Up To 30% Off All Maternity Clothes at Dorothy Perkins

Mar 29

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Here is a great way to update your maternity wardrobe for summer with the latest in maternity fashion from Dorothy Perkins. Until Sunday 1st April, Dorothy Perkins are offering up to 30% off everything on their site in fashion pop up event which includes their full range of maternity clothes.

There is no voucher code, you just click on the banner and everything will be automatically reduced by either 10, 20 or 30%, you just have to choose the items that you want and get shopping.

The thing we love about choosing maternity clothes from Dorothy Perkins is that they incorporate the same sense of style and high street fashion in their maternitywear as they do in their standard clothes, which means you get the styles and designs that were seen on the catwalk just a few weeks ago, in store and ready to enjoy.

Mamalicious Maternity Bikini at Dorothy PerkinsAnd Dorothy Perkins understand that just because you are pregnant, it doesn’t mean you want to hide your body away, in fact some of us want to flaunt it more than ever, which is why we love this Mamalicious grey print maternity bikini from Dorothy Perkins.

Not only does it qualify for the full 30% discount this weekend which means it costs less than £11, but it also looks and feels fantastic when you are pregnant.

As long as you use lots of high factor sun cream to protect your fragile skin when you are pregnant, there is no reason you shouldn’t wear a bikini. In fact, there is a school of thought that suggests some of the benefits of being in the sun will actually feed through to the baby and they may even get a head start in absorbing Vitamin D. How much of this is true, we couldn’t say, and whether sunlight helps with stretch marks is still questionable, but we do know that wearing a bikini during pregnancy feels great and this one from Dorothy Perkins has everything you need.


Whenever you are choosing maternity bikinis look out for self tie tops that will ensure your bikini fits well and can be fully adjusted as you change shape so that you can continue to wear it with confidence throughout the summer months. Opt for quick dry material so that you don’t have to buy more than one and consider a halterneck design to give your bust more support as you progress through your pregnancy.

A good quality bikini such as this one will not only service you throughout your pregnancy but is adjustable so that you can wear it again after your baby is born until you are ready to get back in your pre pregnancy swimwear. It is light and flexible and contains 18% Elastane which means that as long as you wash it with care it is going to return to it’s normal shape and keep you looking great as the summer goes on.

But the discount at Dorothy Perkins is not just limited to swimwear, or indeed to maternity wear. Everything on the site is reduced, from shoes and dresses to accessories and hats, so make the most of this weekend’s offer and get shopping today.

Buy One Get One Half Price On Maternity Trousers

Mar 27

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Basic Maternity Leggings from Dorothy PerkinsIf you are looking to update your wardrobe for summer, take a look at the fantastic range of maternity trousers at Dorothy Perkins which qualify for the Buy One, Get One Half Price offer that is available right now.

From Maternity Shorts through to chinos, leggings and smart maternity trousers, put any two pairs of maternity trousers in your basket  at Dorothy Perkins and the cheapest item will be reduced to just half price.

A basic pair of leggings, or even a few pairs, are essential during pregnancy. They give you that extra coverage under skirts and dresses that you need on those cold days and they look fantastic with longer maternity tops. But the hidden advantage of maternity leggings is the support they give. A good quality pair of leggings such as these from Dorothy Perkins contain 6% Elastane to keep your legs and your bump supported during your pregnancy to make the most of your figure and keep you feeling contained and comforted when you put them on.

It is hard not to be constantly holding your bump when you are pregnant, especially towards the end of your pregnancy, but short of wearing a maternity belt, the best support you can find will be in a good pair of maternity leggings, giving your confidence and comfort as you progress through your pregnancy.

Green maternity jeggings from Dorothy PerkinsAnd when you are choosing the item to go with your maternity leggings, why not take a look at the range of maternity trousers on the site that are perfect for the warmer weather. And this season, you don’t need to stick to the basic colours and shades as Dorothy Perkins are offering a huge variety of colours in their maternity clothes that are ideal to keep you on trend this season.

