Make the Most of the Secondary January Sales

by on the 6th January 2015

For most of us, Tuesday 6th January is the true start of the year. The kids have gone back to school, we have all gone back to work and the Christmas decorations are finally back in their boxes.

But today doesn’t have to be all gloom and doom, in fact it marks the start of a fantastic opportunity for pregnant women and new mums everywhere – and it’s something we like to call the Secondary January Sales.

What Are the Secondary January Sales?

Asthall Maternity  Dress

Snatch up this gorgeous Asthall Maternity Dress for just £42, down from £105.

Unlike the traditional January Sales, the secondary sales usually start quite a bit after the first flurry of sale shopping is over. But while the interest may not be as high as it usually is during the first few days after Christmas, the discounts that are available quickly make up for it.

And for those of us that have an unquenchable thirst for designer maternity clothes, but don’t have the budget to match, these secondary sales give us the opportunity to really indulge in our favourite pleasure.

High street names and designer labels give us the opportunity to snatch up some of those best loved items for a fraction of the cost, so who are we to resist!

Hamilton Maternity Dress from Isabella Oliver

This Hamilton Dress is close to a third its original price!

Just take a look at leading names such as Isabella Oliver and you will see exactly what we mean.

As their man sale comes to a close ‘end of season offers’ provide greater discounts than ever before.

This gorgeous Asthall maternity dress, suitable for day or night is discounted by 60%,

While this gorgeous Hamilton design is down to nearly a third of its original price.

And it’s not just maternity dresses that enjoy these sort of discounts, nor is it only at Isabella Oliver that offers such huge price cuts.

Tops, trousers, skirts, in fact anything you can think of when it comes to high quality maternity clothing enjoys the same incredible offers, from all manner of retail provider.

The reductions are going on absolutely everywhere, and it would be absolutely criminal if you missed out.

How To Make the Most of the Secondary January Sales

1. Plan Ahead

Thankfully, when it comes to the changes us women experience during pregnancy, things pretty much run along one course. Though you are going to get wider and a little larger (sorry!) those wonderful maternity retailers have taken all that into consideration when designing the clothes that you want to wear. So you can pick your usual dress size, knowing that even at the very end of your pregnancy these clothes are still likely to fit you.

And in knowing that you are most likely going to be the same size for the next 3/6 months means you can buy clothes for this season, the next season and even the one after.

And because you are buying stock that is out of season, you are going to be able to get even bigger discounts than you can on clothes that you can wear now.

2. Don’t Forget the Baby

But this doesn’t just apply to the mum. Now is also a great time to buy baby clothes too. Whether you are expecting a winter, spring, summer or even autumn baby, there are fabulous discounts across a massive amount of stores. Just work out how old your baby will be in each season and get the clothes to suit. It may seem crazy to plan so far ahead. But when it comes to the first few months of parenting and you don’t want to be out shopping for you or the new baby, you will be glad you took this step.

Just think, almost a year’s worth of clothes bought and paid for in one easy shop. After today, January 6th is likely to become more fun than Christmas!

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20% Off Maternity Workwear at Isabella Oliver

by on the 17th April 2012

As your pregnancy starts showing, one of the hardest things to decide on is what you are going to wear to work. Though you may be only at work for a few short months before your maternity leave starts, it is essential that you look smart and feel confident. So let Isabella Oliver take the effort out of choosing your maternity work wear with the Guide To What To Wear For Work and take advantage of 20% off all selected workwear from Isabella Oliver until Sunday 22nd April 2012. There is no voucher code, simply click on the item that you want to buy and the discount will be deducted from the price on the screen in front of you.

Tie Front Maternity Blouse from Isabella OliverWhen you think about clothes to wear from work, the first thing that comes to most people’s mind is a pencil skirt and matching jacket, probably in dark blue or black.

And though this can look incredibly smart for the classic business style, there are so many ways to build on this look when you are pregnant that it would be shame not to give it a go.

If you want to maintain a traditional corporate look during your pregnancy, then what better way to dress up your style and flatter your changing shape than with this tie front maternity blouse, ideal for the office, the court room or the boardroom.

Made in classic white cotton, this gorgeous blouse is especially flattering for later in pregnancy and when you have finished work looks incredible with jeans, pencil skirts or even shorts to create a smart casual look that you can continue to wear even after the baby is born.

