Up To 30% Off All Maternity Clothes at Dorothy Perkins

Mar 29

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Here is a great way to update your maternity wardrobe for summer with the latest in maternity fashion from Dorothy Perkins. Until Sunday 1st April, Dorothy Perkins are offering up to 30% off everything on their site in fashion pop up event which includes their full range of maternity clothes.

There is no voucher code, you just click on the banner and everything will be automatically reduced by either 10, 20 or 30%, you just have to choose the items that you want and get shopping.

The thing we love about choosing maternity clothes from Dorothy Perkins is that they incorporate the same sense of style and high street fashion in their maternitywear as they do in their standard clothes, which means you get the styles and designs that were seen on the catwalk just a few weeks ago, in store and ready to enjoy.

Mamalicious Maternity Bikini at Dorothy PerkinsAnd Dorothy Perkins understand that just because you are pregnant, it doesn’t mean you want to hide your body away, in fact some of us want to flaunt it more than ever, which is why we love this Mamalicious grey print maternity bikini from Dorothy Perkins.

Not only does it qualify for the full 30% discount this weekend which means it costs less than £11, but it also looks and feels fantastic when you are pregnant.

As long as you use lots of high factor sun cream to protect your fragile skin when you are pregnant, there is no reason you shouldn’t wear a bikini. In fact, there is a school of thought that suggests some of the benefits of being in the sun will actually feed through to the baby and they may even get a head start in absorbing Vitamin D. How much of this is true, we couldn’t say, and whether sunlight helps with stretch marks is still questionable, but we do know that wearing a bikini during pregnancy feels great and this one from Dorothy Perkins has everything you need.


Whenever you are choosing maternity bikinis look out for self tie tops that will ensure your bikini fits well and can be fully adjusted as you change shape so that you can continue to wear it with confidence throughout the summer months. Opt for quick dry material so that you don’t have to buy more than one and consider a halterneck design to give your bust more support as you progress through your pregnancy.

A good quality bikini such as this one will not only service you throughout your pregnancy but is adjustable so that you can wear it again after your baby is born until you are ready to get back in your pre pregnancy swimwear. It is light and flexible and contains 18% Elastane which means that as long as you wash it with care it is going to return to it’s normal shape and keep you looking great as the summer goes on.

But the discount at Dorothy Perkins is not just limited to swimwear, or indeed to maternity wear. Everything on the site is reduced, from shoes and dresses to accessories and hats, so make the most of this weekend’s offer and get shopping today.

Buy One Get One Half Price On Maternity Trousers

Mar 27

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Basic Maternity Leggings from Dorothy PerkinsIf you are looking to update your wardrobe for summer, take a look at the fantastic range of maternity trousers at Dorothy Perkins which qualify for the Buy One, Get One Half Price offer that is available right now.

From Maternity Shorts through to chinos, leggings and smart maternity trousers, put any two pairs of maternity trousers in your basket  at Dorothy Perkins and the cheapest item will be reduced to just half price.

A basic pair of leggings, or even a few pairs, are essential during pregnancy. They give you that extra coverage under skirts and dresses that you need on those cold days and they look fantastic with longer maternity tops. But the hidden advantage of maternity leggings is the support they give. A good quality pair of leggings such as these from Dorothy Perkins contain 6% Elastane to keep your legs and your bump supported during your pregnancy to make the most of your figure and keep you feeling contained and comforted when you put them on.

It is hard not to be constantly holding your bump when you are pregnant, especially towards the end of your pregnancy, but short of wearing a maternity belt, the best support you can find will be in a good pair of maternity leggings, giving your confidence and comfort as you progress through your pregnancy.

Green maternity jeggings from Dorothy PerkinsAnd when you are choosing the item to go with your maternity leggings, why not take a look at the range of maternity trousers on the site that are perfect for the warmer weather. And this season, you don’t need to stick to the basic colours and shades as Dorothy Perkins are offering a huge variety of colours in their maternity clothes that are ideal to keep you on trend this season.

These green maternity jeggings are fantastic for this season, more comfortable than jeans as you are growing and with the stretch you need to keep looking smart throughout your pregnancy, these jeggings are great for smart casual wear and for bringing a bit of colour to your maternity wardrobe.

