The Risks of Sugar in Pregnancy

by on the 11th November 2015

Pregnant Woman EatingWherever you look at the moment, there are people talking about the risks of sugar. The likes of Jamie Oliver are leading the way by putting up the prices of children’s sugary drinks in his restaurants (though surely putting down the price of healthier drinks would have been more altruistic!). But what isn’t so hot in the headlines is the risks that too much sugar can have in pregnancy. And frankly, that is where we think it should begin.

What Is Sugar?

In its rawest form sugar is carbohydrate that originates from plant extract. Coming from either sugar cane or sugar beet, it is actually a natural substance. But unlike other forms of carbohydrate in our diet, sugar is a product that the body simply does not need.

Yes, it tastes nice and gives us more satisfaction in our drinks and food. But when it comes down to the crunch, it can be more dangerous than alcohol or cigarettes, yet no one gives you a second glance if you are walking down the street eating a Mars Bar at 36 weeks. If you did the same thing with a pint of beer, there might be a few more heads turning.

These days sugar is in everything, and the lower your food budget, the greater chance that sugar has been used to improve the flavour of your food. Take a look at a jar of Value Mayonnaise and each tablespoon could contain more than 10% of the recommended sugar intake for an entire day. Or investigate the label on your favourite ‘healthy’ fruit juice, the results could blow your mind.

The Risks of Sugar in Pregnancy

As recently as last month there has been research carried out showing that having too much sugar in pregnancy can be dangerous for the baby and for mum.

In the worst case scenario, a woman can develop gestational diabetes from having too much sugar in their diet. And though most women who suffer from this syndrome go on to have healthy babies, others will suffer from oversized baby syndrome which can make birthing difficult. Or in extreme cases can lead to brain damage or even death.

Even if you are not diagnosed with diabetes in pregnancy, a high sugar intake could lead to metabolic abnormalities, heart defects or a greater propensity to develop diabetes in the future, all without you even understanding the risks.

Even for those babies born healthily, the extra fat stores produced by elevated sugar levels in the womb can lead to other health issues, including childhood obesity and the resulting health issues that come with it.

Most mothers who develop gestational diabetes will recover after the birth, but the risks associated with birthing an oversized baby and the pressure it can have on your own internal organs can be tremendous.

What Can We Do Today

The simple answer is to reduce the sugar intake in your diet as quickly and as significantly as you can. And we’re not just talking about the sugar you know is there in terms of chocolate, fizzy drinks and breakfast cereals. More importantly, we are talking about the excess levels of sugar you can’t see in things like tomato ketchup, diet foods and crisps.

Bolognaise JarOpting for savoury products alone will not solve the problem. Just take a look at a jar of pre-prepared bolognaise sauce and you will realise that sugar is everywhere.

But the more you can reduce your sugar intake, the better opportunity you and your baby have for a much healthier life.

Once your taste buds have changed to accommodate a low sugar diet you will wonder why you ever needed it in the first place. Mood swings, cravings and slumps in energy are less likely to occur if you consume less sugar. And the risks of gaining weight or developing Type II diabetes in later life also fall dramatically.

No one is saying it is easy, and the food industry is definitely against this cause. But by making a few adjustments in your diet, the effect could be tremendous.

National Guidelines for Sugar Consumption

Currently the World Health Organisation states that any adult should consume no more than 50g or 12 teaspoons of added sugar in anyone day – far less than you would get from a single small bottle of Coke. Yet, a new UN survey states that even these levels are too high and that our daily intake should be closer to 25g or 6 teaspoons.

Sugar in TeaJust think, if you take two sugars in your tea and you have three cups of tea a day, you are already consuming as much sugar as the UN suggests you should for your entire diet. And that’s even before you start eating.

So think about what you are doing. If you can’t find a hot drink that doesn’t include sugar then try boiled water. Add lime, lemon or mint to give flavour and the improvement you can make can be incredible.

When you want a snack, opt for a few sliced vegetables or make your own granola bars. There are millions of healthy recipes out there. And the more you can change before your baby is born, the more opportunity your child has for a healthy life as they are growing up.

Recent reports suggest that sugar is now becoming the fastest growing health concern across the world. So make sure you are not its next victim.

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To conceal or not to conceal

by on the 2nd July 2011

To show your bump or not to show your bump. This is one of the questions some pregnancy ladies face and it really depends on you as a person and how you would dress normally when not pregnant. Some ladies like tight fitting clothes and therefore when pregnancy carry this look through their pregnancy. Others who may prefer baggy clothes may opt to stay in baggier clothes. Some women who may have worn tight fitting clothes may even choose baggier clothes during pregnancy simply because they don’t want to be showing off their bump. At the beginning of the pregnancy some women choose baggier clothes because it’s not as easy to tell if you are expecting or have maybe just put on a few pounds so baggier clothes help to hide this until you really start to show.

