Choosing Maternity Lingerie

The correct maternity lingerie is fundamental during your pregnancy to make sure that you are supported and comfortable and is the foundation to all your maternity clothes looking and feeling great. Without the right maternity underwear, it doesn’t matter what clothes you buy, they just won’t look right.

When looking for basic, supportive underwear look out for seam-free options that will eliminate the risk of bumps and gatherings under your clothes. Make sure that your lingerie collection includes at least one skin colour or white bra to wear under all your favourite light maternity clothes as well as a more attractive set to make you feel feminine and look great when a little bit of lace is on show.

Sizing is essential when you are pregnant as your underwear requirements are likely to change more than any other part of your body. So don’t rush and buy a huge range of underwear straight away, but buy little and often and measure yourself before each purchase to make sure you can adapt to your changing body.

When your maternity underwear doesn’t fit anymore, don’t throw it away. As your body returns to your normal size after the baby is born you are going to need the same sizes in reverse, so keep them to hand and enjoy your underwear all over again in a few months time.

Maternity BriefsMaternity Briefs

The key to finding great maternity knickers is to find the style that you feel comfortable in. No longer are you restricted to massive over the bump skin coloured maternity pants (though we at Simply Maternity still believe these are the most comfortable knicker on the planet!) but you can find every style that you would wear pre pregnancy within in our range of maternity briefs.

Whether you want comfortable support pants that will help reduce stress on your back and tummy, the briefest of maternity thongs, or anything in between there are designs, colours and styles to suit every woman.

As a guideline, choose your knickers to suit your clothes. There will be times when skimpy sexy maternity briefs will look great but when you want to wear that gorgeous tight fitting maternity dress, nothing creates a better silhouette than a good pair of seamless support pants.

So take a look around our site and see the full range of maternity briefs to suit you including those disposable maternity knickers which are so essential for the first few weeks after the birth.


Maternity BrasMaternity Bras

As with your maternity briefs, the first priority when choosing your maternity bra is comfort. Before purchasing any maternity bra use the bra sizing guide to ensure that you are aware of any changes in your bra size and keep checking on a regular basis to keep your bras up to date and comfortable during your entire pregnancy.

As this is one piece of maternity wear that you will need to change on a regular basis, do not buy too many maternity bras at once. If you choose one basic seamless bra that will provide a perfect lie under tight or structured clothing, one more feminine, attractive bra for when you want to feel a bit more girly and a spare sports type bra for those lazy days around the house, you will have sufficient bras to wear every day for every occasion and will ensure that even on a limited budget you are more able to replace your bras as and when you need to to keep you comfortable and supported throughout your pregnancy.

As a rule of thumb, check your bra size every two weeks during your pregnancy and continue this routine for at least three months after the birth of your baby as your milk supply settles. Whether you want satin, silk or 100% cotton, choose the styles and materials that suit you and experiment with your maternity underwear. This is a great time to enjoy your new larger assets and show them off, so keep them supported and make them look great during your pregnancy.


Nursing BrasNursing Bras

The sole difference between a standard maternity bra and a nursing bra is the nursing attachment which enables quick release of the bra cup to facilitate easy nursing. The fit, styles available and designs are all the same and the same rules apply to a nursing bra as they do to a standard maternity bra.

If you are on a budget or want to save money on your maternity underwear, consider purchasing nursing maternity bras during your pregnancy in place of your standard maternity bra. These bras will not only provide you with support and comfort when you are pregnant but will also double as your nursing bras when your baby is born.

By buying a range of sizes as you get bigger during pregnancy you will have the bras you need to support your bust as it returns to its new standard size without having to purchase further underwear as your body returns to its normal size.

See our full range of nursing bras on our site and remember to check our offers and discount codes pages for the latest offers and discounts that can apply to your maternity underwear and your entire maternity wardrobe.


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