Jeggings were hugely popular last year and we think they are going to make a comeback this year especially in the maternity department where they provide a great alternative to jeans but still give the same stylish look. This under the bump style allows you to wear any sort of top and even to show off your growing bump if you want to while adding a fantastic shade of colour to your look to give you a great fresh summer style with a fantastic offer.

Place your order before midnight tonight, Tuesday March 27th 2012, and not only can you enjoy half price on every second item you buy but you will also qualify for FREE DELIVERY on everything you buy when you spend over £30, so place your order today and add some sunshine to your wardrobe to match this wonderful weather.

Get Out Of Your Jeans For Spring

Mar 16

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Though maternity jeans are one of the easiest and most comfortable items of clothing for the colder months, when it comes to a warmer summer, pregnancy jeans can become heavy, constricting and uncomfortable. So we’ve decided to give you some inspiration on how you could get out of your jeans this season with the use of the Spring Maternity line, launched at Crave Maternity.

Khaki Maternity Trousers from CraveWe start with an old favourite that is never going to go out of style, the baggy maternity trouser. A must have for any summer pregnancy, whether you are a lady that lunches or just want to make sure you are relaxed and comfortable on the beach this Easter, khaki trousers are a must have essential, and if you can roll them up to create a second versatile style, then even better.

When you are looking for a good pair of baggy trousers, opt for a style that is created with a baggy fit rather than just buying a bigger size. The baggy effect is incredibly flattering, especially for the pregnant body as it balances out your size and gives you a feminine flow to your lower body.

Khakii Maternity Trousers from CraveGet a size too big and you are left with bags and sags where you don’t need them, rather than the elegant silhouette that you were hoping for. So choose your pre pregnancy dress size and then opt for a more relaxed style to get the look you want.

Wear with soft gentle maternity tops when your trousers are full length and then opt for more casual maternity t shirts or vest tops when you roll your trousers up. These Khaki Roll-Up Trousers from Crave can actually be worn at three different lengths when means you can create a huge number of styles with just one pair of trousers – ideal if you want to create a different look everyday on your holidays but don’t want to be carrying too much luggage.

Maternity Capri Pants from CraveWhen it comes to that City Break or Girl About Town look, you can’t beat a pair of Capri pants for a hot summer look. The traditional while is going to be very popular again this year because it gives that neat sophisticated style while still keeping that summer feel.

The skinny fit of these Capri pants from Crave really shows off your toned legs even better and gives a great foundation for some gorgeous maternity tops and fabulous shoes to make this season go with a swing. And if white is not your style, you can always choose a black or khaki style that may be what you are looking for.

When you are choosing your Capri pants, make sure you go for 100% cotton to keep your trousers breathable and comfortable all summer long. The shorter length leg is going to give you more comfort and airflow while extending your body to make you look taller and slimmer as you progress through your pregnancy.

Jersey Maternity Shorts from CraveBut when the sun really turns up the heat, there is nothing like a good pair of quality maternity shorts to keep you cool and feeling relaxed. Though there are smarter shorts, and longer shorts, we couldn’t do without a good pair of fitness shorts in the summer. The short cut makes them so much fun and the soft material ensures they are going to keep you comfortable in the very hot weather even as you near the end of your term.

These fitness shorts from Crave are made with their own signature jersey which means they are going to keep their shape and are easy to maintain, ideal if you want to wear them day after day in the summer months. Available in black or grey marl, you don’t have to be going out for a run or even be thinking about it to carry off this style, the comfort and fit that these shorts provide make them perfect for looking great and keeping cool on holiday and at home.

Team with a flowing maternity top and you have a fantastic outfit for any occasion or match up with a good quality t shirt for a great casual look. And when a hospital stay is required, don’t worry, team these shorts with a simple maternity vest top and you have the ideal hospital outfit that will combat even the warmest wards for an overnight visit. However you use these shorts, make sure they make it into your wardrobe this summer as you won’t realise how useful they are until the warm weather starts.

So as the weather starts to warm and we all want to find an alternative to the good old reliable denim, why not take a look at some fantastic alternatives and get yourself ready for a fantastic summer.