These green maternity jeggings are fantastic for this season, more comfortable than jeans as you are growing and with the stretch you need to keep looking smart throughout your pregnancy, these jeggings are great for smart casual wear and for bringing a bit of colour to your maternity wardrobe.

Jeggings were hugely popular last year and we think they are going to make a comeback this year especially in the maternity department where they provide a great alternative to jeans but still give the same stylish look. This under the bump style allows you to wear any sort of top and even to show off your growing bump if you want to while adding a fantastic shade of colour to your look to give you a great fresh summer style with a fantastic offer.

Place your order before midnight tonight, Tuesday March 27th 2012, and not only can you enjoy half price on every second item you buy but you will also qualify for FREE DELIVERY on everything you buy when you spend over £30, so place your order today and add some sunshine to your wardrobe to match this wonderful weather.

Up To 50% Off Maternity Clothes at Dorothy Perkins

Mar 01

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I don’t know what it is about the sun coming out but everyone seems to go crazy, and today is no exception with so many offers coming out we don’t know which ones to write about first!

There are some amazing discounts around at the moment making it easier than ever to fill your spring maternity wardrobe and still save money.

We have always loved the range of maternity clothes at Dorothy Perkins as they bring together the high street designs that we expect from one of our leading UK stores, and combine them with the intricate detail in both tailoring and fabric that ensure you look great during your pregnancy but also feel great too.

The range of maternity wear included in this sale is incredible, but we have picked our top three maternity tops just to give you a hint of what you can see when you go to the site. Remember all you have to do to see the full range of sale products, is to click on the banner at the bottom of this page, but first, our top three:

Floral Maternity Tunic From Dorothy PerkinsTunics are always great for pregnancy as they give you the ability to wear soft, floaty tops without having to worry if these tops are going to ride up through your pregnancy and expose more flesh that perhaps you wanted.

Though dresses are sometimes a little to thin for this time of year, a feminine tunic combined with a good pair of maternity trousers can set you up for any occasion and ensure you feel good and look spectacular.

When the warmer weather comes, you can easily wear this tunic with a pair of shorts or crop trousers and ensure that your maternity clothes continue to look fantastic throughout the seasons.

This floral maternity tunic from the Dorothy Perkins sale is a great choice as it has a self tie back which means that your top can be as fitted or as relaxed as you like throughout your pregnancy and is going to continue to feel comfortable and look great up until you give birth. The tie will then work with you as you loose weight after pregnancy and this can be a top you continue to wear for as long as you like.

Originally £30, this gorgeous maternity top is only £17 in the sale and is still available in the range of most popular UK dress sizes.

Maternity Berry Cowl Top from Dorothy PerkinsFor an element of bold signature colour in your wardrobe, how about this berry coloured cowl top also from the Dorothy Perkins sale.

While many of us choose to keep to neutral shades for our capsule maternity wardrobe, adding an element of bright colour can create a whole new spring image for your pregnancy and really brighten up your style.

The cowl neck on this top is also fantastic for creating interest around your face area drawing attention away from your bump and moving the eye upwards. The extra material used in this style also balances out your body shape to provide a slimming effect to your bump making this ideal for maternity workwear, smart lunches and evenings out.

At only £12 in the sale, this top is not going to cost you the earth but team it with a pair of smart jeans and boots and you have the ingredients for a girls night out, or add a pencil skirt and court shoes and you will feel comfortable in any office or work environment.

A top such as this doesn’t need accessories, but if you do want to add a bit of bling, you have evening wear that is going to look amazing without costing you the earth.

Maternity Navy Heart Top from Dorothy PerkinsAnd finally, you can’t talk maternity tops without the old faithful, the long sleeved maternity T. Whether you opt for something a bit different such as this navy T with heart logo or whether you choose one of the range of block colour t shirts available in this sale, I don’t think it is even possible to get through a pregnancy without at least three standard t shirts to pick up and sling on when the mood takes you.

Though it is still a bit early for the short sleeved T, the long sleeved style is just as comfortable and not only gives protection from the cold winds that are still about but it also covers the top half of the arms, which can be one of the worst parts of your body during pregnancy.

