Great New From SnuggleBundl

by on the 19th October 2012

Extra! Extra! We have just received some fabulous news from SnuggleBundl. To thank all our competitors for entering our competition they are offering you all 15% off your very own SnuggleBundl.

All you have to do is click on the SnuggleBundl banner, which will take you directly to the site and enter voucher code snug15 when you place your order.

This is the perfect way to get your little baby wrapped up for Christmas or could be the perfect gift for a new little baby or someone who is expecting. So make sure you click over today and take advantage of this fabulous offer.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to SnuggleBundl. Not only did they put up the prize for our fantastic competition but learning about the benefits that their products can bring has helped a lot of pregnant women who simply couldn’t function properly without their baby lifting blanket. And now we have to thank them again for a fabulous exclusive offer.

Even if you haven’t considered how you are going to lift your baby, this wonderful product helps every step of the way. So make sure you get over there today and take advantage of this fabulous offer.

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Our Winner Has Been Chosen

by on the 19th October 2012

SnuggleBundl PinkThank you so much to everybody who entered our competition to try and win a SnuggleBundl. As so many of you have realised, this product is absolutely amazing at helping new mums who are having difficulty lifting or just want to keep their little ones safe and warm in the cold weather.

We have had some fabulous feedback on this wonderful product and will send it all back to SnuggleBundl so that they can enjoy the fabulous things that new mums and mums-to-be are saying about their innovative way of approaching baby handling.

We are pleased to say that our winner has now been chosen and we will be sending Lucy Carter her new SnuggleBundl in the next few days.

In the meantime, we hope you aren’t too disappointed to all those that didn’t win. But if this competition has left you desperate for your own SnuggleBundl then pop over to their website which you can find here and place your order today.

Remember, keep coming back to Simply Maternity as we have more new ideas and great competitions coming shortly. In the meantime, why not check out our lists of discounts and offers on maternity clothes and nursery products that could help you through your pregnancy.

Have a great day and enjoy your pregnancy

from everyone here at Simply Maternity.

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Win a SnuggleBundl at Simply Maternity

by on the 8th October 2012

If you have been rushing out buying warm maternity clothes this week in an attempt to stay warm during the cold weather, you may be wondering how you are going to keep your little baby as snug when he or she makes an appearance. But do not fear, here at Simply Maternity we have the perfect solution and the best bit is, you could win yours absolutely free of charge!

The SnuggleBundl is a beautifully designed baby lifting blanket. It is perfect if you are expecting twins or if you have a sore back because it enables you to lift and move your baby without bending or strain, and the snugly soft fabric used to create the SnuggleBundl means that no matter where you are, you can keep your baby wrapped up and completely comfortable.

If you have trouble carrying your baby as well as all the shopping, or wonder how you are going to transport your baby from the car when he or she is asleep, the handles on the SnuggleBundl ensure that you can juggle everything you have to carry while your baby stays comfortable and secure.

And you don’t even have to worry about very fragile new heads, this hammock style carrying system supports your baby’s head and neck so that they stay comfortable and perfectly safe.

For those women who end up needing a C section or have post birth difficulties that make bending difficult, then the length of the bundle enables you to pick up and put down your baby gently and securely without having to worry about putting extra pressure on your own body.

We have tried it and we are completely impressed. The SnuggleBundl works with any five point harness and can even be put on the floor so that your baby has an extra layer of warmth as it comes into winter. It is perfect to take to friends houses and when it gets dirty you just chuck it in the washing machine and it comes out looking as good as new.

The Competition

Win a SnuggleBundl at Simply Maternity

In recognition of this fantastic product, we have a SnuggleBundl to give away to one lucky person.

In the bold and bright stripey design, this is suitable for your baby boy or girl or could even be a perfect gift for someone that you know who is pregnant.

To enter, all you have to do is log in below and post your comment stating that you would like to win a SnuggleBundl. Our winner will be draw at random on Friday 19th October and your free gift will wing its way to you.

So post below now and enter our fabulous competition and win yourself your very own SunggleBundl. This is one new invention you are not going to be able to do without.

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Stunning New Maternity Knitwear Range from Jojo Maman Bebe

by on the 25th September 2012

One of the greatest things about being pregnant when the cold weather starts to creep in, is the fantastic range of maternity knitwear that is available. I know when I was first pregnant, I couldn’t wait for the Autumn to come so that I could wrap myself up in big chunky knits and make the most of my new shape.