15% Off and a Free Gift at Vertbaudet

Mar 08

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Following our post on Best Selling Maternity Tops, we now have another new voucher code from Vertbaudet to make these tops, or anything else you buy from Vertbaudet even better value for money.

garden kit from VertbaudetSimply use the voucher code at the bottom of the page and you will find that you not only receive 15% off everything buy from Vertbaudet, but you can also claim a free gift with your order, this beautiful gardening kit.

Gardening with your children is not only a great way to share some highly quality time with them but is also a fantastic way to introduce your children to a healthier way of eating.

I know my son was never keen on salad, especially lettuce, when he was very young but as soon as he was old enough to pick up a trowel we gave him his own patch of mud and encouraged him to grow a range of rocket, spinach and lettuce leaves and he has never looked back.

So whether you choose to keep your free gift for yourself or give it to a much loved child, this kit has everything you need to encourage any budding young gardener and comes with a fantastic 15% off when you place your order with Vertbaudet before 3rd April 2012.

With the usual exceptions of Happy Price items, Green Star products, Schoolwear Collections and already discounted items, everything else from the Vertbaudet site is included in the offer including their incredibly popular Spring Maternity collection which also qualifies for FREE DELIVERY when you spend over £60.

So start your love affair with one of the best online maternity shopping sites available and take advantage of yet another offer that is going to make your maternity wardrobe amazing this season.

p.s. also while you are on the Vertbaudet site this week, remember to enter their Mother’s Day competition to win flowers, chocolates and £100 to spend on the site, simply by saying why you love being a Mum.

15% Off Must Have Maternity Items at Isabella Oliver

Mar 07

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Maternity Tunic From Isabella OliverAs we all know, the key to a great maternity wardrobe is to make sure you get the basics right. By choosing the right key elements for your maternity wardrobe, you will create the foundation of every outfit you wear during your pregnancy and make sure you look great each and every time.

And that is why, this week, Isabella Oliver are offering 15% off their selected range of foundation pieces which will ensure that every outfit you wear during your pregnancy is going to start with well fitting, high quality items that will carry you through your nine months and beyond.

Maternity Knitwear from Isabella OliverChoose from this gorgeous tunic that can be worn alone or with maternity leggings, and then coordinate with the accessories that are going to create the style you want.

Alternatively choose from dresses, t-shirts, jeans, shirts, blazers or maternity knitwear that are going to give you the ultimate in capsule wardrobe which you can build on to create your entire maternity wardrobe.

Whatever you choose from this collection, simply cut and paste the voucher code from the bottom of the screen when you get to the checkout and 15% will be deducted from the cost of every qualifying item. But hurry, this offer ends on Monday 12th March, so place your order today and get your maternity fashion right from the start.


Best Selling Maternity Tops

Mar 06

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As imitation is the best form of flattery, we thought we’d give you some ideas on the best maternity tops available at the moment by showing you what other pregnant women are choosing from the best selling maternity tops at Vertbaudet.

With a heavy French influence to the entire Vertbaudet collection, their maternity clothes combine elegance and sophistication with comfort and on trend styles so that you get the very best for your pregnancy.

Breast Feeding Maternity T Shirt from VertbaudetIn third place is this gorgeous Breast Feeding T Shirt favoured in the grey marl shade at the moment.

Maternity Breast Feeding T Shirt from VertbaudetThis is a fantastic t-shirt to take you through your pregnancy and then has a fantastically clever envelope effect created by two pleats which conceal the openings for breastfeeding.

With a bloused effect at the waist to hide any unsightly bumps after the baby is born, this top is perfect for this season and will keep you looking great for many months to come.

At £27, this top is exceptional value for money already, but when you combine it with the latest Vertbaudet voucher code, you will find that you can save a huge amount on this, or anything else you buy at Vertbaudet right now.

Breast Feeding T-Shirt from Vertbaudet MaternityIn a respectable second place comes this beautiful Cross Over Breastfeeding T-shirt with pretty lace trim.

The delicate detail to the neck draws the eye up, elongating your body and effectively flattening out your body to create a great pregnancy shape.

The two openings allow discreet breast feeding even when you are out and about while the 5% elastane incorporated into this top means that it is always going to provide a great shape how ever often you wear it.

Most popular in white, this t-shirt is also available in black, pink, purple, grey and blue. So if you find that you like the style and fit, why not go back and get the others. At only £19 each, before discount, you can’t go wrong.

