Half Price Maternity Swimwear in the M&S Sale

Jun 12

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The M&S Sale is here again bringing with it some great offers on maternity swimwear for all our mums to be.

Whether you are having a girl or a boy, want a costume, tankini or bikini, Marks and Spencers have the lot  – and with most items now under £10 each.

As the comfort and convenience of wearing a tankini during pregnancy becomes more apparent, we have found that an increasing number of merchants are providing great quality, supportive maternity tankinis that are perfect for the beach or the pool, for serious swimming or just playing about.

Marks and Spencers Maternity TankiniAnd this Halterneck Spotted Tankini from M&S is just perfect.

Available in this pretty pink or luscious jade, the combination of checks and spots on this design gives you shape and definition as well as support and security throughout your pregnancy.

The padded cups and secret support ensure that your bust remains defined and supported throughout your pregnancy while the adjustable halterneck strap ensures everything stays in place.

Fully lined for the ultimate in comfort, the frills on this tankini top provide the fun and feminine edge that completes this outfit so beautifully and keep you looking fantastic.

And with the top now half price at just £9.50 and the coordinating bottoms now just £6, if you can’t choose between the jade and the pink styles right now, why not opt for the simple solution and get them both, you will still pay just over £30 and with mix and match options will have four different to wear them!

Marks and Spencers Maternity BikiniIf you want to get the most from the sun and give your baby a few rays too, why not opt for this gorgeous maternity bikini top which provides the support and comfort you need through your pregnancy is a cute minimalist style that will ensure you get more of an all over tan.

This bikini is perfect if you want to get some colour to your belly, but remember, the skin on your pregnancy bump is going to be more sensitive than ever before so will need extra attention when putting on suntan lotion and moisturising at the end of the day to avoid burning or dryness which can be exacerbated during pregnancy.

With added stretch to ensure you can wear your bikini right up to the end of your pregnancy, remember to order your pre-pregnancy size in any maternity swimwear from Marks and Spencers as accommodation for your changing shape has already been made.

Now only ££7.50 for this stunning top and just £6 for the bottoms, you can get yourself some amazing bargains when you shop at M&S right now.

And there are still maternity swimsuits and other gorgeous maternity clothes that we have not even mentioned. Though the full range may not be available in your local store, simply by clicking on either picture you will be taken directly to the M&S online sale so that you can see the full collection of maternity wear in the sale and start saving today.

Treat Yourself To A Maternity Bikini and up to 30% off at DP

Dec 02

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The up to 30% off across the Dorothy Perkins site is back and creates a fantastic opportunity for you to treat yourself this Christmas as well as get presents for all your loved ones from the comfort of your own home.

But when you are rushing round this Christmas writing lists and doing your shopping, take a breath and consider how your body is feeling during the stress of the festive season. Though it is always primarily up to the woman of the house to make sure that everything is ready for Christmas, it is also essential that you take some time out and relax during your pregnancy to keep you and your baby healthy and happy.

So when you are shopping for all your Christmas presents at Dorothy Perkins why not treat yourself to one of their fantastic maternity bikinis they have on the site and give yourself an afternoon off with a relaxing swim in the local pool.

Swimming is a great way to take the weight off when you are pregnant and also to ease the stress and strain that you can feel from having so much to do at this time of year. Choose a nice warm pool and you will find the warmth of the water can ease a sore back and give you time to really sort out your mind and get everything in order, ready to finalise your plans and get the preparations for Christmas well underway.

Not only is swimming a great relaxation technique during pregnancy but it is also a fantastic way to get some healthy exercise during your pregnancy. With the water supporting your body but also providing resistance to increase your exercise levels, having a quick swim even once a week can keep your blood pressure down and keep you feeling more toned ready to hit the dance floor at those Christmas parties.

And with bikinis starting at just £13.50 in the sale right now, you can afford to get yourself down to the pool and even treat yourself to a coffee afterwards before you get back in the rat race.

So take a look at the full range of discounts on the Dorothy Perkins, not only can you get all the presents for your family and yourself this Christmas but you can make great savings while you do it.

Don’t Forget Your Hair In the Sun

Jun 29

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Maternity Bikini from Marks and Spencers at Simply MaternityNow that we are finally beginning to see the start of summer and an upsurge in demand for Maternity Swimwear as the days get warmer, most pregnant women are making sure they keep their skin properly moisturised and protected from the sun, but how many of us remember our hair?

The consistency and style of your hair can change dramatically when you are pregnant. Some see an improvement in the quality of their hair while a significant number of women experience a reduction in the quality of their hair thought to be due to the nutrition that is needed to build the best hair follicles being used to build your baby instead.

