Fantastic Florals for this Summers Favourite Designs

Jun 01

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The floral epidemic set to sweep this summers fashion has most definitely started, and maternity clothes are by no means left out. Whether you want to opt for an all over floral maxi dress that is going to show off your bump in style or whether you want to use your the patterns to create an eye catching outfit that would look just as good on you even if you weren’t pregnant, there is bound to be a floral that will take your fancy this summer.

Floral designs are going to be a massive hit this summer across all fashions and walks of life, but their popularity in maternity clothes remains unchanged. One of the key reasons florals are so popular during pregnancy is due to the ‘pretty effect’ that pregnancy has on the majority of women. As we start to radiate beauty and health ourselves, especially during our second and third trimester, so we choose clothes that represent that inner beauty and vitality and there is nothing better than a flower to represent the birth of  new life and the radiance we feel when we are happily pregnant.

Intricate patterns such as the floral design are also very popular with maternity designers as it enables them to bring interest and differentiation to the large amount of material used when creating a maternity product. And with a clever use of pattern and colour, the floral design can either draw attention to the size of your bump, or provide a flattering silhouette that works well with your changing figure.

If you would rather people were looking at you than the size of your bump, avoid small repeated designs which can enlarge your apparent size and instead opt for a flowing pattern that uses detail, colour and style to emphasise the beauty of your pregnancy.

During pregnancy it is common for your sense of touch to become much more heightened which means that heavy artificial fabrics will irritate you and make you feel constricted. By choosing more flowing, delicate fabrics with a more flowing style, you will find that you are more comfortable in your clothes and feel the radiance that pregnancy can truly bring.

Use the opportunity that pregnancy provides to try out new colours and styles for yourself. If you want to completely detract from your bump then use tops with details surrounding the neckline or the breast line so that they eye is moved away from your bump. Alternatively, use a consistent pattern across the entire piece to camouflage your size but give you the best in fabric and design.

Purple Floral Maternity Top from Jojo Maman Bebe at Simply MaternityHere at Simply Maternity we recommend the Lilac Floral Camisole from Jojo Maman Bebe. The gorgeous purple base to this top is bright and flattering while the delicate floral pattern makes this top bang up to trend and absolutely beautiful for any occasion. In the design, the plunging V-neck top and spaghetti straps draw the eye upwards and emphasise the shoulders ensuring that your top half stays in proportion to your bump while the underbust gathers provide emphasis to the bust and that drape over the bump which makes you look and feel beautiful.

Team this top with crisp white trousers for a wonderful summer look or with denim shorts to provide a funky festival look that will look hot this summer.

We have a great range of maternity tops on our site with some fantastic floral designs from some of the top maternity designers available. But don’t take our word for it, have a browse around the site and see for yourself the amazing variety of clothes that are available to you this summer. The world of maternity design just grows and grows which means you have more choice and variety than ever before. So make sure you make the very best of your pregnancy and find the clothes for you at Simply Maternity.