20% Off Maternity Workwear at Isabella Oliver

Apr 17

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As your pregnancy starts showing, one of the hardest things to decide on is what you are going to wear to work. Though you may be only at work for a few short months before your maternity leave starts, it is essential that you look smart and feel confident. So let Isabella Oliver take the effort out of choosing your maternity work wear with the Guide To What To Wear For Work and take advantage of 20% off all selected workwear from Isabella Oliver until Sunday 22nd April 2012. There is no voucher code, simply click on the item that you want to buy and the discount will be deducted from the price on the screen in front of you.

Tie Front Maternity Blouse from Isabella OliverWhen you think about clothes to wear from work, the first thing that comes to most people’s mind is a pencil skirt and matching jacket, probably in dark blue or black.

And though this can look incredibly smart for the classic business style, there are so many ways to build on this look when you are pregnant that it would be shame not to give it a go.

If you want to maintain a traditional corporate look during your pregnancy, then what better way to dress up your style and flatter your changing shape than with this tie front maternity blouse, ideal for the office, the court room or the boardroom.

Made in classic white cotton, this gorgeous blouse is especially flattering for later in pregnancy and when you have finished work looks incredible with jeans, pencil skirts or even shorts to create a smart casual look that you can continue to wear even after the baby is born.

Maternity Wrap Dress from Isabella OliverAnd when you need that striking signature outfit that shows you mean business, try opting for a splash of block colour with emphasises your style without distracting from the work in hand.

This Maternity Wrap Dress looks and feels phenomenal when you are pregnant. Made of soft, stretchy Isabella Oliver jersey, this dress keeps it shape and style throughout the entire working day and even into the night for those late corporate events.

The self tie under the bust gives a sophisticated shape to your body and is fully adjustable so that you can continue to enjoy wearing this dress for the entire period of your pregnancy and for many months after.

This style works particularly well if you need flexibility to your wardrobe. Start with a tailored jacket and court shoes for the main core of your working day and simply change your shoes, take off the jacket, add some sparkly jewellery and put on some lip gloss and you have the perfect evening outfit without anyone being aware you have changed.

The gorgeous shade of pink rose used in this dress is the perfect attention drawing colour which will make you stand out from all the men, but if you want something a little more subtle opt for the black or cobalt blue options that will suit any occasion.

Maternity Pencil Skirt from Isabella OliverBut when it comes to the crunch, what most women want for their working wardrobe is a good quality pencil skirt that is going to look good, feel comfortable and go with anything. And that is just what you get with the Midi Pencil Skirt at Isabella Oliver.

Like all maternity work wear, you can claim 20% off this gorgeous skirt simply by clicking on the picture and placing your order, and the product that you will receive may just be the best purchase you make during your pregnancy.

The classic lines and sleek style that this maternity skirt create just can’t be questioned and is created in the easy care Isabella Oliver jersey fabric that is going to look great how ever many times you wear it.

Finishing just below the knee, this skirt accentuates the length of your body and provides you with femininity and sophistication in a design that is incredibly flattering but oh so comfortable.

This is a skirt that can be worn anywhere, for any occasion and still attracts 20% off until Sunday.

But these are just a few of our favourites from the maternity work wear range at Isabella Oliver. Simply click on one of the garments to be taken directly to the Isabella Oliver site to see the full range of items that could give you the boost you need to keep working during your pregnancy and give you the style to stay ahead of the game when you are at work.


To conceal or not to conceal

Jul 02

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To show your bump or not to show your bump. This is one of the questions some pregnancy ladies face and it really depends on you as a person and how you would dress normally when not pregnant. Some ladies like tight fitting clothes and therefore when pregnancy carry this look through their pregnancy. Others who may prefer baggy clothes may opt to stay in baggier clothes. Some women who may have worn tight fitting clothes may even choose baggier clothes during pregnancy simply because they don’t want to be showing off their bump. At the beginning of the pregnancy some women choose baggier clothes because it’s not as easy to tell if you are expecting or have maybe just put on a few pounds so baggier clothes help to hide this until you really start to show.

One such celebrity who seems to be going down this route is Jessica Alba. She really seems to be wearing baggier clothes to conceal her bump. There is nothing wrong with this and she looks really stylish. We think the range of maternity clothes now available means baggy doesn’t have to be frumpy and as you can see from our picture that Jessica still looks really good. I guess if you are a celebrity then you may not want pictures all the time of your bump so baggy may be the way to go.

The weather can have a big impact on what you wear. Sometimes baggy is great to keep cool when tight fitting clothes can make you feel clammy over your bump, however clothes that expose your bump can also look good as long as you remember to protect your skin from the sun. Maternity T-shirts and maternity vests are clothing that will show off your bump and are more form fitting whereas items such as maternity shirts and maternity blouses will conceal it a bit more and are more flowing. There will come a time when hiding your bump simply isn’t an option as you get well into the third trimester and towards the end even your more spacious maternity clothes may be becoming a bit tight.