the earth.

Sage Green Tiered Maternity Maxi Dress from MothercareThis Sage Green Tiered Maxi Dress is exactly what we are talking about. The simple lines and easy care fabric make this perfect for any time during your pregnancy to give you a relaxed but stylish outfit that it quick and easy to put on while the soft jersey fabric makes it comfortable to wear all day long.

Dress up with high heels and jewellery or leave it casual with some flat sandals and a simple chain for the perfect maternity image.

Available in sizes 8 to 20, this dress is completely machine washable and easy to iron, and even has detachable straps so that you can tailor this bandeau design to suit your mood.

The soft stretch in this material is going to ensure that this dress grows with you as your pregnancy progresses but is going to continue to fall beautifully providing the confidence that you need while keeping you smart and in fashion as you near the end of your term.

At only £30, this was never going to be the most expensive dress you would buy, but it is well worth the money and when you think you could claim a further 10% off if you use our voucher code, then you have the perfect excuse to treat yourself and update your maternity wardrobe ready for the summer that keeps being promised to us.

And this offer doesn’t just cover maternity clothes, but covers everything on the site, which means you can buy your pushchair, nursery furniture and everything you need for your baby, all with an extra 10% discount on top of those prices that are already reduced.

The only snag is, that you have to checkout your order before midnight tomorrow, so click on the banner above now and start shopping today. There’s only one way to get everything you need this pregnancy and it starts with shopping at Mothercare.

Get Ready For The Jubilee at Crave Maternity

May 21

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We’re going all patriotic this week at Simply Maternity in the run up to the big event next weekend. We don’t whether it is the thought of our long standing Monarch being celebrated for such a huge achievement or simply the promise of a four day weekend, but we thought we would take advantage of the euphoric spirit that is gripping our country at the moment to celebrate the very best in red, white and blue maternity dresses at Crave.

Red Print Sundress from Crave MaternityFor the red option, we have decided to ignore the clouds and the rain to opt for this gorgeous Red Print Sundress.

OK, we have cheated a little by including white in the equation, but simply by adding a pair of blue shoes or a blue scarf, you can look the part at any Royal celebration next weekend and then still have a fantastic looking dress which is going to look and feel amazing when you coordinate it with proper accessories rather than the Union Jack effect that is going to be so popular over the coming days!

This 100% cotton dress with its stunning ruffle design, is created to provide a cool simple look that will take you through the heatwave we keep being promised with style and sophistication.

The elasticated shirred panel included in this cut means this dress is going to fit all the way through your pregnancy and will also after you have had your baby and want something light and airy to put on that makes you feel good but isn’t too restrictive on your post baby shape.

At only £12 right now, this dress is now less than half the original price and still available in some of the most popular sizes, so take a look and get yourself a real treat for the summer.

Embellished Maxi Dress from Simply MaternityWhen it comes to wearing white, you just have to go all out and this Embellished Maxi Dress from Crave has everything you need to look cool and collected whether you are going for a lunch or attending a special occasion.

The Maxi dress style is perfect for the pregnant form as it provides definition to your waste, creating shape even if you lost yours a long time ago, but then the gentle flowing material gives a fluid and feminine style that enables you to feel light and graceful even when your body is probably heavier that it has ever been before.

Created with 100% cotton to keep you cool and relaxed during the summer season, this dress flatters you in all the right places and looks just as good at a wedding or evening out as it does for a beautiful summers day.

With a deep frill completing the skirt and neckline to bring the entire design together, this style is completely stunning and is going to make you feel amazing during your pregnancy.

High heels are a great way of keeping this dress from touching the ground and creating an evening style, or go more natural with sandals and flip flops for the most luxurious outfits that is going to be the envy of any prenatal group.

Deep Blue Ruched Side Wrap Dress from Crave MaternityAnd for the icing on the cake, we have chosen this Deep Blue Ruched Side Wrap Dress from the day dresses range at Crave Maternity.

It has to be said that the wrap dress is a great style for any woman with shape in their bust and their hips, and in doing so is one the defining designs for maternity dresses.

This particular dress with a gorgeous deep blue colour and soft flexible cut is being called the ‘Must Have Dress Of The Season’ at Crave and it is easy to see why.

They style is easy to wear, easy to accessorise and creates a dress that looks great no matter where you are going.

The adjustable tie means that this dress is always going to fall exactly right, giving you a neat and even shape that you can be proud of even towards the very end of your pregnancy.

