Choosing Maternity Dresses

Even people who traditionally do not wear dresses find themselves wanting to try them when they are pregnant as they can be one of the most comfortable and convenient items of clothing to wear during pregnancy.

With no waistband to worry about, a dress is easy to wear and can look smart, funky or absolutely gorgeous depending on the occasion and the adjustable ties and elasticated gathering on a lot of maternity dresses means that you can wear your maternity dress throughout your pregnancy and continue to wear it long after your baby is born.

When shopping for maternity clothes a lot of women feel that they are only going to be using them for a few short months so put little emphasis on the style and design of the clothes they buy, however if you start wearing maternity clothes when you start to show, which is usually around four months, and then continue to wear them until you are ready to start wearing your standard clothes again, you are probably going to be wearing your maternity clothes for nearly a year, so make sure you choose the styles and designs that you are going to be comfortable in and happy to wear for a lot longer than you may think.

Maternity Ruffle Wrap Dress from Isabella OliverMaternity Wrap Dresses

The wrap dress is one of the most popular designs of maternity dress as it is incredibly comfortable, stylish and creates horizontal definition to your frame moving the eye across the body and providing you with a waistline to be proud of even as your tummy grows.

This style of dress can be worn for any occasion as it can easily be dressed up or down with accessories. Such a versatile design can be worn again and again throughout your pregnancy and will continue to look neat and sophisticated. Ideal for parties or for maternity work wear, choose block colour dresses for a more sophisticated style or pattern and bright colours for a more fun, casual style.

Look out for genuine tie wrap dresses that are full adjustable to grow with you during your pregnancy and then adjust downwards as you loose weight after pregnancy. Choose materials such as jersey or cotton with a high elastane content which will ensure the dress keeps its shape and continues to look fabulous every time you wear it.

For a an everyday work wear style, consider Marks and Spencers who create an excellent range of high quality, well designed maternity dresses or Dorothy Perkins for a more fun look. Or if you are searching for something for a special occasion, try our range from Isabella Oliver including this gorgeous maternity ruffle wrap dress which is flattering, stylish and completely feminine.



Maternity Maxi Dress From Mamas & PapasMaternity Maxi Dresses

The long flowing style of the maxi dress provides the feminine flowing bohemian feel that so many women strive for during their pregnancy and that is so on trend right now.

Gathered below the bust, this style of dress brings emphasis to your bust line, which is ideal during pregnancy as your cleavage becomes more defined, and then flows out from under the bust to provide a fluid line across your tummy and hips which hides any lumps and bumps that you would rather were not on show.

When choosing a maxi dress do not be afraid to go long. As your bump grows this will lift the dress a little higher so it is better to start long so that your dress doesn’t get too short as your pregnancy progresses.

In addition we have a full range of evening maternity dresses and maternity wedding dresses to ensure that you look and feel great at every occasion during your pregnancy.

Use the navigation bar on the side of this page to choose the type of maternity dress that you are looking for or see our full range of all maternity dresses to browse through an entire line of designs, brands and prices to meet your needs.





Maternity Evening Dress from Tiffany RoseMaternity Dresses For Special Occasions

When you go to a special occasion when you are pregnant, you know all eyes will be on you to discover how you are carrying your pregnancy and what you wear. So make the most of the attention and treat yourself to something drop dead gorgeous to really make heads turn.

It is incredibly difficult to find great looking maternity evening dresses in the shops but here at Simply we have a fantastic range. Whether you are attending a wedding, christening, party or ball, there is something for everyone on our site.

Look out for dresses with detail in where you want to draw the eye. If you want to detract from your growing tummy, encourage people to look up by exposing more flesh on your shoulders with strapless or thin strapped gowns and opt for dresses with detail at the cleavage or the top half of the dress which will make the eye move upwards.

Flatten out your tummy by opting for a bias cut to the dress with details at the hip, this will draw the eye across the body and make your bump seem flatter than it is.

If you have great legs during pregnancy, show them off. Opt for a short cut dress and high heels, but remember to have an alternative shoes if it is going to be a long day as you may need to change into flats when the real partying starts.

Opt for bright colours and patterns for a smart but funky daytime look or choose block colours and sleek lines for a more sophisticated evening look. We love this Oyster Lace Maternity Dress from Tiffany Rose, ideal for any evening out.


Ayla Silk Maternity Wedding Dress from Tiffany RoseMaternity Wedding Dresses

As it becomes more fashionable to wait until you start a family to get married, the popularity of the maternity wedding dress is exploding which means there is more variety than ever before.

Whether you want to opt for the traditional white dress or something more conventional, we have a complete range of the most beautiful dresses on our site to suit all brides.

The secret to a good wedding dress is the underwear, so make sure your maternity lingerie is going to make you look and feel great on your wedding day.

When you buy your wedding dress online, you don’t need to buy so far in advance which means that you can wait to see how your skin tone and body shape will develop before you have to place your order. As a standard, you should order your pre pregnancy dress size in a wedding dress but each of our retailers has a size guide so that you can compare your measurements to get the perfect fit for you.

Bring emphasis to your head and shoulders by wearing strapless or small strapped dresses and consider a lace cover if you want more discretion as you walk up the aisle. This Ayla wedding dress from Tiffany Rose has adjustable straps that can be worn as cap sleeves for discretion and then changed to standard straps or halterneck for a more evening feel to the dress.

Consider investing in a longer wedding dress that is going to cover your feet and opt for comfortable pumps to keep you on your feet for longer, or wear a shorter dress and invest in two pairs of shoes, one for the ceremony and then a comfortable pair for later in the evening. Or if you don’t want to wear white, opt for a lace covered coloured dress or a silk dress that is less traditional but will look fabulous on the day.


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