The best thing about the T shirt is you can choose whatever style you want with whatever decoration you like and you know it is going to look and feel just right. With prices starting from just £6 for a stunning range of maternity t shirts in the Dorothy Perkins sale, you can find exactly what you are looking for as well as a few things you didn’t even know you needed.

So click on the banner below and start shopping at Dorothy Perkins today. We don’t yet know how long this sale is going to last, but you know stock is going to run out fast so make sure you place your order and get ready for Spring.


Treat Yourself To A Maternity Bikini and up to 30% off at DP

Dec 02

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The up to 30% off across the Dorothy Perkins site is back and creates a fantastic opportunity for you to treat yourself this Christmas as well as get presents for all your loved ones from the comfort of your own home.

But when you are rushing round this Christmas writing lists and doing your shopping, take a breath and consider how your body is feeling during the stress of the festive season. Though it is always primarily up to the woman of the house to make sure that everything is ready for Christmas, it is also essential that you take some time out and relax during your pregnancy to keep you and your baby healthy and happy.

So when you are shopping for all your Christmas presents at Dorothy Perkins why not treat yourself to one of their fantastic maternity bikinis they have on the site and give yourself an afternoon off with a relaxing swim in the local pool.

Swimming is a great way to take the weight off when you are pregnant and also to ease the stress and strain that you can feel from having so much to do at this time of year. Choose a nice warm pool and you will find the warmth of the water can ease a sore back and give you time to really sort out your mind and get everything in order, ready to finalise your plans and get the preparations for Christmas well underway.

Not only is swimming a great relaxation technique during pregnancy but it is also a fantastic way to get some healthy exercise during your pregnancy. With the water supporting your body but also providing resistance to increase your exercise levels, having a quick swim even once a week can keep your blood pressure down and keep you feeling more toned ready to hit the dance floor at those Christmas parties.

And with bikinis starting at just £13.50 in the sale right now, you can afford to get yourself down to the pool and even treat yourself to a coffee afterwards before you get back in the rat race.

So take a look at the full range of discounts on the Dorothy Perkins, not only can you get all the presents for your family and yourself this Christmas but you can make great savings while you do it.

£20 Off Selected Maternity Coats at Dorothy Perkins

Nov 22

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Stone Dolly Maternity Coat from Dorothy PerkinsUntil midnight tomorrow, Wednesday 23rd November 2011, Dorothy Perkins are offering £20 off a selected range of Coats and Knitwear which includes selected items from the maternity department on the site.

We love the range of maternity coats at Dorothy Perkins as they combine the practicality of winter with some great designs. This Maternity Stone Dolly Coat has been a favourite here at Simply Maternity as it has the quality and style that you want from a maternity coat but it looks so good and is tailored so well that you can easily wear this after your pregnancy without feeling like you are wearing maternity clothes.

It is the detail on this coat that makes it extra special. The contrasting trim means that this coat looks great when it is done up and provides a warm comfortable outerlayer that is going to keep you looking smart and tailored.

For more informal occasions, wear this coat open with a bright statement colour underneath or with a funky bright scarf and you have a casual look that is going to look great.

Usually £69, for the next two days you can buy this coat for just £49  with the £20 off special offer. There is no voucher code, simply click on the coat itself to go directly through to the Dorothy Perkins site and the discounted prices will be on the screen automatically.

This coat is still available in sizes 6 through to size 22 and is the most popular maternity coat on the Dorothy Perkins site at the moment. So buy your maternity coat today and save with Dorothy Perkins.

Another 25% offer at Dorothy Perkins

Oct 21

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VIP week has come around at Dorothy Perkins which means an amazing 25% off everything you buy on the site from today until 30th October and there are some great new items in their maternity range that are going to keep you feeling cosy but looking great this winter.

Cable Knit Maternity Jumper from Dorothy PerkinsWe love this Ivory Cable Jumper which is ideal for long walks in the wood or simply for putting on when you want to look smart but relaxed. Created with an acrylic material to ensure that you don’t over heat while you are pregnant, this gorgeous cable knit creates a long thin silhouette to your body while ensuring you look great.

