Stay Healthy Over Christmas

Written by on Friday 16th of December 2011

Christmas is traditionally a time for over indulgence and spoiling yourself with food and wine all day long, but when you are pregnant there can be a few challenges to making your Christmas safe for you and your unborn baby. But with a few words to the wise, you can have a happy and healthy Christmas and the very best present in the New Year.

Though there is a lot of over eating at Christmas, the core of the Christmas dinner is actually incredibly healthy and can be good for a pregnant woman. With iron rich Brussel Sprouts, more vegetables than you would have at a standard dinner and fresh turkey meat, you have the recipe for a balance diet at Christmas which is perfect for you and your growing baby.

Take care when cooking your turkey to make sure that it is thoroughly cooked before serving. If you are using a frozen variety, make sure it is completely defrosted before cooking and make sure you weigh your turkey after you have finished stuffing it to know how long to cook it for. Even the occasional orange and rashers of bacon can tip the scales so that your turkey needs longer in the oven.

Avoid the tradition of washing your turkey  which actually does nothing to wash away germs but can spread them through your kitchen. Keep your hands clean and remember a quick splash under the tap is not enough, rigorous washing with soap is the only way to stop germs.

When it comes to pudding, Christmas cake and Christmas pudding are full of dried fruit and nuts that can give you essential vitamins and energy when you are on your feet all day. Be careful that the deserts haven’t been laced with alcohol and check that your cream has been pasteurised and there is no reason you can’t enjoy your Christmas day and still feel like you are doing your bit to take care of bubs.

Almost 2% of the country think that they have suffered from food poisoning on Christmas Day and food storage is the key to making sure that you stay healthy over Christmas. If you are preparing evening nibbles, make sure that all items are covered when they are not being used and that they only stay out for the minimum amount of time. If you feel that food has been left out for over an hour, simply don’t eat it, there are plenty of other people around that will finish it off for you!

If you are going to a party with a buffet, try to be one of the first to eat when the food comes out so that you are not eating food that has been left out for a significant amount of time. Avoid seafood and pate wherever possible and if you are in doubt whether something is cooked, just don’t eat it. Pregnancy is a great excuse for a lot of things and it is easy to avoid eating questionable food without offending the host when you suddenly become ‘queasy’!

Even the most laid back of eaters needs to be more vigilant during the festive season when you are pregnant, and even if you don’t want to seem picky, think how much better your new year is going to be with the safe and happy delivery of a healthy child.

Everyone here at Simply Maternity wishes you the very best this Christmas and hope to see you on our site in the New Year with more hints, tips, fashions and discounts to make next year one of the best ever.

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