Maternity Wrap Dress from Isabella OliverAnd when you need that striking signature outfit that shows you mean business, try opting for a splash of block colour with emphasises your style without distracting from the work in hand.

This Maternity Wrap Dress looks and feels phenomenal when you are pregnant. Made of soft, stretchy Isabella Oliver jersey, this dress keeps it shape and style throughout the entire working day and even into the night for those late corporate events.

The self tie under the bust gives a sophisticated shape to your body and is fully adjustable so that you can continue to enjoy wearing this dress for the entire period of your pregnancy and for many months after.

This style works particularly well if you need flexibility to your wardrobe. Start with a tailored jacket and court shoes for the main core of your working day and simply change your shoes, take off the jacket, add some sparkly jewellery and put on some lip gloss and you have the perfect evening outfit without anyone being aware you have changed.

The gorgeous shade of pink rose used in this dress is the perfect attention drawing colour which will make you stand out from all the men, but if you want something a little more subtle opt for the black or cobalt blue options that will suit any occasion.

Maternity Pencil Skirt from Isabella OliverBut when it comes to the crunch, what most women want for their working wardrobe is a good quality pencil skirt that is going to look good, feel comfortable and go with anything. And that is just what you get with the Midi Pencil Skirt at Isabella Oliver.

Like all maternity work wear, you can claim 20% off this gorgeous skirt simply by clicking on the picture and placing your order, and the product that you will receive may just be the best purchase you make during your pregnancy.

The classic lines and sleek style that this maternity skirt create just can’t be questioned and is created in the easy care Isabella Oliver jersey fabric that is going to look great how ever many times you wear it.

Finishing just below the knee, this skirt accentuates the length of your body and provides you with femininity and sophistication in a design that is incredibly flattering but oh so comfortable.

This is a skirt that can be worn anywhere, for any occasion and still attracts 20% off until Sunday.

But these are just a few of our favourites from the maternity work wear range at Isabella Oliver. Simply click on one of the garments to be taken directly to the Isabella Oliver site to see the full range of items that could give you the boost you need to keep working during your pregnancy and give you the style to stay ahead of the game when you are at work.


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15% Off Must Have Maternity Items at Isabella Oliver

by on the 7th March 2012

Maternity Tunic From Isabella OliverAs we all know, the key to a great maternity wardrobe is to make sure you get the basics right. By choosing the right key elements for your maternity wardrobe, you will create the foundation of every outfit you wear during your pregnancy and make sure you look great each and every time.

And that is why, this week, Isabella Oliver are offering 15% off their selected range of foundation pieces which will ensure that every outfit you wear during your pregnancy is going to start with well fitting, high quality items that will carry you through your nine months and beyond.

Maternity Knitwear from Isabella OliverChoose from this gorgeous tunic that can be worn alone or with maternity leggings, and then coordinate with the accessories that are going to create the style you want.

Alternatively choose from dresses, t-shirts, jeans, shirts, blazers or maternity knitwear that are going to give you the ultimate in capsule wardrobe which you can build on to create your entire maternity wardrobe.

Whatever you choose from this collection, simply cut and paste the voucher code from the bottom of the screen when you get to the checkout and 15% will be deducted from the cost of every qualifying item. But hurry, this offer ends on Monday 12th March, so place your order today and get your maternity fashion right from the start.


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50% Off Festive Glamour This Christmas

by on the 15th December 2011

Isabella Oliver (UK)If you have seen the papers this week, you will know that pregnancy chic is everywhere and festive glamour is essential for the Christmas season. So why not treat yourself to something really special at Isabella Oliver.

To make things even easier, Isabella Oliver are offering their top five festive items with 50% discount, so that you can look exceptional this season and still save.

With FREE DELIVERY also available as standard on the site, why not really spoil yourself and put the sparkle into your Christmas with Isabella Oliver.

This offer will end at Midnight on Monday 19th December so place your order today for the very best in maternity style this Christmas.


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15% Off Isabella Oliver Maternity Clothes Extended

by on the 3rd October 2011

Tie Knot Dress from Isabella OliverThe 15% discount code for Isabella Oliver maternity clothes has been so successful over the past week that is now going to be extended for a further week which means you can continue to enjoy 15% off everything you buy from the Isabella Oliver branded maternity range until midnight on Sunday October 9th.

