Choosing Maternity Nightwear

When choosing your maternity nightwear it is important to consider how long you will be wearing your nightwear for and where you will be when you are wearing it. Initially when we think of nightwear we assume that the only time we will be wearing it is in our own beds, which means it is only going to be seen by a very small group of people and doesn’t need that much care and attention. However maternity nightwear has a much greater role when you think of the whole pregnancy/new born baby process.

It is inevitable that most of us are going to spend some time recuperating from the birth of our children in bed, either in a hospital or at home. And with the influx of visitors which loom as soon as a baby is born , you will undoubtedly be seen in your nightwear by a much larger group of people, a lot of whom you may not really know that well. When you are choosing your maternity nightwear, do not just consider what is comfiest in your own bed but also what are you happy for your partners father or best friend to see you in when they come to visit!

Unfortunately a significant amount of women are also required to spend time in hospital before the birth of their baby and shortly afterwards. In this case you may be collecting your lunch or even sharing a common room with other pregnant women and their visitors, so consider layers to your maternity nightwear that will ensure you can remain at a good temperature during a possible hospital stay and lounge wear options to your nightwear that will keep you covered and comfy all day long.

Also consider the nursing possibilities of your nightwear. By buying flexible or specific nursing nightwear for your pregnancy you will find that once the baby is born you have comfortable practical nightwear to hand and don’t have spend more money on more post natal nightwear.

Looking after your baby shortly after he is born can take up a significant amount of time first thing in the morning which means you not be able to get dressed straight away. So consider nightwear that is comfortable to wear around the house and that you would be happy to wear for a Health Visitor coming to your house or even the neighbours to take a peek at the new addition.

But while there is every need to be practical, there is also an opportunity to treat yourself to some seriously sexy nightwear when you are pregnant. For a lot of women being pregnant is a great time to enjoy their bodies and get their partners to appreciate them. So consider investing in something a bit more tantalising for some serious one on one time and show your partner how much of a woman you really are.

In general women tend to wear their maternity nightwear for a lot longer than their maternity clothes. The design of the nightwear styles means that they remain comfortable for a long time after your baby is born, and with most having nursing capabilities are practical too so make sure you take your time and choose the nightwear that is really going to suit you, you could be in it a lot more than you initially thought.

Maternity Nightdresses

Maternity Nightdress

The maternity nightdress is an incredibly practical and feminine option when you are pregnant. If you are having trouble sleeping when you are pregnant because of an active, then a nightdress with no waistband will ensure there is no further tightness around your tummy which may cause your baby to kick more than it was going to anyway.

A nightdress is also fantastic for looking and feeling great and keeping you cool at night but still ensuring that the part of you which will be effected by any cold drafts, the back, remains covered and comfortable  – and, of course, the nightdress is ideal for quick easy access during labour and other medical examinations (but we won’t dwell on that!)

When choosing your maternity nightdress opt for comfortable, easy to care for material that is going to keep its shape. Jersey will provide good quality breathable nightwear in a wonderful array of flowing designs and beautiful colours that will make wearing them a treat.

Take care when you choose your nightdress to get the length you need for your height. The hem of the nightdress will ride up as your bump gets bigger which means you need to start with something slightly longer than you would normally choose to make sure that it will remain appropriate throughout your entire pregnancy.

Sleeveless nighties make ideal nursing nightdresses as they can be pulled down for speedy and easy nursing. If you are opting for sleeved nightdresses, look out for low v neck or nursing facilities which will extend the life of your nightwear and help with all those late night feeds.


Maternity NightshirtsMaternity Nightshirts

Maternity Nightshirts are a great way to feel cool and trendy in your nightwear when you are pregnant and a great way to wear pure cotton without feeling too constricted. The nightshirt has all the benefits of a maternity nightdress but usually comes with buttons down the front which provide a sexy interesting style but are also ideal to help with nursing.

Usually created in a mens shirt style, look out for maternity shirts with darts on the back and tummy to allow for extra expansion when your tummy grows and pay special to the length of your maternity shirt. The shirt style of nightwear may get short very quickly once your bump starts to grow so consider teaming it with pyjama bottoms, shorts or lounge pants to extend the life of your nightwear.

The classic white has to be the all time favourite in maternity shirt, but there lots of different styles and colours to choose from. Opt for deeper colours or pin stripes for a great play on this look and also watch out for v neck nightshirts that do the same job but without having to do the buttons up after nursing.


Maternity Pyjamas

Maternity Evening Dress from Tiffany Rose

The great thing about maternity pyjamas is they are so flexible and easy to wear. Pick and choose the combination of top and bottoms to suit you and you can wear them to sleep in, to nurse in, to lounge around the house and feel comfortable during a hospital stay.

Choosing a vest top, a shirt top, a pair of shorts and a pair of pyjama pants means that you have every combination possible to ensure that you can get your temperature and your comfort just right. Team with a pyjama cardigan or simply use an open pyjama shirt over a vest top and you have the ideal outfit to nurse your baby, to welcome guests when you can’t get dressed and for walking around the hospital should the need arise.

The trick to being happy in your maternity pyjamas is to get the style that suits you. Previously pyjamas have been seen as a less feminine option, but now with a full range of pastels and beautiful details available on maternity pyjamas, you can have the look and style you want no matter what your tastes.

Choose breathable, easy to care materials such as jersey and cotton mix and you have the ideal lounge wear and sleep wear to see you through your pregnancy and beyond. Look out for special offers on our site which provide you with BOGOF and other deals so that you can mix it up with your nightwear and make sure you have a variety of styles that are going to suit you.


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