And this year, Jojo Maman Bebe are making it so easy to look and feel great with a fantastic range of maternity knitwear that is going to leave you feeling fantastic, looking stylish and praying for cold weather. And, as usual with Jojo Maman Bebe maternity wear, you know you are going to get a high quality, stylish outfit without breaking the bank.

Knitted Dresses

Long Maternity Jumper from Jojo Maman BebeThough most of us usually think that the knitted dress is only for the young, when you are pregnant you can throw those rules right out of the window. The knitted fabric provides a great figure hugging style that keeps you looking neat while smoothing out those lumps and bumps to give you a fantastic silhouette.

This season, we don’t think you should be going anywhere without this gorgeous Breton Stripe Knitted Maternity Dresses. The horizontal stripes make you look thinner and more symmetrical whilst the rounder shape in your tummy area makes your legs look thinner giving you the ideal opportunity to show them off with comfortable maternity leggings or maternity tights so that you keep warm but stay relaxed.

We love the way Jojo Maman Bebe have teamed this dress with knee high boots which add a level of sophistication to the outfit and make those strong maternity legs look even better.

Choose from Navy and Ecru or Silver and Charcoal for a fantastic look for the season. And at only £35, this is a dress you can throw in the wash and wear again the next day and is so comfortable you may never want to take it off.

When the weather gets colder team with a maternity coat of a similar length and you have a signature look that is going to take you through to spring in style.

Maternity Jumpers

Though it is said that you shouldn’t swamp yourself in big baggy clothes when you are pregnant (It makes you look bigger than you actually are), there are some occasions when a chunky maternity sweater is just what the doctor ordered. If you are going for a long walk with your toddler, are on the school run or just want to curl up in front of a warm fire with your feet up, a comfy jumper is a must when you are pregnant.

As so many of us experience sensitive skin during pregnancy, try to look out for jumpers with a higher wool content which will not only keep you warmer but will also keep the jumper breathable so that you don’t get too hot. It will also make drying your clothes easier when you desperately want to wear it again.

Plum Maternity Cardigan from Jojo Maman BebeMaternity Cardigans

And what ever you do, when you are shopping for maternity clothes, make sure that you don’t forget the reliable maternity cardigan. Whether you opt for warm and comfy or swinging and sophisticated, the cardigan is a must during pregnancy. The right design will wrap tightly around you at the beginning of you pregnancy to give you that soft, protected feeling that we all crave and will then grow with you as your body expands so that you have an elegant look and feel to the very end. And even after the baby is born, your pregnancy cardigan will still give you pleasure and comfort for weeks or even months after adjusting to your size as you return to your pre-pregnancy size.

Right now, we don’t think you can beat the Plum Wrap Maternity Cardigan from Jojo Maman Bebe. With 80% lambswool, it is soft, delicate and feels absolutely amazing while providing a look and shape that is to die for.

The colour is simply beautiful and the design flatters whether you combine it with maternity jeans and trainers or with workwear for the office. The tie belt ensures that this cardigan keeps looking neat and tailored however big you get while the cut ensures that this knitwear will grow with you throughout your pregnancy. At £39, this is an investment well worth making in something that could last you for years and give you the comfort you need during this hectic time.

So if you are looking for fantastic maternity knitwear this season, take another look at Jojo Maman Bebe. Standard Delivery in mainland UK is free but there are also express and next day options if you can’t wait to get your hands on your new maternity clothes. So take a look today and start this season in the luxury and style that you know you deserve.


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Nelly – A Great New Site for Stylish Maternity Wear

by on the 22nd May 2012

When High Street retailers such as New Look first started offering Maternity Clothes, it was a dream come true – finally there were high street fashions available to any woman who wanted to celebrate their pregnancy rather than hide it. Shops suddenly started to acknowledge that just because we are pregnant, doesn’t mean we don’t want to look good, and here at Simply Maternity we jumped for joy (well it made our job a whole lot easier!).

Well now the number one online retailer in the Nordic region, Nelly, is coming to the UK and bringing with them a range of maternity wear that combines high street style and designer lines to give you a complete range of styles and fashions that we think are going to break the mould of what the pregnant woman in the UK wants to wear.