To claim your discount simply click on the voucher code below and you will be taken directly to the Isabella Oliver site. Enter the code at the checkout and everything you buy from the Isabella Oliver brand will be reduced by 15%. This does exclude clearance sale items and non Isabelle Oliver products, but everything from their core collection is included from a great range of maternity skirts and tops through to maternity swimwear and nursing essentials, and everything in between.

So make sure you take advantage today and get ready for the party season with a great range of classic maternity dresses from Isabella Oliver that are all included in this offer.

We absolutely adore the best selling Tie Knot Dress from Isabella Oliver. It’s fun, it’s funky and oh so versatile, and with a 15% discount right now, you can get it at a great price too.

Tie Knot Dress from Isabella Oliver in BlackCreated with the signature Isabella Oliver easy care jersey material, this chic and sophisticated dress is really designed to impress. The tie knot detail is part of the cross over style that defines the flattering silhouette that this dress provides but also ensures that your party dress remains comfortable throughout your pregnancy and continues to make you look and feel great.

Whether you opt for the breath taking Scarlet red, the demure Indigo or the classic Colbalt Blue or Caviar Black you know you are going to get a designer maternity dress that is going to really make heads turn when you place your order with Isabella Oliver

Use the long ties to create exactly the look you want and then adjust the style and the size of this dress as you grow to make sure that it is always comfortable, flattering and fits beautifully.

Featured in Vogue for the style and sophistication that this dress offers, previous customers who has bought this dress, have described the design as ‘super flattering’, ‘stylish’ and ‘sexy’ showing you what a really special dress this is.

Looking gorgeous worn in the office, at a party or wedding, or on a great night out, this is one offer you are not going to want to miss. So place your order today and use our voucher code as your opportunity to get great designer maternity wear and save money at Isabella Oliver.

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Get Ready For Some Amazing Discounts At Isabella Oliver

by on the 30th August 2011

Isabella Oliver (UK)Isabella Oliver has always had a reputation for creating well designed up to the minute stylish maternity clothes, as proven by the incredible level of celebrity following from well known stars during their pregnancies including Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani, Emily Deschanel and Jodie Kidd.

And to make these clothes even more attractive, next week we have a voucher code that will offer all our customers up to 41% discount across the site, so get ready for a spending spree and look like a star during your pregnancy.

The trick with this offer is to get in early, as the earlier you place your order, the better the discount you will receive. Place your order on Tuesday 30th August, when this promotion starts, and you will receive a fantastic 41% off every qualifying product. Leave it until later in the week and though you will miss out on the best off of the week, you can still qualify for some fantastic discounts on an amazing range of maternity clothes.

Date Discount
30/08/11 41%
31/08/11 38%
01/09/11 35%
02/09/11 32%
03/09/11 29%
04/09/11 26%

To claim your discount simply click here to see the full qualifying range of styles from Isabella Oliver and place your order. Enter voucher code ‘Spree‘ at the checkout and qualify for this fantastic promotional offer.

And after you’ve placed your order, why not drop us a line to let us know what you bought for your pregnancy from this fantastic collection. Whether you are looking for maternity dresses, maternity tops or maternity coats to keep you warm this autumn, the range at Isabella Oliver is designed to suit all and with such fantastic discounts can also suit most budgets.

But remember the early bird is truly going to get the worm with this offer and all discounts will change at midnight each day, so don’t leave it until late in the day to place your order, get online as soon as you can to make sure you don’t miss out and claim as much discount as you can on this amazing Isabella Oliver at Simply Maternity.

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Choosing Your Maternity Wrap Dress

by on the 7th July 2011

The Wrap Dress at Isabella OliverThe maternity wrap dress is ideal for a multi functioning style outfit that can be dressed up or dressed down with differing accessories, shoes and hairstyles and is one of the most popular styles of maternity dress on our site.

The V style neckline of the traditional wrap dress provides definition to your bust and draws attention up your body line giving you a longer sleeker look during your pregnancy accentuating your assets and giving you a neat, comfortable silhouette.

Traditionally cut just on the knee, the wrap cut flatters your bump and skims your body to provide a tailored look that is still extremely comfortable.

Choose from block colours that will accentuate the length of your body and provide a more tailored look or opt for bold patterns for a more fun special occasion dress that is going to add colour and fun to this design.