One such celebrity who seems to be going down this route is Jessica Alba. She really seems to be wearing baggier clothes to conceal her bump. There is nothing wrong with this and she looks really stylish. We think the range of maternity clothes now available means baggy doesn’t have to be frumpy and as you can see from our picture that Jessica still looks really good. I guess if you are a celebrity then you may not want pictures all the time of your bump so baggy may be the way to go.

The weather can have a big impact on what you wear. Sometimes baggy is great to keep cool when tight fitting clothes can make you feel clammy over your bump, however clothes that expose your bump can also look good as long as you remember to protect your skin from the sun. Maternity T-shirts and maternity vests are clothing that will show off your bump and are more form fitting whereas items such as maternity shirts and maternity blouses will conceal it a bit more and are more flowing. There will come a time when hiding your bump simply isn’t an option as you get well into the third trimester and towards the end even your more spacious maternity clothes may be becoming a bit tight.

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Keeping protected from the sun while wearing maternity swimwear

by on the 10th June 2011

With the summer holidays on their way and many expectant mums visiting places where the sun will shine we have some advice to protect yourself in the heat. We would advise you wear even stronger SPF sun cream to protect your skin from the damage that can be done by the sun’s rays. One of the reasons for using the extra high protection factor is that when pregnant the skin is more sensitive and is also stretched over those expanding beautiful bumps.

maternity bikiniThis is especially important if you are planning on wearing a maternity bikini or maternity tankini as these cover the bump even less and a tankini can ride up when swimming so extra protection is essential around these parts. Even if you are planning on wearing a maternity swimsuit it is wise to apply a high factor sun cream underneath as the sun can penetrate the material and any sun burn will be even more painful and damaging to the sensitive thinner skin. So whatever maternity swimwear you choose remember the sun tan lotion.

Also remember to apply the sun cream at regular intervals and it is a great idea to apply the lotion at least 30 minutes before venturing out into the sun to give it time to soak in and have the maximum effect.

So if you are venturing abroad take extra care in the sun and remember to keep applying sun tan lotion as often as possible and at least every two hours. With the extra moisturiser contained it will also help keep your skin supple and glowing. We would also recommend investing in a hat as this keeps the heat off of your head which keeps you cooler when enjoying hotter weather.

Let’s just hope the sun comes back here in the UK so pregnant ladies can enjoy a bit of sunshine in the garden or the local park. However also be aware that while the sun may not seem as strong in the UK it is still strong enough to cause skin damage so remember to still apply sun cream even if it doesn’t seem hot enough or the sun isn’t shining as much.

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Celebrities loving Isabella Oliver maternity dresses

by on the 8th June 2011

It seems that there are a few pregnant celebrities that can’t get enough of the great brand of maternity clothes from Isabella Oliver. We here at Simply Maternity love Isabella Oliver as with their great designs come style and comfort and their clothes are great for those special occasions. Ok so it’s not every day we need to appear on TV like these celebs but their clothes are great for parties, weddings, balls as well as other great occasions.

The first celeb spotted in not one but two Isabella Oliver outfits is Jenni Falconer. Jenni is expecting her first baby with husband James Midgley in September 2011 and is the regular presenter of the National Lottery. Jenni picked an Electric Blue Ruched One Shoulder Dress to present the show recently. Jenni seems to like this style as she has worn it in Scarlet before and we think she looked stunning as you can see.

Jenni Falconer in Isabella Oliver

Jenni also recently appeared on This Morning as a presenter alongside Philip Schofield and again had a great choice of dress from Isabella Oliver. This time Jenni went for the Ruched T-Shirt dress in French Navy. Jenni seems to love the comfort and style that these dresses offer and has been following in the footsteps of another This Morning presenter, Holly Willoughby, who also often like to wear Isabella Oliver when appearing on TV in maternity dresses.

Jenni Falconer in Isabella Oliver on This Morning

Another celebrity spotted in Isabella Oliver this week is TV presenter Claudia Winkleman. Claudia is expecting her third child with film producer husband Kris Thykier and has a son and a daughter already. Claudia was featured in The Sun’s Saturday magazine, Buzz and looked great in a Scarlet Ruffle Wrap Dress. Claudia was appearing to promote her new TV show which has a Regal theme and the Scarlet dress really fitted in well with the shoot and the theme of the show. The new show called King Of… will take a look at the favourite things of celebrity guests and will interact with the audience to discuss these things and thus perform a definitive list of top things, or the things that are King Of… It will launch on June 17th on Channel 4. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy Claudia.

Claudia Winkleman in Isabella Oliver

Photo courtesy of The Sun

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10% off at Boden including all maternity clothes

by on the 7th May 2011

Looking for an update to that summer maternity wardrobe or is your bump growing  and your existing clothes are getting a bit small, then look no further than Boden. They do a great pair of maternity leggings. You can also get a free canvas bag if you are new customer to Boden.

