Perfect Length And Perfect Fit Maternity Jeans At FunMum

Written by on Tuesday 6th of December 2011
Classic Inidigo Maternity Jeans from FunMum

Available in 28", 31" or 34" length

If you are a woman who falls outside the average size bracket for the UK, getting the right jeans on a normal day is relatively easy, opt for the shorter or longer fit you require from a range of your favourite stores in a huge range of sizes and styles and you will ensure that you get the jeans to suit you and the fit that looks just right.

However when you are pregnant things are not always that easy.

Though many retailers provide a great range of maternity jeans that will accommodate changes in the shape of your body, most maternity retailers do expect you to wear a standard length and standard size of jeans throughout your pregnancy, and for a huge number of women, this is just not acceptable.

Thankfully, things are quite different at FunMum.

In fact FunMum provide such great styles of maternity jeans in short, standard and long lengths and dress sizes 8 through to size 20 that they are actually now the top selling product on the FunMum site and when you put the jeans on, you can understand why.

Though the range of sizes and lengths are a huge attraction to the maternity jeans on the FunMum site, in fact the real reason that you will want these jeans is the gorgeous styling that you get thanks to the incredible attention to detail used to create a pair of great fitting, ever so comfortable jeans.

All FunMum jeans are designed with the ultra comfy waistband which means that you can wear your jeans over the bump or under the bump as you so wish.

FunMum Maternity JeansWhen you are feeling colder or you are wearing a lighter top and want a smoother line for your jeans, simply pull the smooth jersey waistband up over your bump and you have the ideal over the bump jeans that give you protection and security every time you wear them.

When you want to feel more freedom or don’t want your bump covered up, simply roll the panel down and you have great under the bump support that is going to make you feel comfortable and keep your jeans looking great.

Combine this with the adjusters on the side of the jeans that will ensure your waistband fits perfectly as you change shape and you have a wonderfully comfortable pair of jeans that are going to stay with you throughout your pregnancy and as you loose weight post birth as well.

Distressed Inidigo Maternity Jeans from FunMum

Dress Sizes 8 to 20

Available in Classic Indigo or Distressed Indigo, not only do these jeans feel great but they look great too.

The natural stretch within the material ensures that these jeans continue to provide a perfect fit throughout your pregnancy but work with you so that your jeans are never too restrictive.

The slim cut provides extra length to your legs and draws in your hips and bum to balance out your body shape and make you feel great.

With such as neat and incredibly flattering fit, these jeans that can be worn for any occasion.

Create a sophisticated evening style with a sparkling maternity top or choose from the great range of coordinating maternity tops on the FunMum. Add some killer heels and you are ready to party.

For a classic winter look, team your jeans with a cosy maternity knit and warm boots so that you are snug and warm and ready for whatever winter throws at you.

So if you are looking for the perfect fit of maternity jeans and don’t want to compromise on style to achieve the perfect fit, then make sure you click on the banner below and see the full range of maternity jeans from FunMum so that you stay on trend and looking great throughout your pregnancy.

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