So, I hear you cry, what about the pole position, what takes the number one slot? Well the out and out winner this week is this Breastfeeding Vest Top from the Spring collection at Vertbaudet, showing that we are all feeling a little more positive that the sun is on its way.

Breastfeeding Vest Top from Vertbaudet MaternityThe best thing about investing in a good quality maternity t-shirt is that you can wear it almost any day of the year.

Because of the increased blood flow that most mums-to-be experience, your body temperature can be slightly higher than pre-pregnancy which means thinner, short sleeve or sleeveless tops are a must for all year round. And this top selling Maternity Vest Top shows just how much style you can enjoy when you choose the right elements for your maternity wardrobe.

Though you obviously can’t see it when you look, this top has the same inverted pleats as the breast feeding t-shirt in third place which makes breast feeding as simple as possible when you are out and about.

Available in this classic black as well as pink or grey marl, this top is so flexible and so comfortable it is ideal for any style this Spring. Whether you team this top with jeans, shorts, a simple skirt or a suit for work, the neck gathers and soft jersey fabric ensure that your tops keeps its shape and you keep your style all day long. Dress up or down to suit your mood and when you want to travel, these tops are crease resistant and easy to care for, which is ideal when you have a new born baby to look after.

So take the effort out of finding your maternity clothes this season and let us do the hard work for you. Use our voucher codes to claim discount on the things that you buy and spend your time this Spring enjoying yourself, knowing Simply Maternity will find the items that you need this season.

Up To 50% Off Maternity Clothes at Dorothy Perkins

Mar 01

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I don’t know what it is about the sun coming out but everyone seems to go crazy, and today is no exception with so many offers coming out we don’t know which ones to write about first!

There are some amazing discounts around at the moment making it easier than ever to fill your spring maternity wardrobe and still save money.

We have always loved the range of maternity clothes at Dorothy Perkins as they bring together the high street designs that we expect from one of our leading UK stores, and combine them with the intricate detail in both tailoring and fabric that ensure you look great during your pregnancy but also feel great too.

The range of maternity wear included in this sale is incredible, but we have picked our top three maternity tops just to give you a hint of what you can see when you go to the site. Remember all you have to do to see the full range of sale products, is to click on the banner at the bottom of this page, but first, our top three:

Floral Maternity Tunic From Dorothy PerkinsTunics are always great for pregnancy as they give you the ability to wear soft, floaty tops without having to worry if these tops are going to ride up through your pregnancy and expose more flesh that perhaps you wanted.

Though dresses are sometimes a little to thin for this time of year, a feminine tunic combined with a good pair of maternity trousers can set you up for any occasion and ensure you feel good and look spectacular.

When the warmer weather comes, you can easily wear this tunic with a pair of shorts or crop trousers and ensure that your maternity clothes continue to look fantastic throughout the seasons.

This floral maternity tunic from the Dorothy Perkins sale is a great choice as it has a self tie back which means that your top can be as fitted or as relaxed as you like throughout your pregnancy and is going to continue to feel comfortable and look great up until you give birth. The tie will then work with you as you loose weight after pregnancy and this can be a top you continue to wear for as long as you like.

Originally £30, this gorgeous maternity top is only £17 in the sale and is still available in the range of most popular UK dress sizes.

Maternity Berry Cowl Top from Dorothy PerkinsFor an element of bold signature colour in your wardrobe, how about this berry coloured cowl top also from the Dorothy Perkins sale.

While many of us choose to keep to neutral shades for our capsule maternity wardrobe, adding an element of bright colour can create a whole new spring image for your pregnancy and really brighten up your style.

The cowl neck on this top is also fantastic for creating interest around your face area drawing attention away from your bump and moving the eye upwards. The extra material used in this style also balances out your body shape to provide a slimming effect to your bump making this ideal for maternity workwear, smart lunches and evenings out.

At only £12 in the sale, this top is not going to cost you the earth but team it with a pair of smart jeans and boots and you have the ingredients for a girls night out, or add a pencil skirt and court shoes and you will feel comfortable in any office or work environment.

A top such as this doesn’t need accessories, but if you do want to add a bit of bling, you have evening wear that is going to look amazing without costing you the earth.