While it is the case that pregnancy can ruin the quality of your hair, there are more significant factors that can damage your hair at any stage in your life and they are the things that make the summer most fun: the sun, chlorine and salt!

Celebrity hairdresser Mark Hill has gone on record to warn women about the damages of the sun on your which can cause drying and bleaching. This leads to existing colour fading more quickly and a poorer quality of hair. And if your hair is weakened by pregnancy, this damage is going to occur even quicker.

To keep your hair in the best shape you can this season, make sure that you rinse any salt water or pool water from your hair every time you come out of the pool or the sea and wash your hair with a good quality shampoo at the end of the day if you can. Use a replenishing conditioner to give your hair an extra boost and consider using leave in conditioner or day protection when you are out and about.

Wherever possible covering your head can also help. Not only will this protect your hair but it will protect your scalp from harmful sun rays and keep the heat off your head which can be very uncomfortable during pregnancy. Choose a brightly coloured scarf to add interest to your outfit and draw attention away from your bump or a sun hat with an oversized brim for a fun, cool style that will work to ‘thin out’ your body at the same time.

So when you are in the sun this summer, make sure that you put as much attention into protecting your hair as you do your skin. Whether you want to get a nice brown tummy in a maternity bikini or want to stay covered up, being safe in the sun is not only going to keep you looking great and feeling comfortable this summer but it is also a great practice to start now to teach your children in the years to come.

Pregnant Alex Gerrard Looks Great In Maternity Swimwear

Jun 24

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Alex Gerrard On Beach In Maternity SwimwearWife of Liverpool footballing ace Steven Gerrard and celebrity WAG, Alex Gerrard looked fantastic as she hit the beach in Portugal this week.

Carrying her third child, Alex has the sleek silhouette and amazing body shape to carry off her pregnancy in style – who would know that she is actually pregnant with her third child.

Without a stretch mark or piece of cellulite anywhere to be seen, it is no wonder Alex is taking full advantage of the summer sun and showing off her beautiful figure in this fantastic frill bikini which looks great on her.

And the best part about wearing a bikini at this stage in your pregnancy is that you don’t have to wear a maternity bikini quite yet. It is still possible to wear a standard bikini but you may need to buy a bigger size.

As you are not going to be able to wear it for that long, we would suggest you try something like the New Look frill bikini to get the same look as Alex. Available in black, turquoise, bright pink or coral, this bikini is only £6.99 for the top and £4.99 for the coordinating bottoms so it is ideal if you are going on holiday soon and want to look drop dead gorgeous during your preganncy without spending a lot of money on something that you may not wear again.

As your pregnancy does develop you will need further support and definition from your maternity swimwear, and the ideal way of doing this in a maternity bikini is to use a halterneck top which will enhance your curves and give you the support you need for your new found cleavage.

Whatever design of swimwear you choose for your pregnancy, consider hidden support to help keep your cleavage in place and ruched sides that will not only give you a flattering line when you are on the beach but will give you space to grow into your costume as you get bigger. Tie sides will ensure that your swimwear will always fit during your pregnancy and will also be useful after your pregnancy when you want to continue wearing your swimwear until you fit back into your standard size.

We have been promised that this weekend is going to be the start of the summer sun, so why not take this opportunity to browse through out site and find the maternity swimwear for you to make you look just as good as Alex during your pregnancy.


Keeping protected from the sun while wearing maternity swimwear

Jun 10

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With the summer holidays on their way and many expectant mums visiting places where the sun will shine we have some advice to protect yourself in the heat. We would advise you wear even stronger SPF sun cream to protect your skin from the damage that can be done by the sun’s rays. One of the reasons for using the extra high protection factor is that when pregnant the skin is more sensitive and is also stretched over those expanding beautiful bumps.

maternity bikiniThis is especially important if you are planning on wearing a maternity bikini or maternity tankini as these cover the bump even less and a tankini can ride up when swimming so extra protection is essential around these parts. Even if you are planning on wearing a maternity swimsuit it is wise to apply a high factor sun cream underneath as the sun can penetrate the material and any sun burn will be even more painful and damaging to the sensitive thinner skin. So whatever maternity swimwear you choose remember the sun tan lotion.

Also remember to apply the sun cream at regular intervals and it is a great idea to apply the lotion at least 30 minutes before venturing out into the sun to give it time to soak in and have the maximum effect.