And after your baby is born, this dress comes into its own again by offering a smart and sophisticated outfit that will reduce with you as you return to your pre-pregnancy shape.

We have chosen just a few of our favourite dresses from Crave Maternity but there are a full range of day dresses, evening dresses and dresses for weddings and special occasions available. So take a look today and make sure you look your best for the Jubilee and beyond.

Get Your Maternity Fashion Tips From New Look

May 03

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When the creators of the ‘Best On Budget Maternity Line’ offer to share their inside secrets on how to look good during your pregnancy, it’s probably a good idea to take a couple of minutes to see what they have to say – and we really glad we did.

This new short video from New Look, who were voted Pregnancy & Birth Magazine’s Best on Budget Maternity Line for 2012, gives an insight into what to expect throughout your pregnancy as well as real life women discussing what is required from maternity clothes and why the new range from New Look is definitely worth considering.

It’s great to see normal shaped women showing us what maternity clothes should like and we loved seeing the key pieces from the new collection including great shaped maternity leggings which are so essential through pregnancy as well as tops and trousers for casual, workwear and special occasions.

Maternity Paisley Print Maxi Dress from New LookBut the item that stood out for us has to be the Paisley Print Maxi Dress as worn by Amanda in the clip.

As you can see from the video itself, the colouring and sophistication that this dress provides the model is instantly apparent. The beautiful shape floats gently over her bumps and gives an elegant, summery feel that you too can achieve with this gorgeous style.

Though only on sale in some flagship stores, this dress is readily available online and at only £24.99, it is not something that is going to cost you the earth, but it is going to make you look and feel amazing.

Maxi Dresses are perfect for pregnancy. The under the bust emphasis draws the eye up your body while the long floating skirt gives you a fluid silhouette that makes you feel feminine and attractive even towards the very end of your pregnancy. And because you choose your pre-pregnancy size in all maternity clothes at New Look, this dress is also perfect for wearing after the baby is born and will give you some extra leeway when you are still trying to get rid of that extra post baby weight.

Whether you are going to a special occasion or just want to feel a bit more gentile during your pregnancy, order this dress from New Look today and see that maternity fashion with elegance and style doesn’t always have to come with a heavy price tag.


M&S Guide to Maternity Wear and Free Delivery for Easter

Apr 08

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If you are having difficulty in finding the maternity wear that is going to suit you this season, why not check out this new video from Marks and Spencers. This is a complete guide to your maternity essentials, showing you which items M&S have selected to create your capsule maternity wardrobe and displays them to you on genuinely pregnant women so that you get the complete picture of how your maternity clothes will look.

The video explains how to wear maternity clothes to create the best look for you and the key points to consider when selecting the outfits that are going to make you feel your best throughout your pregnancy.

Marks and Spencers Maternity JeggingsThe four essential items featured on this video include the Maternity Denim Jeggings which are a perfect combination of maternity jeans and comfortable leggings, to give you the best from comfort and fashion in your maternity wear.

If you are finding maternity jeans constrictive during your pregnancy then these jeggings provide you with a fantastic look but with added flexibility and comfort that some people just cannot find wearing maternity jeans.

With an up to date style that is going to give you comfort but fashionable style, these jeggings have the perfect length for maternity jeggings with a soft ‘cut and stretch’ waistband that goes all the way over your bump providing you with comfort and support even towards the very end of your pregnancy.

A perfect look and a great feel for your maternity clothes so that you combine comfort and fashion in your basic maternity essentials.

Maternity Dress from Marks and SpencersThe video also talks a lot about how you can dress your maternity clothes up or down to create the look you want. Use additions from your own wardrobe such as cardigans or jackets to create the feel you are looking for from basic maternity essentials without the need to incur unnecessary cost of further maternity clothing.

Choose a versatile maternity dress such as this gorgeous V-Neck Tea Dress from Marks and Spencers and then add extras from your own wardrobe to vary your look and adapt the dress for any situation.

The beautiful summer print used in the material of this dress is perfect for this season and the under the bust tie which completes the look also ensures a neat fit that is going to adapt as your body grows. Consider varying heights and styles of shoes, accessories and hair styles to create the look you want and have a look in your existing wardrobe for clothes that could create a new and exciting look for this stunning dress.

Team with a waterfall cardigan and basic wedges for a day look or coordinate with a smart jacket and heels for a more sophisticated style that would be ideal for maternity work wear or for any special occasion and you will find that you will get the most out of your maternity budget by buying the basic essential items and then coordinating with your existing wardrobe.

