Top Christmas Presents For Pregnant Women

Nov 13

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Christmas when you’re pregnant can be a bit of a bore. No drinking, watching what you’re eating and coping with all the added stress of the festive season can be a nightmare. But it’s not all gloom and doom. The excitement of a new arrival in the New Year and a few good Christmas presents can make it all worth while.

So we have scoured through one of our favourite department stores, John Lewis, and put together our top 5 ideals for Christmas presents for pregnant women , to make sure every mum-to-be gets the attention they deserve this year.

1. A Touch of Elegance

When you are expecting a baby, most of your normal clothes are going to feel tight and uncomfortable. But a little bit of chic can transform your wardrobe and revive your entire outlook.

We love this wool-bamboo fibre shawl from John Lewis. Pregnant women especially love the soft and sensual feel of this gorgeous cover. It is perfect for comfort and glamour during pregnancy and for a long time after. And at £42, it is a great price for your wife, girlfriend or even a family friend .

The cut of this shawl is wonderfully sophisticated, but it is so accessible anyone care wear it. Even if you are just in a jumper and t-shirt, throwing this shawl on can upgrade your look and make you feel wonderful.

In the evening, this is the perfect item to keep you warm and happy. It even offers a little bit of comfort when your feeling a little bit less than your best.

And for all those times after the baby has been born when you just want to need to feel a little bit more than a mother, this elegant shawl can brighten your mood so that you feel so much better about the day. It’s soft, it’s comfortable, it’s flattering and incredible useful. If you need an idea for a pregnant women’s Christmas present, then this has to be top of your list.


2. Making It One To Remember

Beautiful Notebook for Pregnant Women

We all know that pregnant women sometimes forget a thing or two. All those extra hormones give you feelings and sensations that you wouldn’t normally ever experience. Which is why a personal journal is such a fantastic Christmas present idea for a pregnant women. It gives her the opportunity to let out feelings that she may not want to share with another human being and gives her a way of recording all those special moments that she will want to remember forever.

For an extra special touch, add a special pen to her journal and she will not be able to resist making a few marks straight away. Though the art of writing might soon to be forgotten, consider buying her a fountain pen with some beautiful coloured ink. It will encourage her to write more and let out all those feelings that she is keeping inside.

And then in years to come, she will be able to look back at this special time and remember the good, the bad, the beautiful and the downright ugly. All wrapped up in a gorgeous gift that she will always thank you for shared with her.


3. Don’t Ignore the Obvious

While any woman wants to hear that she hasn’t changed during her pregnancy, the fact of the matter is that our bodies and mental attitude will always differ when our hormone levels rise. And when choosing a present for someone who is pregnant, it is worth showing her you appreciate everything that she is going through. Though smellies are often considered a last resort for many women, when it comes to pregnancy, getting some pregnancy safe toiletries can be a wonderful and thoughtful gift.

Pregnancy Toiletries for ChristmasWhen buying toiletries for pregnant women opt for quality rather than quantity for the ideal present. Any woman can go out and buy the run of the mill stretch cream or foot spray, so get her something a bit special so she can enjoy a bit of indulgence at Christmas.

We love this trio set from Bloom and Blossom Mother. It contains bath oil, anti stretch mark cream and leg and foot spray which have all be specifically designed for a mum-to-be, and each one emits the most gorgeous natural scent you are ever going to encounter.

The entire set uses essential oils and rich, luxurious ingredients to take pampering to a whole new level. Just what she will need when the hustle and bustle of Christmas has passed.

At £45 this isn’t a product that most people would want to buy themselves, especially with a new arrival on the way. But if you are in a position to give a pregnant woman a little extra treat this Christmas, then this could well be the perfect gift.


4. It’s Not Just For Christmas

The birth of your first baby is the ideal time to give your wife an eternity ring. It solidifies the commitment you made to her on your wedding day and is a symbol of the love and dedication you now have for your new family.

And the Christmas before your baby is born is the perfect time to give a gift such as this.

Diamond Eternity RingWhen your wife is feeling like a baby making machine or is rushing round getting the house perfect for the Christmas season, an eternity ring will show her that you are now life long partners and that the baby provides a connection deeper than anything else in the world.

What ever paths your lives take, you will be inextricably linked by the life you have created, and that is one event that is definitely worth celebrating in style.

Our choice would be this stunning 12 stone diamond platinum eternity ring, just because of its elegance and its beauty. But if your budget is a little more limited, there are a range of options you could chose that would still provide the same thought and commitment that this ring would symbolise.

But remember, this is a gift that you will only ever give once, so maybe push the boat out a little bit more that you normally would and make sure the ring you choose expresses the feelings that you have.


5. Make a Promise

When money is tight or you are on a budget at Christmas, one of the best gift ideas is a ‘Promise Bag’ for a pregnant woman.

Fill your bag with promises of all the things you could do for that special lady and then include them in a small festive bag so that she can call on you and spend her promise vouchers whenever she feels the need. From ‘a foot rub’ and ‘massage’ for your wife or ‘two hours cleaning’ for your best friend. A promise of this nature will make her realise just how much thought you have put into her gift. If you are feeling generous, you could include a couple of hours baby sitting either for existing children, or the new born when it arrives. Or how about including a cooked meal that you can then deliver whenever she wants a night off. Such a promise bag will not only make a fantastic gift this year, it will also show any lady just how much you want to support them during this challenging time.

And there you have it, our favourite ideas for Christmas presents this year. Each individual gift is sensational and is going to make any pregnant woman feel special. But if you want to go the whole hog, look back over the page and you will realise, the best Christmas gift would be to put them all together. What a stocking that would be!

Happy Shopping.