Choosing Maternity Jeans

With the demand for denim jeans in new and different styles higher than it has ever been before, the trend towards designing different styles of maternity jeans grows with all the major maternity retailers providing a range of styles to suit every mum-to-be when she is pregnant.

Maternity jeans do tend to be softer than a standard denim cut and are commonly combined with an elasticated material to ensure there is sufficient comfort and stretch in the jeans to grow with you as your size changes. See our guide below to help you choose the right jeans for your pregnancy and update your maternity wardrobe with Simply Maternity.

Skinny JeansMamas and Papas Limited Edition Skinny Jeans

The most tailored of jean cuts the Skinny Jeans are ideal during maternity to accentuate the strong thin legs that a lot of pregnant women develop.

The traditional tight cut is usually combined with a highly elasticated material to allow some stretch in the jeans and ensure you can continue to wear them during your pregnancy.

To achieve the close to the leg look most skinny jeans are designed with an under the bump waistband to achieve that fitted look right to the top of your legs.

Look out for waistbands with integrated elasticity or adjustable sides or back which will ensure these jeans continue to fit right through your pregnancy and beyond.

Ideal with high heels, boots or designer trainers, whether you are hitting the supermarket or the nightclub, with the right accessories skinny jeans will make you look and feel great.


Mamas and Papas Essential Bootcut JeansBootcut Jeans

Slightly more tailored than the skinny jeans, these jeans are designed to be more fitting at the top of the leg to flatter your upper thigh and bottom area but flare out slightly below the knee to give a more relaxed style but still provide a smart tailored look to your denim style.

Due to the flexibility of these jeans, you can usually find designs with both over the bump waistbands or under the bump styles depending on your preference.

Look out for styles such as the Bootcut jeans from FunMum that have waistbands that can be worn either way depending on your mood that day to give complete flexibility when you buy.

This style works best when worn with trainers, flip flops or boots either high heel or low. Dress up these jeans with sparkly, floaty maternity tops or keep a funky casual look with wraps, jumpers and cardigans that are going to keep you feminine and smart during your pregnancy.


Jojo Maman Bebe Boyfriend Maternity JeansBoyfriend Jeans

This is a more casual style of jean ideal for those who want a more laid back look but want to keep the traditional denim style. The relaxed cut gives a looser fit and the low rise waist band is ideal for the laid back yummy mummy exuding uber cool.

These jeans are usually tailored with a waistband to sit comfortably under the bump so are ideal if you want to show off your bump with crop tops or for that sneaky peek look that is becoming so popular. Keep the bottoms straight or turn up for a more laid back beach vibe.

Combine with fitted tops and laid back footwear for day and team with high heels to give length to your legs when you are wearing this style.

These jeans are a great fashion statement but don’t fall into the trap of thinking this baggy style will hide your growing size. In fact the opposite is true. If you want to wear jeans during pregnancy a slimmer fit will provide a straight and slimmer definition to your legs that is not possible with this slouchy look.


Jojo Maman Bebe Maternity JeggingsMaternity Jeggings

A more recent invention, the Jegging is a combination between a legging and a jean, giving all the flexibility of the legging but with a more denim look and feel.

This style is proving incredibly popular with pregnant women who want to keep the denim look during pregnancy but want something a lot more comfortable than traditional denim material.

Opt for a high quality jegging with a higher elastane content that will keep its shape and style throughout your pregnancy no matter how often you wear or wash them.

High quality jeggings will also return to shape after the birth of your baby so that you can wear them for the first few weeks post pregnancy when comfort is essential.

As with standard maternity leggings, jeggings are usually worn above the bump to give a comfortable closeted feel but can be dressed up or down to provide a great look and style while keeping you relaxed during your pregnancy.


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