And right now, Marks and Spencers are offering FREE DELIVERY on all orders over £30 placed in the Easter period. Check out your order before midnight on Bank Holiday Monday, 8th April 2012, and any order with a value of £30 or more will be delivered directly to your door free of charge. There is no voucher code, you just click on the banner below and start shopping.

All items featured on the video and above are available from Marks and Spencers online, so take a look at the exciting range of maternity wear today and take advantage of the intelligent design and sophistication that can make you feel extra special during your pregnancy.

New Spring Maternity Lines at Isabella Oliver

Feb 20

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Did you realise that next week sees the start of March? This means we are seeing some of the best lines in Spring maternity wear flooding into our offices, and at the very top today has to be the new line from Isabella Oliver.Pink Rose Maternity Wrap Dress from Isabella Oliver

The bright colours and gorgeous flowing materials used in this season’s collection bring the sun into the office even while it is still grey outside, and these styles are definitely going to bring a fantastic brightness of attitude and style to every woman who wears them.

We love the way they have used the style of the ever popular maternity wrap dress from the classic Isabella Oliver collection and given it a fresh Spring overhaul with this gorgeous Pink Rose shade.

Spring 2012 is definitely going to be the season for bright colours and patterns, and when you combine this fantastically comfortable but stylish material with an oh so flattering design that can be worn for maternity work wear, for a special occasion or for an everyday style when you just want to show off your style, this dress is perfect and feels so beautiful, that it could even put a spring in your step!

Ruched Maternity T Shirt Dress from Isabella OliverFor a more casual look without taking away the colour and the style, why not try this Ruched T Shirt Maternity Dress as seen on American Actress, Selma Blair.

The signature Isabella Oliver jersey used to make this dress means that you get the perfect during your pregnancy, and after your baby is born.

The ruched body and round neckline create the most flattering shape which can then be dressed up or down depending on your style. Shown here in the gorgeous Pink Rose that is going to be so hot this season, this dress is also available in Dusk Blue, French Navy or Bright Khaki so that you can make the look you want.

Wear on its own with a great pair of shoes or team with maternity trousers and high tops for a grungy look that is going to be so in fashion this spring.

Which ever way you style this dress, you are going to find that it is so versatile and so comfortable it will quickly become a maternity essential that you want to wear day in day out during your pregnancy.

Belted Maternity Cardigan from Isabella OliverFor a deeper hue but keeping the pink theme, take a look at this wonderful belted cardigan available from Isabella Oliver Maternity right now.

This is smart casual at its very best. Team with leggings for that comfy laid back look or add tailored maternity trousers or a pencil skirt, and you have the perfect work wear that is going to make you look and feel great.

The gentle drape and self tie front affords a beautiful shape to your body and is so versatile that it can be worn at any stage of your pregnancy, and even after the event. Keep open or closed for two separate looks and enjoy the soft luxurious feel that this cardigan provides throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

We could rave on about the new lines at Isabella Oliver all day. The style, structure and quality of the new collection combines elegance and beauty with comfort and style. So take a look at the full range today and see the wonderful designer maternity clothes that are available to you in this fantastic collection.

Isabella Oliver Designer Maternity Wear


20% Off Maternity Dresses at Debenhams on Valentines Day

Feb 11

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To make sure you dress in style this Valentines, we have a voucher code offering 20% off all maternity dresses at Debenhams.

Whether you are going out, staying in or just want a fabulous offer on this special day, use our voucher code on Tuesday 14th February to treat yourself or someone special to one of the fantastic range of maternity dresses from Debenhams.

To use this voucher code, simply click on the Debenhams banner on the side of this page or one of the fantastic range of maternity dresses below and enter voucher code ‘LOV3’ at the checkout to have your discount applied.

And this offer doesn’t just apply to maternity dresses at Debenhams, but all dresses on the site. But we have to say the dresses designed for pregnancy are obviously some of our favourites.

With Kate Middleton fashions everywhere we are loving the midnight blue design from Debenhams which we think our future queen would look fantastic in if she were ever to announce the happy news, or what about the Tan Polka Dot print dress which has a retro design and colour that makes it ideal for this seasons style.

Which ever dress you choose make sure you take advantage of our offer and make Valentines Day special for you. Even if love is not in the air, at least you can get yourself a bargain instead.

Click on the range of dresses below to be taken directly to the Debenhams site and place your order for a fabulous addition to your maternity style.

