25% off all Jeans and Trousers at Funmum Maternity

Written by on Thursday 26th of January 2012

FunMum Maternity JeansThough the winner of our FunMum competition has been drawn, there is still a chance for you to enjoy some of the amazing styles of maternity jeans and trousers available at FunMum right now as they offer an incredible 25% off.

FunMum jeans are all about choice. As the best selling product on the FunMum site, the jeans give you the flexibility in their styling and their cut to make sure you can choose the jeans that you want to fit you during your pregnancy.

With a classic cut that is never going to go out of style, the jeans themselves are almost unique in the maternity market as they not only provide comfort and style but are available in petite, regular and long lengths to make sure you get the fit you want.

Choose from dress sizes 8 through to 20 and you can make sure that your jeans feel as great as they look when you buy them from FunMum. In fact, once you’ve tried FunMum maternity jeans, you may never wear another brand again!

But the flexibility doesn’t stop there. Though most other brands of maternity jeans force you to choose either an over the bump or under the bump style when you buy them, the ultra comfy waistband used in FunMum jeans can be worn either way when ever the mood takes you.

Get the shape and definition of the over the bump style when you wear softer, more delicate tops, or simply roll the waistband down and you have a fantastic pair of under the bump jeans that will give you the freedom and flexibility you expect from this style.

Choose between the Classic Indigo Jean or the more funky Distressed style and you will pay only £36.75 for each pair you buy during this incredible off.

So get your FunMum jeans today and make your style work for you this pregnancy.

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