25% off all Jeans and Trousers at Funmum Maternity

by on the 26th January 2012

FunMum Maternity JeansThough the winner of our FunMum competition has been drawn, there is still a chance for you to enjoy some of the amazing styles of maternity jeans and trousers available at FunMum right now as they offer an incredible 25% off.

FunMum jeans are all about choice. As the best selling product on the FunMum site, the jeans give you the flexibility in their styling and their cut to make sure you can choose the jeans that you want to fit you during your pregnancy.

With a classic cut that is never going to go out of style, the jeans themselves are almost unique in the maternity market as they not only provide comfort and style but are available in petite, regular and long lengths to make sure you get the fit you want.

Choose from dress sizes 8 through to 20 and you can make sure that your jeans feel as great as they look when you buy them from FunMum. In fact, once you’ve tried FunMum maternity jeans, you may never wear another brand again!

But the flexibility doesn’t stop there. Though most other brands of maternity jeans force you to choose either an over the bump or under the bump style when you buy them, the ultra comfy waistband used in FunMum jeans can be worn either way when ever the mood takes you.

Get the shape and definition of the over the bump style when you wear softer, more delicate tops, or simply roll the waistband down and you have a fantastic pair of under the bump jeans that will give you the freedom and flexibility you expect from this style.

Choose between the Classic Indigo Jean or the more funky Distressed style and you will pay only £36.75 for each pair you buy during this incredible off.

So get your FunMum jeans today and make your style work for you this pregnancy.

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Enter Our FunMum Competition Today

by on the 4th January 2012

2012 looks like it is going to be a bumper year for Simply Maternity. We have more readers and followers than ever before and we are kicking off the New Year with a fantastic competition where you can win £50 of FunMum vouchers which can be spent on the fantastic range of maternity clothes on the FunMum site.

Classic Inidigo Maternity Jeans from FunMumThis maternity clothes shop concentrates on stocking the key maternity essentials that are vital for every fashionable pregnant woman, and providing them to you in the colours and styles that you are going to love.

Not only does the site give great separates, they also put their pieces together to give you outfit ideas and style suggestions that are going to keep you up to date but comfortable during your pregnancy. And stocking sizes from 8 through to size 20 means they can give you the versatility to look good and feel great every day you are pregnant.

The highlights from the FunMum collection have to include their range of maternity jeans which are not only available in great styles but are also available in short, regular and long lengths to ensure you get the perfect look throughout your pregnancy.

And with the January Sale in full swing on the site, you can ensure you get value for money on everything you buy on the site.

If you haven’t already entered our competition you have until 18th January to Follow Us on Twitter and Retweet our message to be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize. So why not check out the full range of FunMum products available online and start planning what you will spend your vouchers on if you are the luck winner on the 18th.

Bookmark this site or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get the most from our site and make sure you stay up to date and in style throughout your pregnancy with Simply Maternity.



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Win £50 of FunMum Vouchers at Simply Maternity

by on the 7th December 2011

Today we are very excited to be launching our brand new competition in conjuction with FunMum Maternity Wear.

Funmum provide some of the most exciting maternity essentials that appears on our site and this is an opportunity for you to treat yourself to some amazing maternity clothes without having to pay a penny! Your biggest problem is going to be deciding what you want to spend your winnings on!

Will you choose one the best selling maternity jeans from FunMum that we featured on our site recently and a stunning maternity top to match, or will you treat yourself to a gorgeous maternity cardigan and flattering maternity leggings that are going to keep you comfortable and looking smart this season. And use your vouchers in the 50% off sale at FunMum and you can make sure that you get the very most from your prize.

From underwear to outerwear, FunMum have a beautiful range of maternity essentials and we can’t wait to see who is going to win £50 of vouchers to spend on this fabulous site.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to become a follower of @SimplyMaternity on Twitter and RT our prize winning message ‘Follow @SimplyMaternity and RT to be in with a chance of winning £50 of FunMum Vouchers’.  One lucky follower will then be selected at random to win this fantastic prize and shop for a wonderful new outfit all thanks to FunMum at Simply Maternity.

So make sure you start following us today and be with in a chance of winning this fabulous prize as well as keeping up to date with all the latest offers voucher codes on everything maternity here at Simply.

Good Luck with the competion and make sure you check out our full range of maternity clothes on our site including the fantastic range from FunMum.

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Perfect Length And Perfect Fit Maternity Jeans At FunMum

by on the 6th December 2011
Classic Inidigo Maternity Jeans from FunMum

Available in 28", 31" or 34" length

If you are a woman who falls outside the average size bracket for the UK, getting the right jeans on a normal day is relatively easy, opt for the shorter or longer fit you require from a range of your favourite stores in a huge range of sizes and styles and you will ensure that you get the jeans to suit you and the fit that looks just right.

However when you are pregnant things are not always that easy.

Though many retailers provide a great range of maternity jeans that will accommodate changes in the shape of your body, most maternity retailers do expect you to wear a standard length and standard size of jeans throughout your pregnancy, and for a huge number of women, this is just not acceptable.

Thankfully, things are quite different at FunMum.

In fact FunMum provide such great styles of maternity jeans in short, standard and long lengths and dress sizes 8 through to size 20 that they are actually now the top selling product on the FunMum site and when you put the jeans on, you can understand why.

Though the range of sizes and lengths are a huge attraction to the maternity jeans on the FunMum site, in fact the real reason that you will want these jeans is the gorgeous styling that you get thanks to the incredible attention to detail used to create a pair of great fitting, ever so comfortable jeans.