Debenhams Royal Blue Maternity Dress Debenhams Tan Polka Dot Maternity Dress Debenhams Black Wrap Maternity Dress

Click above and use our voucher code for your discount.

Put The Romance Back For Valentines

Feb 06

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With Valentines Day less than two weeks away, we thought we’d have a look to see what we could do to help you put the romance back into your lives, even during pregnancy!

Elle Macpherson Intimates Maternity UnderwearAs we have said so many times before, just because you are pregnant, it doesn’t mean you can’t get romantic with your partner, and if you are feeling up to it then we say why not! And this outfit from Figleaves is just right to get you both in the mood!

This Elle Macpherson Intimates set is both sexy and stylish and idea for the new Mum. The soft material and padded cups feel gorgeous and though this nursing bra gives fantastic shape and support, it is done without any underwires, making this safe throughout your pregnant and nursing days. Trimmed with black lace over a super sexy soft cup in ‘love heart red’, this set will make you feel amazing and look incredible.

The matching maternity bikini briefs are simply elegance at their best. Feminine and sexy, this is a perfect outfit for you to feel good in and look incredible this Valentines Day.

Beautiful Maternity Dress from Babes With BabiesAnd to start the evening off, why not treat yourself to a comfortable and elegant maternity dress to make you feel the romance this February 14th. If you are opting for high class underwear then a dress that offers sensuality and comfort is ideal to create that certain ambiance and get your night started right.

Twist and Swirl Maternity Dress from Babes with BabiesWe love this beautiful Tallulah Twist & Swirl maternity dress from Babes with Babies.

Available in both Ruby Red and sensual Black, to celebrate the romantic season, Babes with Babies are offering this dress for half price, to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for.

And with such style, you can wear this dress again and again to feel just as wonderful throughout your entire pregnancy.

However you choose to spend your Valentines this year, why not celebrate with a treat from our gorgeous range of maternity dresses and underwear that you will find on our site, and make sure this Valentines Day is something special. Who knows how you will be celebrating next year!

15% off at Boden And Some Fabulous Maternity Dresses

Feb 01

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The fact that it is a leap year this year means that you have an extra day to enjoy the fantastic voucher code offer we have for Boden in February.

Throughout the month, you can enjoy 15% off everything you buy on the site as well as FREE DELIVERY and FREE RETURNS, making it the very best time to buy from one of our favourite maternity sites. To claim your discount simply copy and paste the voucher code at the bottom of the page into the checkout page at Boden and you can enjoy 15% off throughout the whole of February on everything you buy.

Boden Maternity Maxi DressAnd right now, Boden are introducing their line of New Season Dresses which includes some fabulous maternity dresses that are going to make you look spectacular during your pregnancy.

This season bright prints are everywhere and with a reputation for fantastic prints and gorgeous designs, Boden is one place you should be looking for your maternity dresses this spring. With fantastic cuts, beautiful colours and 15% discount you really can’t go wrong.

We love this Elegant Summer Maxi Dress. Available in three striking designs, our favourite is this gorgeous Prune Passion Flower which combines gorgeous colour and print with a classic but comfortable design that means this dress can be worn anywhere. Coordinate with high heels and jewellery for a special occasion or sling it on with flip flops and you have the ideal school run dress that looks like you’ve made an effort, but have spent no time at all deciding what to wear.

And the Maxi Dress is such a great style of dress to wear when you are pregnant. Not only is it incredibly comfortable and allows you to draw attention away from your bump through a flattering low cut neckline and under the bust detail, but the soft styling in the skirt of the dress gives you a gorgeous flowing shape during your pregnancy but then becomes ‘cover all’ after the baby is born so that you can return to your body shape in your own time while still having beautifully feminine and flattering clothes to wear that look beautiful.

Boden Easy Jersey Maternity DressFor something more tailored, but still using the gorgeous prints of the spring, why not try this gorgeous Easy Jersey Dress from Boden. Perfect for work wear, day wear or a special occasion.

The print used on this easy to wear jersey fabric is simply striking and the waterfall style to the front of this dress from the center knot detail makes this dress easy to wear right up to the end of your pregnancy.

There is no end to the ways you can wear this dress to suit absolutely every occasion and because of the soft jersey material used, this dress is going to keep its colour and shape so that you can enjoy it throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

All the dresses on this page, and the full range from Boden can be found in our Maternity Dresses section which includes Wrap Dresses, Maxi Dresses and many more styles to suit your pregnancy.

So take a look at the full range today and make sure you use our Boden Voucher Code this month and save on everything you buy.

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