We could spout on all day about the benefits of shopping with Nelly from the free delivery on every order to the fabulous customer service, but we were so taken with the clothes on the site that we thought we would give our staff the ultimate in maternity challenge and ask them to find at least one decent maternity skirt that women would actually want to wear.

Well it turned out that this was no challenge at all. Nelly is stacked full of great maternity skirts for all occasions and they don’t just look good but they feel great too.

Skirts are such a versatile item of clothing in the standard wardrobe, but when it comes to maternity clothes, many women shy away from skirts as they can be incredibly unflattering and very uncomfortable. Though the pencil skirt and maternity denim skirt are great as capsule pieces in any woman’s wardrobe, if you want to go for something a bit different it was nearly impossible to find something – but that has all changed with the introduction of the maternity lines from Nelly, the range is fabulous, the colours are great and the materials are giving but high quality, so all you have to do is decide which one is for you:

Maternity Maxi Skirt from MOM2MOM

Maternity MaxiSkirt from NellyThis maxi skirt from MOM2MOM was one of the first things that caught our eye when we started looking at Nelly. The shape and flow of this skirt is elegance itself and the short train adds an element of sophistication that makes this skirt ideal for any occasion.

Designed by Isabel Adrian, at £80.95 it is not the cheapest item you are going to find on the site, but the sheer quality of the soft material that flows fluidly over your bump combined with the 30cm elasticated band that can be worn up for support or folded down, gives you a maternity skirt that you are going to want to wear every day of your pregnancy and then for the weeks after it as well.

Even putting this skirt on makes you feel like a princess. Suddenly you lose all the weight and clumsiness that comes with being pregnant and regain the femininity that is so lacking in a lot of maternity styles. Available in Black, Beige or Brown, this is a must have for the summer season and a great way to treat yourself or a loved one during pregnancy.

Sobea Designs maternity skirt from NellySobea Design So Mama Skirt

For funky fashion is velour skirt by Sobea Design has everything you need. The length of this skirt is so on trend right now and so flattering for the pregnant woman. The slim cut extends your height while slimming down your tummy and, the slight flare and funky slide slits to the skirt itself, give your legs length and shape so that you have a neat but up to date skirt that you can wear anywhere.

Looking great in this picture with heels, this skirt also looks perfect with boots and even with sandals and slip ons for a more relaxed style.

Available in blue, black or this gorgeous brown, the skirt is completed with the Sobea logo embroidered on the side of the skirt and a 23cm waistband that can be worn above or below your bump as the mood takes you.

Machine washable at 40 degrees and made of 80% organic cotton and 20% polyester, this skirt has all the style that you could want during your pregnancy combined with the comfort and practicality that you just can’t do without.

Mama-licious Grace Denim Skirt

Mama-licious Grace Denim Skirt from Nelly

No self respecting maternity line can call itself ‘fashionable’ without a good quality denim maternity skirt, but as with all the products on the site, Nelly do things just a little bit differently

This skirt comes with a wide elastic ribbing that not only provides support for the stomach but also offers a smooth line that improves the lie of even the sheerest of tops.

With an adjustable elastic waistband and a two button fastener, this trendy skirt comes complete with two front pockets and two back pockets as well as short slits to the rear to provide that added element of style in a fantastic looking skirt.

And if this has whet your appetite for a new way of looking at your maternity wardrobe, then click on any of the skirts above to be taken to the full Nelly site and see how you can create a pregnancy style to be proud of.


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Get Ready For The Jubilee at Crave Maternity

by on the 21st May 2012

We’re going all patriotic this week at Simply Maternity in the run up to the big event next weekend. We don’t whether it is the thought of our long standing Monarch being celebrated for such a huge achievement or simply the promise of a four day weekend, but we thought we would take advantage of the euphoric spirit that is gripping our country at the moment to celebrate the very best in red, white and blue maternity dresses at Crave.

Red Print Sundress from Crave MaternityFor the red option, we have decided to ignore the clouds and the rain to opt for this gorgeous Red Print Sundress.

OK, we have cheated a little by including white in the equation, but simply by adding a pair of blue shoes or a blue scarf, you can look the part at any Royal celebration next weekend and then still have a fantastic looking dress which is going to look and feel amazing when you coordinate it with proper accessories rather than the Union Jack effect that is going to be so popular over the coming days!