Maternity Navy Heart Top from Dorothy PerkinsAnd finally, you can’t talk maternity tops without the old faithful, the long sleeved maternity T. Whether you opt for something a bit different such as this navy T with heart logo or whether you choose one of the range of block colour t shirts available in this sale, I don’t think it is even possible to get through a pregnancy without at least three standard t shirts to pick up and sling on when the mood takes you.

Though it is still a bit early for the short sleeved T, the long sleeved style is just as comfortable and not only gives protection from the cold winds that are still about but it also covers the top half of the arms, which can be one of the worst parts of your body during pregnancy.

The best thing about the T shirt is you can choose whatever style you want with whatever decoration you like and you know it is going to look and feel just right. With prices starting from just £6 for a stunning range of maternity t shirts in the Dorothy Perkins sale, you can find exactly what you are looking for as well as a few things you didn’t even know you needed.

So click on the banner below and start shopping at Dorothy Perkins today. We don’t yet know how long this sale is going to last, but you know stock is going to run out fast so make sure you place your order and get ready for Spring.


Exclusive Online Sale at New Look

Feb 24

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Want a sneak preview on some of the great products available in the New Look sale? Well the online exclusive sale is now on with some great reductions on a host of fantastic maternity clothes across the site.

And to get you in the mood for Spring, we have devised our own outfit suggestions for your maternity Spring wardrobe with inspiration from the up to 30% off sale.

Maternity Floral Batwing BlouseLets start from the top with this gorgeous Maternity Floral Batwing Blouse.

The sheer material used in this top gives a feminine, flowing appearance which skims your bump and is ideal for the warmer weather.

The tailored neck gathers across the neck accentuate the gentle feeling of this top but also make sure that your top is going to grow with you so it will look great throughout your pregnancy and for the weeks after your pregnancy when you want to look good but need to cover the post pregnancy tummy.

The bat wings compliment the fluid style of this top beautifully and provide that summery feeling that we all need to introduce to our wardrobes at this time of year.

Wear with or without an under-layer as you wish and you have the perfect start to your Spring wardrobe for only £16.09, a fantastic reduction from the original price of £22.99.

New Look Maternity ChinosFor the bottom half, we have opted for a smart casual look with these gorgeous Maternity Chinos.

The ankle grazer length works so well in maternity clothes and gives a relaxed but stylish feel to your maternity wear.

The elasticated panelling in the front of these trousers ensures they remain comfortable and stay in place throughout your entire pregnancy but still remain smart and flexible so that you can wear them for any occasion and still fit right in.

At only £11.99, these chinos are an absolute bargain and are fabulous for wearing around the house or out to a smart lunch.

They are soft and light and extremely comfortable, and at this price, you don’t just have to stick to the stone colour that we have chosen for you, but why not treat yourself to the navy ones too!

Mock Suede Red Ballerina PumpComplete the outfit with some high fashion ballerina pumps that are going to look great but ensure that you can carry your growing weight and keep a good posture throughout your pregnancy.

Though we always try to opt for practicality in pregnancy footwear, that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. We love these Mock Suede Ballerina Pumps at £6.99. The bright colour gives an extra bright finish to your outfit and an overall look of style and fun.

With a total cost of a few pennies over £35 for this complete outfit, the New Look online sale is definitely a great place to get some fresh ideas and great bargains for your maternity clothes this season. So get your sneak preview today place your order before everyone else even knows about it. Happy shopping!

New Look Sale Preview



£15 Off Maternity Clothes At La Redoute

Feb 23

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Hooded Maternity Sweater at La RedouteWe have a fantastic voucher code this week for all mums-to-be who have never experienced the fantastic range of maternity clothes at La Redoute. Until 31st July 2012, all new customers to La Redoute can claim £15 off their first order on the site when you spend over £30, which effectively gives you half price maternity clothes if you get it right!

And the range on the site is superb. This offer includes everything from the Spring Summer 2012 Collections excluding La Redoute’s Mini Price, Green Pages and Online Specials but it means that you can get some of the most stylish and gorgeous maternity clothes for a fraction of their normal price just in time for the new season.

Though we can certainly see that the sun is coming out, it is essential when you are pregnant to remain warm and comfortable, and for those days when you just want to relax and chill out, we love this hooded maternity sweater from La Redoute.

