Choosing Maternity Swimwear

Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise when you are pregnant as it enables you to carry out aerobic exercise without straining joints which can become more prone to injury and strain than at any other time. Being in water is also one of the only times during pregnancy that you can truly take the weight and strain off of your body and relax.

Though you may sometimes feel self conscious that people are looking at you and thinking bad things about how you look in your swimwear, everybody loves to see a pregnant woman showing off her bump in swimwear, which means that you can be rest assured people are going to be looking at your bump rather than your bum, so take confidence in this and really walk tall in your swimwear.

A significant amount of people believe that maternity swimwear is a waste of money as you won’t be in it for very long and can easily get away with just not swimming during the later half of your pregnancy. However if you opt for good quality swimwear with adjustable sides, not only will you be able to enjoy all the benefits of water up until the day you are due to give birth, but you can also continue to use your maternity swimwear long after the birth to give you extra coverage and the opportunity to start exercising to reduce your weight, even before you are allowed to start regular aerobic exercise again.


Maternity SwimsuitsMaternity Swimsuits

The traditional maternity swimsuit gives you the coverage of a standard swimsuit and looks fantastic when you are pregnant.

Look out for hidden support to give your bust the support it needs in pregnancy and costumes sized by cup size as well as dress size for added support and shape.

Ruched sides not only give you more room for your bump to grow but will withdraw in again after the birth so that you can continue to wear your costume as you loose weight post pregnancy. Look for under the bust detail and off centre patterns and designs to give you further shape and draw he eye across your bump while you are in your swimsuit.

Choose colours that will suit your pregnancy skin tone or go for a mixture of monotone or earth patterns and colours to create a neutral look and coordinate with bright sarongs or kaftans for extra cover and to add interest and style to your beachwear.


Maternity TankinisMaternity Tankinis

The maternity tankini is the most versatile of our maternity swimwear range. It has the length and coverage of a swimsuit while being as practical as a swimsuit.

Maternity tankini tops are designed extra long which means most will cover your entire bump throughout the whole nine months. Check the length in the product detail pages to check this is the case with the specific product you choose.

There are two standard types of maternity tankini. Choose from the more traditional tankini top which fits snugly to your body or the empire line top which fits around your bust and then flares out to provide a more fluid line over your bump.

When choosing an empire line choose bold patterns and bright colours to bring out the summer look even in the depths of winter. With the more traditional style, look out for ruched sides which will grow with your bump and draw string ties that will enable you to covert your maternity tankini into a standard tankini that you can then wear for many seasons to come.


Maternity BikinisMaternity Bikinis

As it becomes more fashionable to show off your bump, the maternity bikini is rapidly increasing in popularity.

The greatest advantage of wearing a bikini when you are pregnant is that you never have to worry about your bump getting too big to fit as the costume will work around your bump to ensure a perfect fit.

The key to choosing the best maternity bikini for you is to get the right fit. With your bust being one of the areas that grows so rapidly when you are pregnant, make sure you use the sizing guidelines on the merchant site to get a perfect fit.

Remember, as the skin on your tummy stretches to accommodate your growing bump it will become more susceptible to sunburn and dryness, so make sure you use a good quality high factor suncream on your bump when you are in the sun and reapply every time you come out of the water. Not only will this protect you from the sun but the added vitamins and moisturiser in the suncream may also help you avoid unwanted stretch marks.


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