The extra long length means that this jumper can be teamed with maternity jeans, leggings, trousers or even a pencil skirt to create a number of different looks during your pregnancy. Dress down with boots and a casual hairstyle or add some sparkling accessories and a more sophisticated hair style and you have a great smart casual outfit for any occasion.

When choosing your maternity jumper, look for length and patterns that are going to grow with you as your pregnancy progresses. The extra length on this jumper is going to ensure that the jumper doesn’t ride up as your bump gets bigger and will also make sure your back stays warm and protected throughout the winter months while the cable style will keep a vertical line through your body that slims down your figure and keeps you looking trim.

At only £32, this is a great jumper for any maternity wardrobe, but when you claim a further 25% off this week you know you have a fantastic bargain.

Stone Dolly Maternity Coat from Dorothy PerkinsOr if you are looking for something to protect you on even the coldest winter day, take a look at the styles and designs in the maternity coats range from Dorothy Perkins.

This Dolly Style Maternity Coat is new in the Dorothy Perkins Maternity Range and is great for the sophisticated mum-to-be who wants to look smart and keep warm this winter. The Dolly Coat is everywhere this year as it provides the formal cut that is so in fashion with the relaxed style over the tummy and hips which flatters the modern woman and can be worn with absolutely anything.

This coat incorporates the classic Dolly shape and adapts it to provide a perfect fit over your bump while the tailored dart in the back of the coat ensures a great fit now and a your bump continues to grow.

We love the contrasting tape detail and matching buttons that give the slightly nanny state look that is so hot right now and the detail on the collar and cuffs which ensures a flattering elongated look to this coat. Great for teaming with a suit or skirt for a sophisticated maternity work wear style, this coat can be worn with almost anything and will continue to keep you warm and look great.

Available in this elegant stone or deep purple, this coat is fully machine washable and has such a great cut that you are not only going to want to wear it through your entire pregnancy but you will still be able to wear it after the baby is born.

Usually £69.00 you can save an amazing £17.25 on this coat if you buy it with our voucher code this week, so place your order today and take advantage of this great offer.

To claim your discount simply click on one of the featured products on this page to be taken directly to the official Dorothy Perkins site. When you have completed your shop, enter the voucher code below at the checkout and your discount will be applied. Here at Simply Maternity we can offer you great deals on all your favourite maternity sites but you actually place your order with the merchant itself so that you can benefit from their secure transaction facilities and great customer service while using our fantastic discount offers.

And remember this voucher code doesn’t just apply to the great range of maternity wear at Dorothy Perkins but covers the entire site, which means you can use this opportunity to buy great Christmas presents for the entire family and still claim your 25% discount. So get shopping today, this offer expires at midnight on Sunday 30th October 2011 and we really wouldn’t want you to miss out.

Up To 30% Off at Dorothy Perkins This Week

Oct 06

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There is another crazy offer at Dorothy Perkins this week. Until midnight on 9th October, they are offering up to 30% off everything on the site, including their great range of maternity wear.

There are no voucher codes, you simply click on the banner at the bottom of this page and complete your order before midnight on 9th October and your discount will be applied.

Each item is different in how much it costs and how much you will save but we’ve found some treasures in the maternity department including this fantastic little black dress that is going to be ideal for the party season to come.

When you are pregnant at Christmas it can be a very expensive to make sure you have a different outfit for each party – especially when you know that you probably will never wear your maternity clothes again. But fear not, one dress for less than £20 at Dorothy Perkins this week can solve all your problems in one foul swoop.

Little Black Maternity Dress from Dorothy PerkinsThis maternity black wrap dress is comfortable, versatile and oh so practical when you are pregnant. The core dress in itself is perfect for maternity. The wrap style provides emphasis to your bust and gives you back a waistline while the ties that create the wrap can be adjusted so that you will always be comfortable and experience the perfect fit.