Offer: 10% off
Code: AF13
Expires: 15th May 2011

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K and Co Maternity Clothes Come To Simply Maternity

by on the 3rd May 2011

Here at Simply Maternity, we are pleased to announce that K and Co have joined our site bringing with them a fantastic range of Maternity Clothes designed to suit every mum-to-be and at great prices.

South Drape Front Maternity Dress at Simply Maternity from K and CoThis South Drape Front Maternity Dress is only £30 and would suit any occasion this summer.

Cool and comfortable, this jersey dress with drape front detail comes in Mink or Pink and is going to make you look your very best this summer. With plenty of room to grow this is a beautiful dress for any occasion and wouldn’t have looked out of place at the Royal Wedding last weekend.

The K and Co maternity collection includes maternity shorts, trousers, underwear, tops and so much more, so have a look on the K and Co site to find the maternity wardrobe for you this summer. And remember we have a fantastic range of Maternity Dresses on our site here at Simply Maternity, from K and Co as well as a host of top maternity retailers.

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Fantastic savings at New Look this coming week

by on the 25th April 2011

This Easter and to celebrate the extra bank holiday New Look have an exclusive code which we are very happy to promote here at Simply Maternity. This means you can get even more maternity clothes for your money. Also by taking advantage of their other offer which is free delivery all day on the 26th April only you can save yourself even more. New Look have a great range of maternity clothes suitable for this season so why not get that new maternity dress you have always wanted and swish around in style.

Offer: £15 off when you spend £60 or more at New Look
Valid from 26th April-2nd May inclusive

Offer: Free standard UK delivery
Valid all day Tuesday 26th April

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30% off all maternity clothes at Mamas and Papas

by on the 24th April 2011

This bank holiday you can get some fantastic offers from Mamas and Papas including 30% off of all maternity clothes. Mamas and Papas do a great range of maternity clothes suitable for summer and various occasions such as work, relaxing and evening wear. They do a great range of maternity tops as well which are great for this time of year. Have a look at the fantastic collection. This offer ends midnight on Monday 25th April so hurry to grab those bargains.

we would also like to tell you of other offers that although aren’t maternity clothes they will still save you money off of some essential items. There is the fantastic Pulse Buggy as well as 20% off of furniture collections so get saving and enjoy shopping from the comfort of your own home this Easter.

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Free Delivery offer at Dorothy Perkins

by on the 22nd April 2011

So you have received a little something for Easter instead of an egg, well with this fantastic weather set to continue why not spend it wisely at Dorothy Perkins. They already have a fantastic sale offering up to 50% off across the whole of their site including maternity clothing and from Sunday you can save even more. Starting Easter Sunday you can now get free delivery on all orders over £40! This offer lasts until 28th April so why not head over and check out Dorothy Perkins latest maternity offers. You can get some great clothes to help you keep cool and stylish when proudly showing off your bump. We do some great maternity products from Dorothy Perkins including maternity dresses for those summer days.

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15% off Summer Maternity Tops at Isabella Oliver

by on the 29th March 2011

Isabella Oliver Scoop Maternity Top at Simply MaternityThe layering tops from Isabella Oliver are ideal for your maternity wardrobe this Spring and Summer.

Available in Camisole, Tank, Scoop, Short Sleeved or 3/4 Length Sleeve styles, this extra long top is perfect for wearing by itself or under a blazer or cardigan this season.

In a brilliant range of basic colours, this maternity top can be dressed up with tights, heels and sparkling accessories for a smart evening look or paired with jeans or leggings for a more casual style.

The longer length means that this top will never ride up, but will also cover your bum and hips easily.

The length of this top also means that it is going to slim your body and give length to your frame while the ruching and signature jersey will provide a comfortable, flattering fit during your pregnancy that will change as your body changes.

Isabella Oliver Tank Maternity Top at Simply Maternity

Isabella Oliver Cami Maternity Top at Simply Maternity Isabella Oliver Short Scoop Maternity Top at Simply Maternity Isabella Oliver Cami Maternity Top at Simply Maternity

Isabella Oliver tops are reknown for their comfort and their durability. Many women find that once they have tried a top from Isabella Oliver they buy the same top in different colours and it becomes a staple element to their maternity wardrobe. Though you will find that you pay a bit more for a maternity top from Isabella Oliver, you will find that the quality of the fabric and design will mean you will never regret buying a maternity top from Isabella Oliver and will probably come back for more.

And right now, you can get 15% off any layering top at Isabella Oliver. Simply click here to enter the site and insert voucher code FOUNDATIONS15 at the checkout before midnight on Mothers Day, Sunday 3rd April 2011, for your discount to be applied.

We have great range of Maternity Tops on our site from Isabella Oliver and all our top maternity retailers, so browse through our range and we are sure you will find the top for you. In the meantime make sure you check out this offer from Isabella Oliver before 3rd April to get your discount. This will be one top you will want to wear again and again.

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