Choosing Maternity Trousers

Maternity Trousers

Maternity Trousers

When choosing your maternity trousers order your pre pregnancy dress size as the cut of the trouser is designed to incorporate the growth and changes in your body shape as your pregnancy progresses.

When your trousers arrive make sure that you not only walk around when you try them on but also sit down in them to ensure that there is no gaping or digging in and that you feel completely comfortable with the fit.

Choose between under the bump or over the bump designs to suit your own preference. The over the bump design is able to keep your tummy more controlled and provide a perfect silhouette to your bump which is ideal if you are wearing a sheer or more fitted top. And if your bump gets too warm when warn in this style, most over the bump trousers can also be rolled down so that they become an under the bump option. Choose under the bump trousers for a freer fit or if you are one of the many women who would rather not have material covering your belly.

Straight leg maternity trousers are ideal for slimming down your thighs and making your legs look longer while the boot cut is designed to balance out a curvy figure, making them perfect for the pregnant frame. Or if you are looking for a more sophisticated and flattering style, then consider a wide legged maternity trouser which will not only elongate your body but also provides a more feminine, flowing line style that will make you feel oh so elegant while you are pregnant.

Look out for elasticated inserts or drawstrings at the waist which are going to enable your trousers to grow as your pregnancy progresses and choose colours that are going to work with your existing wardrobe that can be worn in many different ways to ensure that you make the most out of your maternity wardrobe.


Maternity LeggingsMaternity Leggings

Maternity leggings are one of the most flexible and essential items in a maternity wardrobe. Designed in many colours and lengths the high elasticity in maternity leggings not only ensures that the leggings keep their shape throughout your pregnancy but provide the flexibility and comfort that pregnant women so crave.

The fitted structure of the legging means that they will keep your entire body looking more firm during your pregnancy and will even help to keep your tummy in for the early periods after the birth.

Such a versatile piece of maternity wear, leggings can be worn in almost any situation and dressed up or down to suit. Whether you wear high heels and a sophisticated maternity top or boots and a warm maternity jumper, the use of maternity leggings cannot be understated and have become a key part to any maternity wardrobe.


Maternity ShortsMaternity Shorts

When the weather gets warmer or when your body temperature starts to rise, maternity shorts are a great way of keeping cool during your pregnancy. Look out for roll bottom shorts that can be adjusted to suit your style and opt for under or over the bump waistbands to suit your own requirements.

Maternity Shorts are a reasonably cheap item of maternity wear which means that you can afford to buy several different designs to suit your own style. Tailored maternity shorts look great with high heels and a maternity top for a sophisticated summer style while the more relaxed jersey maternity shorts are fantastic for loungewear when you just want to be comfortable and stay cool.

Look out for flexible waistbands, elastic inserts and tailored darts to provide extra room as your bump starts to grow and classic colours which will go with anything.


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