Pregnancy Flu Jabs are presribed to help protect your baby

Written by on Monday 4th of October 2010

Your child is less likely to get flu if their mothers have been protected with the flu vaccine during pregnancy, according to a recent US study.

The Researchers examined over 1000 from an American Indian tribe and they found that those tested had reduced infections by 41% in the first 6 months of the babies life.

This recent study comes to light after the recent news that pregnant women in the UK are offered a winter flu jab for the first time. Some Government officials are expecting that there is more swine flu on its way again.

We at Simply Maternity think that there will be a divide, some will be cautious about taking any vaccines during pregnancy in the worry that there has not been enough tests. Others will be thinking that they want the best for their child and go ahead. Best thing is to make sure you are clean and healthy, wash your hands with Anti Bacterial Gel to fight any infections.

Pregnant Women were ones at particular risk from the virus. So this could be good news for some that are worried about getting the dreaded Flu.

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