So if you are venturing abroad take extra care in the sun and remember to keep applying sun tan lotion as often as possible and at least every two hours. With the extra moisturiser contained it will also help keep your skin supple and glowing. We would also recommend investing in a hat as this keeps the heat off of your head which keeps you cooler when enjoying hotter weather.

Let’s just hope the sun comes back here in the UK so pregnant ladies can enjoy a bit of sunshine in the garden or the local park. However also be aware that while the sun may not seem as strong in the UK it is still strong enough to cause skin damage so remember to still apply sun cream even if it doesn’t seem hot enough or the sun isn’t shining as much.

Choosing Your Maternity Swimwear

May 18

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Maternity Tankini from Simply BeachSwimming is an ideal activity to do when you are pregnant as it is one of the only times that you can truly relax and get rid of the heavy feeling that you get as your body grows.

Whether you are going to power lengths in the local swimming pool every day or just want to go for a quick dip on your holiday, having the right swimwear when you are pregnant can make you look and feel great.

Even the most modest of women can really go to town on their maternity swimwear. Though you may be concerned whether you ‘look big in this’ usually, you can be rest assured that everyone is going to think you look big when you are pregnant but will also think you look amazing. As your bump grows it will change your body shape and give you extra definition that will look fantastic in the right kind of swimwear and you can show off your big, beautiful body like never before.

Whatever body shape you are before your pregnancy, most of us turn into some kind of Pear shape or Curvy shape during pregnancy. The bottom half is always going to get bigger during pregnancy and hopefully your top half will too.

When you are choosing your swimwear make sure that you select your pre-pregnancy dress size. Maternity costumes are tailored to incoroporate your growing body so choose the correct size for you to make sure that your costume provides the support and definition required in all the right places.

If you already have  a curvy figure or a larger bust then choose a costume with support for your bust to ensure that as you get bigger, your bust is going to stay in place and look great. A halterneck tie will give you the support you need to ensure that you don’t move around and integrated support in the top of the costume will ensure that you have the definition you need as you grow.

Maternity Bikini from VertbaudetIf you are opting for a bikini, then the world is your oyster. With a bump in the middle, your top and bottom half are going to look smaller than ever which means that you can go for the brighter colours and funkier patterns which can bring your bottom and top too close together when you don’t have the bump to divide them.

We love this maternity bikini from Vertbaudet. With the halterneck support and bust darts to really define your bust, this bikini comes with wider bottoms to keep you confident in your costume and cover up any bumps in that region and to cover the shadows of any developing stretch marks.

If you are concerned that you don’t want your tummy exposed as you are pregnant but want all the benefits of a bikini, then why not opt for a maternity tankini.

Tankinis come in many lengths when you are pregnant so you can opt for a longer top that is going to cover your entire bump or you can opt for a more standard length which will create some cover but you will still be able to see a hint of your bump as you grow. Which ever length you opt for, remember that your top is going to ride up as you get bigger, so a longer top at the beginning may be a good idea. After all you can always ruch it up if you would like more of your tummy exposed.

Maternity Tankini from M2B at Mothercare SwimwearWhatever length you go for, consider choosing a tankini with tie sides that will grow with you as you near your term and will decrease again after the pregnancy until you are ready to get back into your standard swimsuit.

The M2b Maternity Tankini from Mothercare is a perfect example of this. With a long length front for coverage and tie sides for adjustment, this tankini will stay with you throughout your pregnancy and continue supporting you after the baby is born.

With shelf support for your bust integrated into the top of this costume, the cross knot design means that it is quick and easy to nurse your baby in this costume, ensuring that you can wear this costume for as long as you like after the birth.

The under the bump bottoms give a little support to your bump as you can grow but if you don’t like the gap in the costume you can simply pull the top down lower for cover.

Maternity Swimsuit from Marks and SpencersThe same rules you use for choosing your bikini or tankini still apply when you are looking at an all in one costume. Look for padding, support and a halterneck if you need further support to your bust and opt for a ruched style that has room to grow in the stomach area. If you remain flatter chested, opt for a costume with smaller straps or a balcony effect which will define your bust but avoid under wire support which can reduce the development of your milk production.

This Halterneck Maternity Swimsuit from Marks and Spencers is ideal. With contrasting straps which draw the eye upwards, the ruched effect on the tummy hides any lumps and bumps at the side whilst perfectly contouring your bump. And the hidden support and optional cups mean that you have the definition and support for your bust which can be taken out if you find yourself becoming too top heavy.

We have a great range of maternity swimwear on our site to suit every body shape during your pregnancy as well as offers and voucher codes to make your purchase even better value for money. So take a browse through our site and choose the swimwear for you.