Look out for:

  • Dresses with an adjustable tie under the bust or on the wrap itself so that your dress will expand with you during pregnancy and then reduce again after the birth to provide you with a flattering style that you can wear until you are back in your standard clothes.
  • Jersey or material with added extra stretch to provide a flattering but comfortable fit.
  • Ruched sides which will provide side detail drawing the eye across your body and giving you the room to expand into your dress as your pregnancy progresses.
  • Differing length sleeves for differing seasons and occasions. Remember you will be warmer during your pregnancy that at other times due to the increased blood in your system so thinner layers that you can add and remove easily will work better than one thick layer which will not be so easy to adjust.
  • Breastfeeding design incorporated into the dress which will making nursing easier and more convenient.

Coordinate with:

  • High heels and sparkling jewellery for night or special occasion.
  • Broad rimmed hats or fascinators look great with a wrap dress as they provide further balance to your figure and extend your body length further.
  • Or add a scarf or sash under the bust and tie at the side or back to create eye catching detail which could add colour or sparkle to your outfit.
  • Use wedges and oversized bags for a funky day look
  • Or keep simple with court shoes for classic maternity work wear adding a maternity blazer for a more formal, corporate look.

Suggested Brands

  • For a standard wrap dress that is going to be both versatile and comfortable, opt for a brand such as Marks and Spencers or for something with a bit more colour, look to Dorothy Perkins for a splash of colour and pattern in your dress.
  • If you are looking for something a bit more special, look out for dresses from Crave Maternity or Isabella Oliver that is going to look and feel incredible during your pregnancy.


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50% off an Extra Special Maternity Dress This Weekend

by on the 17th June 2011

When you have a special occasion to attend when you are pregnant, it can be very difficult to find something really special that will suit the occasion and make you look and feel great at a price you want to pay. But look no further, this weekend Isabella Oliver are offering an amazing maternity dress ideal for any special occasion at half its normal price.

Assymetric Maternity Dress from Isabella OliverThis Asymmetrical Dress is ideal for any occasion when you are pregnant and would make a fantastic present for any mum-to-be to make her feel extra special. Available in Caviar Black, Electric Blue or Silver Grey, the cut of this dress ensures that the soft material drapes over your bump giving you a luxurious and fashionable style, while the off the shoulder look lets you  adapt the style of this dress simply to move from day wear to a glamorous night time style.

Accentuate the Grecian aesthetic of this dress by teaming with sandals and classic jewellery or dress it up with high heels and a fascinator to make the most glamorous outfit for a wedding, for Ascot or any other really special occasion.

And for one weekend only Isabella Oliver have reduced this designer maternity dress down to just £54.50 that’s half it’s usual price of £109.

We have a great range of maternity dresses on our site from designer retailers such as Isabella Oliver, Crave Maternity and Tiffany Rose that are ideal for those very special occasions as well as more modestly priced dresses from some top maternity retailers to suit each and every occasion. So take a look around our site and discover a huge range of styles and fashions that could make you feel extra special during your pregnancy, but remember to place your order for this glamorous maternity dress before midnight on Sunday 19th June 2011 to take advantage of this amazing offer at Isabella Oliver.

SS11 MAT 468X60 1

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Celebrities loving Isabella Oliver maternity dresses

by on the 8th June 2011

It seems that there are a few pregnant celebrities that can’t get enough of the great brand of maternity clothes from Isabella Oliver. We here at Simply Maternity love Isabella Oliver as with their great designs come style and comfort and their clothes are great for those special occasions. Ok so it’s not every day we need to appear on TV like these celebs but their clothes are great for parties, weddings, balls as well as other great occasions.

The first celeb spotted in not one but two Isabella Oliver outfits is Jenni Falconer. Jenni is expecting her first baby with husband James Midgley in September 2011 and is the regular presenter of the National Lottery. Jenni picked an Electric Blue Ruched One Shoulder Dress to present the show recently. Jenni seems to like this style as she has worn it in Scarlet before and we think she looked stunning as you can see.

