Choosing Maternity Knitwear

Throughout your pregnancy the level of blood you produce is higher than at any other time of your life, which means you will be warmer than you have ever been before but more prone to experience drops in temperature more severely. The right maternity knitwear is therefore essential to keep your temperature balanced and comfortable throughout every day.

As well as being able to feel the changes in temperature more, cold is also one of the most significant causes of aches and pains during pregnancy, so keeping yourself warm is vital.

Due to the rises in temperature that pregnant women feel so quickly, it is vital that every element of maternity knitwear is easy to wear and easy to remove so that you can adapt your clothes as your body temperature changes.

When choosing maternity knitwear, it is always better to opt for two thinner layers that can be removed and added as needed, rather than one thick layer which will be cumbersome to remove and may also leave you feeling cold.

Look out for soft, breathable materials from your knitwear that are going to grow with you as your pregnancy progresses and continue to feel comfortable throughout your nine months and beyond.

Maternity CardigansMaternity Cardigans

Due to the flexibility of the maternity cardigan, it is never too early to buy one. Opt for a wrap around style that gives you plenty of room to grow and you will find that you want to wear your cardigan for warmth and comfort, and there is nothing to stop you wearing it after the baby is born as well.

Opt for an empire style cardigan that ties under the bust and you will create a feminine look that can be adjusted as you grow or opt for a long or waterfall style that will give length to your body and provide a sophisticated silhouette that can be worn day and night.

Look out for longer styles of cardigan at the back which are going to keep your back warm and help you avoid the back ache that can arise during pregnancy and opt for earth tones or monochrome colours that will team with your entire maternity wardrobe to make sure you get the most out of your purchase.


Maternity JumpersMaternity Jumpers

The key to a great maternity jumper is comfort. Choose the size of jumper that you would normally choose pre-pregnancy to choose from a figure hugging style or comfortable fit for the ultimate in big baggy jumper.

If you want to opt for wool then consider a wool mix rather than pure wool. The wool content will ensure that your jumper is soft and keeps it shape while the mix will provide you will the flexibility in your jumper so that you can continue to feel comfortable in it as your bump grows.

High neck or polar neck jumpers look great on a smaller frame to really accentuate your growing bump where as deep neck or wrap over style provides definition to your neckline and length to your entire body.

There is nothing better than curling up when you are pregnant in a warm soft jumper, so always try to opt for a higher quality jumper that is going to feel so beautifully cosy during your pregnancy, it may one area where you have to spend a little more to get what you want but it easy to save in other areas to make up for it.


Maternity SweatersMaternity Sweaters

Whether you are looking for a hoodie, a casual top or something a bit more stylish, the maternity sweater is a must have in every womans maternity wardrobe. Having a sweater to hand means that you have an instant cover whenever you need one that is adaptable and will go with anything.

Look out for easy care materials and fun and funky designs to add some fun to your sweater or opt for a more classic look which is going to give you sophisticated style during your pregnancy.

Retailers such as GAP, Mamas & Papas and Vertbaudet are leading the way in this new maternity range and are now being followed by an entire range of maternity retailers that are adding the sweater to their core maternity range.

Sweaters are not just for sport or casual styles, take a look at our full range and you will see a great choice of maternity sweaters that can be worn with trousers, jeans or skirts to give a fantastic maternity style.


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