The jersey material gives this dress a fluid line down over your bump and hips and provides a fantastic party shape on the legs.

And the best part of this dress is that it is so versatile. With a few simple accessories you can adapt the style of this dress for any and every occasion.

Add a fitted jacket and you have a smart business style dinner suit. Add a camisole underneath for great day wear or add a pashmina or throw to create different looks for every party.

Court Shoes, High Heels and Boots will also go with this dress and will change the look and feel instantly. Wear your hair up or down, change the colour of your makeup and add a striking colour on the line of the wrap and no one will know that it’s the same dress and will certainly never guess that you only paid £17.50 for it!

So click on the banner today and see the amazing array of discounts that you can use today. Remember this offer only lasts until Sunday so hurry and make sure you take advantage of yet another fantastic saving from Dorothy Perkins.

We have a great range of maternity dresses at Simply Maternity including a full range of Maternity Dresses for Special Occasions, so have a browse through our site to get ideas and suggestions on how to make the most of your maternity wardrobe and keep looking great throughout your pregnancy.


25% off EVERYTHING at Dorothy Perkins this week

Sep 12

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VIP Week has returned to Dorothy Perkins which means you have another opportunity to take advantage of 25% off everything you buy on the Dorothy Perkins website with our special voucher code.

That’s 25% off everything across the site in all departments including some fabulous maternity clothes that are going to look great this season.

With September well and truly under way, it’s time to pack away those summer dresses (may be for a possible future summer pregnancy?!) and start looking to wrapping up a bit warmer. And what better time to start your maternity shopping, than with 25% off at Dorothy Perkins.

Here at Simply Maternity, we love the range of Dorothy Perkins maternity clothes as they are stylish, practical and well designed, but they are also colourful, versatile, comfortable and very affordable.

It is always difficult when you are looking for maternity clothes to find the right combination of style and quality while keeping down the price. Though noone wants to buy cheap maternity clothes if you have to compromise on the quality of the product, offers such as this one from Dorothy Perkins keeps the cost of your maternity wardrobe down but provides you with a great range of maternity clothes that will suit any occasion during your pregnancy.

Black Cross Over Maternity Top at Dorothy PerkinsWe love this Black Crossover Bust Top from the Mamalicious range at Dorothy Perkins. The V-Neck detail draws the eye up your body giving you a more slender look to your outfit while the gathered detail under the bust enables the material to skim over your belly and provide a beautiful silhouette to your growing bump.

But this top goes even further. More than a standard maternity top, the long sleeves and flared cuffs give this top a truly feminine flowing feel that can be dressed up or dressed down for all those events to come.

Imagine teaming this top with your funky maternity jeans for a great day out or a relaxed evening with your partner. Or dress up with smart maternity trousers, high heels and eye catching jewellery for those all important Christmas parties where you want to look and feel great but stay comfortable and relaxed.

Alternatively team the top with a smart pencil skirt or suit and you have a great style for maternity work wear that is going to keep you looking great throughout the day.

Amazingly, this fantastic top is only £21 on a standard shopping day, but when you buy it as part of VIP week you can pay less than £16, which means you will still have change to treat yourself even further.

To claim your VIP discount simply click on the banner below to go directly to the official Dorothy Perkins site and start shopping. When you reach the checkout, enter voucher code DPVIPE and 25% will be deducted from everything you buy.

Remember, to qualify for this great discount you have to have checked out before midnight on Sunday 18th September, so place your order now to get some great prices on some amazing maternity clothes for your pregnancy.

20% Off All Sale Lines At Dorothy Perkins Until Friday

Aug 17

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If you are looking for that extra special maternity dress or just want to refresh your maternity wardrobe this weekend, then why not beat the weekend rush and shop online and enjoy and extra 20% off all Dorothy Perkins sale items until Friday 19th August 2011.

There are a fantastic range of maternity clothes in the Dorothy Perkins sale and every item you buy from this, or any other range on the site before midnight on Friday, will qualify for an extra 20% off making some of the most competitive prices you will find this week.