All FunMum jeans are designed with the ultra comfy waistband which means that you can wear your jeans over the bump or under the bump as you so wish.

FunMum Maternity JeansWhen you are feeling colder or you are wearing a lighter top and want a smoother line for your jeans, simply pull the smooth jersey waistband up over your bump and you have the ideal over the bump jeans that give you protection and security every time you wear them.

When you want to feel more freedom or don’t want your bump covered up, simply roll the panel down and you have great under the bump support that is going to make you feel comfortable and keep your jeans looking great.

Combine this with the adjusters on the side of the jeans that will ensure your waistband fits perfectly as you change shape and you have a wonderfully comfortable pair of jeans that are going to stay with you throughout your pregnancy and as you loose weight post birth as well.

Distressed Inidigo Maternity Jeans from FunMum

Dress Sizes 8 to 20

Available in Classic Indigo or Distressed Indigo, not only do these jeans feel great but they look great too.

The natural stretch within the material ensures that these jeans continue to provide a perfect fit throughout your pregnancy but work with you so that your jeans are never too restrictive.

The slim cut provides extra length to your legs and draws in your hips and bum to balance out your body shape and make you feel great.

With such as neat and incredibly flattering fit, these jeans that can be worn for any occasion.

Create a sophisticated evening style with a sparkling maternity top or choose from the great range of coordinating maternity tops on the FunMum. Add some killer heels and you are ready to party.

For a classic winter look, team your jeans with a cosy maternity knit and warm boots so that you are snug and warm and ready for whatever winter throws at you.

So if you are looking for the perfect fit of maternity jeans and don’t want to compromise on style to achieve the perfect fit, then make sure you click on the banner below and see the full range of maternity jeans from FunMum so that you stay on trend and looking great throughout your pregnancy.

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Great Discounts On Maternity Leggings at Funmum

by on the 14th September 2011

Maternity Leggings at FunmumYou may remember back in May we featured the supersoft maternity leggings from Funmum as ideal maternity wear for looking smart and keeping comfortable during your pregnancy. And as the weather starts to cool and we look for ways of looking good but staying warm this winter, a great pair of leggings is becoming essential in any maternity wardrobe.

And right now at Funmum their latest offer means that you can buy these gorgeous leggings with a 20% off discount which means you can get some of the comfiest maternity leggings you can find for just £18.40 a pair.

There are many other providers of maternity leggings around and many are included on our site. Some are a lot cheaper than the range at Funmum and some are more expensive, but we feel the product at Funmum is a great combination of style, quality and price that is going to keep you happy throughout your pregnancy.

The focus on the Funmum  maternity leggings is the comfort factor which is why they have designed their leggings with a mixture of viscose and elastane to provide a super soft, stretch maternity that is going to keep its shape and keep you looking good day after day.

The extra wide elasticated waistband will sit comfortably over your bump and has no way of digging in like a thinner waistband may, and the amazing stretch in the material ensures that you stay comfortable as your shape changes. With a 62cm length, these leggings will sit perfectly on a range of women to make you look great and are completely machine washable, which means you can wear them day after day and still look and feel at your very best.

Whether you are going to be out for a stroll with your winter boots and a warm coat or dress these leggings up with high heels and a glamorous top, order your Funmum leggings today and take advantage of an amazing offer.

We have a great range of products on our site that will compliment these leggings, choose from our range of maternity sweaters and jumpers for a relaxed casual look, or see our full range of maternity tops for great ideas for day and night time glamour. Simply use the menus on the side of this page to select the category for you and take your time to browse through a wonderful collection of items that can be delivered directly to your door.


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Enjoy 20% off Best Selling Maternity Clothes at Funmum

by on the 6th May 2011

Funmum Indigo Maternity Jeans at Simply MaternityIf you want to see what other mums-t0-be are wearing this season, then look no further than Funmum. Not only are they showing us exactly what their top selling maternity clothes are right not, but they are also offering all customers 20% off of these items.

In the last week one of the top selling items has been these Indigo Maternity Jeans. Though they look like an ordinary pair of well designed jeans when you put them on, the structure and thought that has gone into these jeans means that they are going to grow with you during your pregnancy and feel as comfortable as they do when you first buy them.

Integrated into these jeans is a ultra comfy waistband which can be worn over the bump for warmth and support or under the bump for hotter days or when you want to show your bump off. Whichever way you choose to wear them, this waistband will ensure that your jeans stay in place and feel comfortable all day long. And with side adjusters to make these jeans feel just right and stretchy denim keep you comfortable as you grow, these are a fantastic pair of maternity jeans, and you can claim 20% off these and the other top products at Funmum right now.

There is no voucher code or promotional term you need to use to claim your discount, simply click on the banner below which will take you directly to the Funmum site and your discount will be automatically applied to the price you see on the screen.

Take a look at our full range of maternity jeans on our site and remember to place your order with Funmum today. The best selling products will change next week which means you need to place your order now to guarantee this great offer.

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10% Voucher Code at FunMum from Simply Maternity

by on the 6th January 2011


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FunMum have some new arrivals of their own – with 50% off

by on the 24th August 2010

FunMum have some amazing new additions to their maternity wear, and even the new pieces are part of their 50% off everything offer.

Take for example this fantastic purple crossover top

Cross Over Maternity Top Stylish, flattering and completely fabulous, this top is everything you need in a trendy and attractive maternity top.

Usually £35, at 50% off this top is an amazing £17.50. So who wouldn’t go for it.

Take a look at our range of maternity tops on our site and be sure to check out the range from FunMum, but hurry, with such a fabulous new range, this offer won’t last for long.

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