Jenni Falconer in Isabella Oliver

Jenni also recently appeared on This Morning as a presenter alongside Philip Schofield and again had a great choice of dress from Isabella Oliver. This time Jenni went for the Ruched T-Shirt dress in French Navy. Jenni seems to love the comfort and style that these dresses offer and has been following in the footsteps of another This Morning presenter, Holly Willoughby, who also often like to wear Isabella Oliver when appearing on TV in maternity dresses.

Jenni Falconer in Isabella Oliver on This Morning

Another celebrity spotted in Isabella Oliver this week is TV presenter Claudia Winkleman. Claudia is expecting her third child with film producer husband Kris Thykier and has a son and a daughter already. Claudia was featured in The Sun’s Saturday magazine, Buzz and looked great in a Scarlet Ruffle Wrap Dress. Claudia was appearing to promote her new TV show which has a Regal theme and the Scarlet dress really fitted in well with the shoot and the theme of the show. The new show called King Of… will take a look at the favourite things of celebrity guests and will interact with the audience to discuss these things and thus perform a definitive list of top things, or the things that are King Of… It will launch on June 17th on Channel 4. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy Claudia.

Claudia Winkleman in Isabella Oliver

Photo courtesy of The Sun

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Chic Maternity Clothes with 30% Discount

by on the 6th June 2011

When you are looking for Maternity Chic, there is no better place to start your search than Isabella Oliver. With a full range of gorgeous maternity clothes that often dress our most popular pregnant celebrities, Isabella Oliver are a great place to look when you are pregnant. Whether you are looking for a one off piece for a special occasion or want something to make you feel confident and feminine, the designs are outstanding and the quality and the texture of the fabric makes you realise just what a fabulous range Isabella Oliver have.

And right now, Isabella Oliver Maternity are offering 30% off the 7 days of Chic range as chosen by Justyna. This range includes a maternity vest as worn by Gwen Steffani, a maternity top as worn by Selma Blair and that gorgeous Limited Edition Sequin Maternity Dress as worn by Tia Mowry which has to be one of the best maternity dresses we here at Simply Maternity have ever seen. Whether you want jeans, trousers, a wrap cardigan or a maternity dress you are going to want every day, they can all be found in the Maternity Chic collection at Isabella Oliver and will all qualify for 30% discount until midnight on Sunday June 12th.

And if you have any doubt as to what the Chic collection looks like on a real woman, take a look at Justyna herself in her 7 days of Chic diary, describing her choice of the best of Isabella Oliver maternity, all of which is available right now with 30% off.

Here at Simply Maternity we love the style and sophistication of this range and the combinations that Justyna puts together to look her best for any occasion, but our favourite has to be the Wrap Cardigan. Isabella Oliver Wrap Maternity Cardigan Open

Available in Caviar Black or Ivory, there is nothing you can’t do with this Cardigan. It is so light weight and comfortable that you can use it all summer long either on a chilly day or for when the sun goes down. Whether you leave the long luxurious front tails draping down for a sophisticated style that gives you length to your body or want to tie or drape the cardigan for a comfortable cosseted feel, this soft huggable cardigan is ideal for every stage of pregnancy and provides ample privacy for nursing. But even when your baby is crawling you will find that you will still want to wear this cardigan as it provides the style, sophistication and unbelievable comfort that we are all looking for in any cardigan that we buy.Isabella Oliver Wrap Maternity Cardigan Closed

For some, the standard price tag of £99.00 for this cardigan is just too much to bear, though when you have tried it you will realise that even when you pay close to £100 for this item it is still worth it. But right now, with 30% off, you can get this cardigan for an amazing £69.30 which is such a bargain for such a high quality item of maternity clothing.

So treat yourself right now, or better still treat your nearest and dearest mum-to-be. This is an ideal present for a pregnant woman and will really show her that you care and truly understand what it is needed to make pregnancy as comfortable and as comforting as possible.

There is no voucher code to claim your Chic discount, you simply click on the Isabella Oliver Banner below and you will be taken directly to the special landing page on the Isabella Oliver Maternity site hosting these special prices. Place your order and before you know it you will be the height of maternity chic at just a fraction of the cost.

And if you can’t find what you are looking for at Isabella Oliver, check out our full range of Maternity Cardigans on our site which have been specially selected to provide you with a range that will suit every style and budget and make you look your very best during your pregnancy. So take a look around our site and remember to click on the banner below to place your Chic order at Isabella Oliver before Sunday to get your 30% discount.

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