Chic Maternity Clothes with 30% Discount

Jun 06

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When you are looking for Maternity Chic, there is no better place to start your search than Isabella Oliver. With a full range of gorgeous maternity clothes that often dress our most popular pregnant celebrities, Isabella Oliver are a great place to look when you are pregnant. Whether you are looking for a one off piece for a special occasion or want something to make you feel confident and feminine, the designs are outstanding and the quality and the texture of the fabric makes you realise just what a fabulous range Isabella Oliver have.

And right now, Isabella Oliver Maternity are offering 30% off the 7 days of Chic range as chosen by Justyna. This range includes a maternity vest as worn by Gwen Steffani, a maternity top as worn by Selma Blair and that gorgeous Limited Edition Sequin Maternity Dress as worn by Tia Mowry which has to be one of the best maternity dresses we here at Simply Maternity have ever seen. Whether you want jeans, trousers, a wrap cardigan or a maternity dress you are going to want every day, they can all be found in the Maternity Chic collection at Isabella Oliver and will all qualify for 30% discount until midnight on Sunday June 12th.

And if you have any doubt as to what the Chic collection looks like on a real woman, take a look at Justyna herself in her 7 days of Chic diary, describing her choice of the best of Isabella Oliver maternity, all of which is available right now with 30% off.

Here at Simply Maternity we love the style and sophistication of this range and the combinations that Justyna puts together to look her best for any occasion, but our favourite has to be the Wrap Cardigan. Isabella Oliver Wrap Maternity Cardigan Open

Available in Caviar Black or Ivory, there is nothing you can’t do with this Cardigan. It is so light weight and comfortable that you can use it all summer long either on a chilly day or for when the sun goes down. Whether you leave the long luxurious front tails draping down for a sophisticated style that gives you length to your body or want to tie or drape the cardigan for a comfortable cosseted feel, this soft huggable cardigan is ideal for every stage of pregnancy and provides ample privacy for nursing. But even when your baby is crawling you will find that you will still want to wear this cardigan as it provides the style, sophistication and unbelievable comfort that we are all looking for in any cardigan that we buy.Isabella Oliver Wrap Maternity Cardigan Closed

For some, the standard price tag of £99.00 for this cardigan is just too much to bear, though when you have tried it you will realise that even when you pay close to £100 for this item it is still worth it. But right now, with 30% off, you can get this cardigan for an amazing £69.30 which is such a bargain for such a high quality item of maternity clothing.

So treat yourself right now, or better still treat your nearest and dearest mum-to-be. This is an ideal present for a pregnant woman and will really show her that you care and truly understand what it is needed to make pregnancy as comfortable and as comforting as possible.

There is no voucher code to claim your Chic discount, you simply click on the Isabella Oliver Banner below and you will be taken directly to the special landing page on the Isabella Oliver Maternity site hosting these special prices. Place your order and before you know it you will be the height of maternity chic at just a fraction of the cost.

And if you can’t find what you are looking for at Isabella Oliver, check out our full range of Maternity Cardigans on our site which have been specially selected to provide you with a range that will suit every style and budget and make you look your very best during your pregnancy. So take a look around our site and remember to click on the banner below to place your Chic order at Isabella Oliver before Sunday to get your 30% discount.