This sweater exemplifies everything we love about La Redoute. When you think of  a ‘maternity sweater’ the word comfort definitely comes to mind, but it would probably be something you would wear around the house isn’t it, rather than something you would want to be seen out and about it in. But La Redoute use their French style background to ensure that even the most relaxed of sweaters in their maternity range has style and fashion that means you can enjoy the comfort and cosiness you want when you are indoors, but in a top that you are proud to wear anywhere. And with our voucher code, order this sweater today and pay just £20 for it.

Maternity Sweater at La RedouteCoordinating just as well with trousers and jeans for the spring and shorts for the summer, the soft combed cotton knit used in this sweater means that you have all the style you need to show off your bump but with the comfort and warmth that most of us crave during pregnancy.

And La Redoute don’t just excel at casual maternity clothes, their range of maternity dresses, maternity trousers and even maternity swimwear is outstanding. So the question is not whether you will shop at La Redoute, it’s more a question of how will you stop!

To claim your new customer discount, simply click on the banner below to be taken to the site. When you have finished shopping enter the voucher code 8354 at the checkout and all orders of over £30 on the Spring Summer 2012 collection will see a fantastic £15 immediately deducted from the price. And this offer doesn’t just cover the maternity clothes on La Redoute but includes the full range of products within the range, so you can even treat the new baby and still save.

Once you have shopped at La Redoute once, you are going to want to do it again and again. But don’t worry, we have voucher codes coming up for existing customers too, so keep coming back to Simply Maternity for everything you need to create a fantastic maternity wardrobe for you this season.

New Spring Maternity Lines at Isabella Oliver

Feb 20

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Did you realise that next week sees the start of March? This means we are seeing some of the best lines in Spring maternity wear flooding into our offices, and at the very top today has to be the new line from Isabella Oliver.Pink Rose Maternity Wrap Dress from Isabella Oliver

The bright colours and gorgeous flowing materials used in this season’s collection bring the sun into the office even while it is still grey outside, and these styles are definitely going to bring a fantastic brightness of attitude and style to every woman who wears them.

We love the way they have used the style of the ever popular maternity wrap dress from the classic Isabella Oliver collection and given it a fresh Spring overhaul with this gorgeous Pink Rose shade.

Spring 2012 is definitely going to be the season for bright colours and patterns, and when you combine this fantastically comfortable but stylish material with an oh so flattering design that can be worn for maternity work wear, for a special occasion or for an everyday style when you just want to show off your style, this dress is perfect and feels so beautiful, that it could even put a spring in your step!

Ruched Maternity T Shirt Dress from Isabella OliverFor a more casual look without taking away the colour and the style, why not try this Ruched T Shirt Maternity Dress as seen on American Actress, Selma Blair.

The signature Isabella Oliver jersey used to make this dress means that you get the perfect during your pregnancy, and after your baby is born.

The ruched body and round neckline create the most flattering shape which can then be dressed up or down depending on your style. Shown here in the gorgeous Pink Rose that is going to be so hot this season, this dress is also available in Dusk Blue, French Navy or Bright Khaki so that you can make the look you want.

Wear on its own with a great pair of shoes or team with maternity trousers and high tops for a grungy look that is going to be so in fashion this spring.

Which ever way you style this dress, you are going to find that it is so versatile and so comfortable it will quickly become a maternity essential that you want to wear day in day out during your pregnancy.

Belted Maternity Cardigan from Isabella OliverFor a deeper hue but keeping the pink theme, take a look at this wonderful belted cardigan available from Isabella Oliver Maternity right now.

This is smart casual at its very best. Team with leggings for that comfy laid back look or add tailored maternity trousers or a pencil skirt, and you have the perfect work wear that is going to make you look and feel great.

The gentle drape and self tie front affords a beautiful shape to your body and is so versatile that it can be worn at any stage of your pregnancy, and even after the event. Keep open or closed for two separate looks and enjoy the soft luxurious feel that this cardigan provides throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

We could rave on about the new lines at Isabella Oliver all day. The style, structure and quality of the new collection combines elegance and beauty with comfort and style. So take a look at the full range today and see the wonderful designer maternity clothes that are available to you in this fantastic collection.

Isabella Oliver Designer Maternity Wear


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