Prepare For Hot Summer Nights with your Maternity Nightwear

Written by on Tuesday 10th of May 2011

As the days are getting warmer, so are the nights, and the hot clammy weather we have been having this week is making it harder and harder to get to sleep, something most pregnant women don’t find easy at the best of times.

maternity nighties from Simply MaternityWhile you are pregnant, trying to find a comfortable position to sleep can be very difficult. Recent advice tells us that when you are pregnant you should avoid lying flat on your back which can restrict the blood supply to your baby or lying on your left side which can restrict your own blood supply. So keeping on your right side or slightly inclined when you sleep can really help. Using a pregnancy pillow or a standard pillow between your legs and another behind your back may help you find a suitable position to sleep, but in this hot weather being surrounded by pillows can make you hotter and even more uncomfortable.

To keep cool this summer make sure you have maternity nightwear made with a high level of natural fibres which is going to make the material more breathable and keep you cooler. It is a good idea to combine this with a more flexible material such as jersey or elastane which will enable your nightwear to grow with you and ensure that you have the flexibility you need not to get stuck in your nightwear as you move around during the night.

When you are choosing your nightwear make sure that you consider who is going to see you in it. Though it is lovely to float around at home in a silky negligee, there is probably quite a high chance that you will be in bed or in your night clothes after the birth. Whether you are at home or in hospital, you will probably get a significant number of visitors while you are still in bed and you need to make sure that whatever you choose to wear, keeps you comfortable both in terms of temperature and in terms of your father-in-law seeing you in it!

Maternity Pyjamas from Simply MaternityIncrease your chances of having a good nights sleep by having a cup of warm milk before you go to sleep. Be careful to keep the sugar to a minimum as any peaks in sugar levels just before bed means a fall later in the night and you could wake up with night hungers or, worse still, morning sickness before the sun has even got up. Keep any warm drinks warm and not hot, so that it doesn’t increase your temperature and make sure you have water by your bed to keep you hydrated and cool during the night.

When you are at home, it is easier to control your temperature by opening windows, when safe to do so, and using air conditioning units. But when you are in hospital keeping cool can be more of a problem. Make sure that you have a personal fan if they are permitted which can be ideal to keep you cool or consider some Hot Weather Cooling Spray which is available in Boots and most pharmacies which you can keep by your bed and provide you with a spritz of fresh cool water whenever you feel the need.

Being heavily pregnant in the hotter months can be uncomfortable, especially at night, but the one great advantage is that it is likely that your baby will be born into equally warm temperatures and, though it may not be as comfortable for you, it is closer to the temperature they need and means there won’t be the hassle of trying to dress your baby in many layers, they will be much freer and easier to deal with, especially in the earlier months.

So make sure you keep cool this summer and try to get as much sleep as you can. You know it’s not long before you’re really going to need it!

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