Choosing Maternity Tops

Your maternity top is a great place to add colour and vibrancy to your maternity wardrobe. If you choose a few key items for the bottom half, mixing and matching your top can create many different outfits and styles without having to buy more and more maternity clothes.

When choosing your maternity top consider a colour that is going to work for you. If you are looking for maternity workwear then consider monochrome colours which are going to conceal your growing size and ensure you remain smart and formal for your working day but when you want to make a statement deep and striking colours and patterns in your tops can add fun, style and fashion to your entire collection.

Wherever possible order maternity tops in your pre-pregnancy shape as the designs have been created to accommodate the changes in body shape that occur when you are pregnant. However if you are concerned about what size to order, simply use the sizing guides available on every site that we work with to make sure you get your sizing right first time. If you are still in the early stages of pregnancy when you try on your tops consider using a fake bump or even a cushion underneath the top so that you can see what the top is going to look like as your pregnancy progresses.

Look out for breathable and lighter fabrics when you are choosing your tops that will provide elegant lines over your bump and let your body breath. Choose jersey fabrics for tops that will keep their shape but will allow your body to grow as well as lycra and elastane mixes that add flexibility and comfort to the standard maternity top.

Pregnancy is a great time to experiment with new shapes and styles that you may never have tried before. As you develop through your pregnancy your shape will change which provides an ideal opportunity to try styles you have never worn before. The key is to dress the shape you see rather than the shape you remember. Ensure that you have the right maternity bra to give you the best support and shape to make your tops look their very best and have some fun, experimenting with styles, shape and colour will make all the difference to your maternity wardrobe.

Maternity T ShirtsMaternity T Shirts

A range of good quality t shirts is essential for your maternity wardrobe so that you have neat, comfortable and economical tops that you can just put on and go.

The high neck cut of the traditional plain t shirt looks fantastic on a petite frame to hug the figure and emphasise your body shape while a wider boat neck will flatter the neck line and bring emphasis up the body line detracting from your growing bump.

One of the most flattering styles of maternity t shirt has to be the deep V neck which brings emphasis to your bust area, flattering your changing shape and will be useful to help in nursing your baby after the birth.

Select funky detail or humorous slogans on your t shirt to show your fun side or opt for stylish long sleeved t shirts with deep v necks for a relaxed but sleek look for your pregnancy.


Maternity VestsMaternity Vests and Camisoles

Created in a longer length for the pregnant woman, a maternity vest is ideal to keep you cool and comfortable during your pregnancy and can make nursing your baby so much easier. Coordinate with leggings, trousers or maternity jeans and you have the ideal outfit for keeping fresh and relaxed whatever the occasion.

Maternity vests are ideal for creating the up to the minute layered look in pregnancy. Team with a maternity shirt or another vest and not only do you have a practical outfit that can be adjusted as your temperature changes but it also looks funky and up to date.

Choose tight fitting vests to create the layered effect or provide a relaxed casual look or a flattering maternity camisole a more feminine flowing design that will skim your growing bump and provide a fluid line to your silhouette.

Dictate you overall style with the use of variable accessories and you have a piece of maternity clothing that is versatile, comfortable and looks great.


Maternity Shirts and BlousesMaternity Shirts and Blouses

When it comes to maternity workwear, nothing says cool style and sophistication better than a smart white maternity shirt. Coordinate with a skirt, trousers, a suit or even a pair of leggings and you have instant corporate style.

But shirts and blouses are not just for the office. We have a full range of shirts and blouses that will suit any occasion and make you look great.

The key to a great maternity shirt is in the material. Opt for flexible, breathable material that is going to be flexible enough to keep you comfortable all day long. If you want a high cotton content then opt for a wrap style which will adjust with you as your body shape changes and look fantastic throughout your pregnancy.

Look at the cut of the shirt and the length. A longer shirt is more flexible as it can be worn in or over your trousers depending on the style of the trousers itself. If you go for a shorter cut, make sure that your shirt isn’t going to ride up and show off the band of your trousers underneath.

A great white shirt can be worn for any occasion with trousers, skirts or jeans to look clean, stylish and relaxed, so make sure you choose a style that is going to suit you as it will probably be one of the things you wear most often during your pregnancy.


Nursing TopsNursing Tops

A great way to save money in your pregnancy wardrobe is to buy maternity tops that combine as nursing tops for after your baby is born. Though we don’t like to admit it, your body will not return to its normal shape immediately after the birth of your baby so it is wise to have some nursing tops in your maternity wardrobe to enable you to start nursing with confidence straight away.

Choose from the overlap system which creates a small gap for your baby to nurse while keeping you well covered; the traditional clip down system which works in the same way as your maternity bra; the tie system which releases a panel of the garment independently; or the pull down system which is created by low cut or v neck nursing tops which can simply be pulled down when required.

Look out for easy care and flexible fabrics that are going to return to usual shape very easily whilst not taking a lot of attention to maintain. And consider styles and colours that are going to suit you and be comfortable all day long.


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