Dorothy Perkins Maternity TrousersTake these gorgeous maternity trousers. In neutral linen, these trousers can be dressed up with high heels and a sparkly top for any special occasion or teamed with ballet pumps or boots and a warm cardigan or jumper for a casual look that is going to take you all the way through the autumn season. The boot cut tailoring gives an up to date edge to these trousers while the jersey band provides the comfort necessary as you continue to grow.

Ideal for every day or even for maternity work wear, these are a fantastic pair of trousers that are completely machine washable and so flexible you can feel happy in them at any event. Usually £25, these trouser have already been discounted to an amazing £10 in the sale, but until midnight on Friday you will qualify for a further 20% discount and can purchase these trousers for an amazing £8. A fantastic price for a pair of maternity trousers that you are going to want to wear again and again.

Dorothy Perkins Rust Maternity DressOr if you are looking for something more eye catching, how about this beautiful wrap dress ideal in eye catching rust that brings your maternity wardrobe right up to date. The wrap design really flatters the pregnant body shape while the tie back ensures your dress grows with you and still looks fantastic in every stage of your pregnancy.

The under the bust detail provides definition to your body shape and accentuates your bust area, drawing eyes up your body. While the flutter sleeves hide the tops of your arms while keeping your comfortable and feminine throughout your pregnancy.

Use block colours such as this beautiful rust to really make a statement during your pregnancy showing that you can combine fun and style in your maternity wardrobe but right now you can do so at just a fraction of the normal price. Originally £28, this dress has been reduced to just £15 in the Dorothy Perkins sale and yet you can buy it for just £12 if you place your order by Friday 19th August.

With such amazing offers this really is the time to take a new look at the range of products at Dorothy Perkins and take advantage of this amazing offer.

There are no voucher codes or discount codes, you simply click on one of the products above and you will be take directly to the official Dorothy Perkins site where you can place your order and complete your transaction within a secure and reliable network environment, and with FREE DELIVERY available when you spend over £75 there is no better time to really treat yourself.

We have a great range of maternity dresses on our site from the top maternity retailers from the high street stores and online, so take a look around Simply Maternity and feel great during your pregnancy, it’s a once in a lifetime experience so make sure you make the most of it.

20% off Across the Dorothy Perkins Site

Jun 16

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Another fantastic offer has come to Simply Maternity from Dorothy Perkins. Until Sunday 19th June 2011, Dorothy Perkins are offering 20% off everything on their site. This is a fantastic way to stock up on all your summer maternity clothes with a great range of maternity tops starting at just over £7 in this offer.

This simple maternity vest is made of 100% marl cotton and is available in so many colours that you are bound to find at least one that you will love. The marl design gives this top interest and texture while the extra long length means that you will stay covered no matter how big your bump grows.

Ruched Maternity Vest in CoralWith ruched sides providing a flattering silhouette that will keep your bump looking trim throughout your pregnancy. These maternity vests are a must this summer and at only £7.20 each when you buy them before Sunday, why not buy several in coordinating colours and create the layered effect that is so popular this summer.

Ruched Maternity Vest in Pink Ruched Maternity Vest in White Ruched Maternity Vest in Violet Ruched Maternity Vest in Yellow Ruched Maternity Vest in Black

Dress these tops up with jewellery and a nice long maternity skirt or wear with maternity shorts and an over shirt for a casual look for those hot summer days.

There are a great range of cheap maternity tops on the Dorothy Perkins website and this discount makes them even better value for money. There is no voucher code to remember, you simply click on the advert at the bottom of this page to go directly to the Dorothy Perkins website and your discount will be automatically applied to every order completed by midnight on Sunday 19th June 2011.

So check out the full range of maternity clothes on the Dorothy Perkins site and grab your bargains this weekend. But remember, this offer does not just cover the maternity clothes, it covers all items on the site. So whether you want to treat yourself to some new clothes, get some to die for accessories that will cheer you up during the cloudier days or treat your friend or loved one, the discount applied to everything, you just have to place your order by Sunday. So click on the banner below and see what you can find this weekend at Dorothy Perkins.

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