This 100% cotton dress with its stunning ruffle design, is created to provide a cool simple look that will take you through the heatwave we keep being promised with style and sophistication.

The elasticated shirred panel included in this cut means this dress is going to fit all the way through your pregnancy and will also after you have had your baby and want something light and airy to put on that makes you feel good but isn’t too restrictive on your post baby shape.

At only £12 right now, this dress is now less than half the original price and still available in some of the most popular sizes, so take a look and get yourself a real treat for the summer.

Embellished Maxi Dress from Simply MaternityWhen it comes to wearing white, you just have to go all out and this Embellished Maxi Dress from Crave has everything you need to look cool and collected whether you are going for a lunch or attending a special occasion.

The Maxi dress style is perfect for the pregnant form as it provides definition to your waste, creating shape even if you lost yours a long time ago, but then the gentle flowing material gives a fluid and feminine style that enables you to feel light and graceful even when your body is probably heavier that it has ever been before.

Created with 100% cotton to keep you cool and relaxed during the summer season, this dress flatters you in all the right places and looks just as good at a wedding or evening out as it does for a beautiful summers day.

With a deep frill completing the skirt and neckline to bring the entire design together, this style is completely stunning and is going to make you feel amazing during your pregnancy.

High heels are a great way of keeping this dress from touching the ground and creating an evening style, or go more natural with sandals and flip flops for the most luxurious outfits that is going to be the envy of any prenatal group.

Deep Blue Ruched Side Wrap Dress from Crave MaternityAnd for the icing on the cake, we have chosen this Deep Blue Ruched Side Wrap Dress from the day dresses range at Crave Maternity.

It has to be said that the wrap dress is a great style for any woman with shape in their bust and their hips, and in doing so is one the defining designs for maternity dresses.

This particular dress with a gorgeous deep blue colour and soft flexible cut is being called the ‘Must Have Dress Of The Season’ at Crave and it is easy to see why.

They style is easy to wear, easy to accessorise and creates a dress that looks great no matter where you are going.

The adjustable tie means that this dress is always going to fall exactly right, giving you a neat and even shape that you can be proud of even towards the very end of your pregnancy.

And after your baby is born, this dress comes into its own again by offering a smart and sophisticated outfit that will reduce with you as you return to your pre-pregnancy shape.

We have chosen just a few of our favourite dresses from Crave Maternity but there are a full range of day dresses, evening dresses and dresses for weddings and special occasions available. So take a look today and make sure you look your best for the Jubilee and beyond.

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Sign Up To Our Newsletter For The Latest Offers

by on the 3rd May 2012

Mum To Be NewsletterAll the feedback we have had from our customers has shown that you are loving the range of news, articles and voucher codes that we offer on the site, however a number of you have said that you don’t want to have to keep checking back with us for new offers and discounts, and would rather we contacted you.

In response to this, we are bringing back our newsletter so that we can keep you up to date with the latest news and reviews as well as voucher codes and offers without you having to keep checking in with us all the time.

All you have to do to join our newsletter is enter your email in the panel just below our latest offers and latest articles on the right hand side of this page or click on the picture above and you will be taken directly to the form.

Once you have validated your email address, we will be able to keep you up to date throughout your pregnancy and, if you also enter your due date, we will make sure that you don’t keep receiving further maternity related emails after your baby has been born until you are ready to register for the next one!

Don’t worry, we will keep your email address safe. We won’t be passing it on to anyone, just using it to keep you informed while you are still happy for us to contact you.

So why not take the stress out of finding your maternity clothes and let Simply help you today. We are here to make life easier and make sure you look and feel as good as you possibly can on your journey to becoming a mum, so if you feel there is anything you would like us to add to our site or any feedback on our newsletter then just get in touch.

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Get Your Maternity Fashion Tips From New Look

by on the 3rd May 2012

When the creators of the ‘Best On Budget Maternity Line’ offer to share their inside secrets on how to look good during your pregnancy, it’s probably a good idea to take a couple of minutes to see what they have to say – and we really glad we did.

This new short video from New Look, who were voted Pregnancy & Birth Magazine’s Best on Budget Maternity Line for 2012, gives an insight into what to expect throughout your pregnancy as well as real life women discussing what is required from maternity clothes and why the new range from New Look is definitely worth considering.

It’s great to see normal shaped women showing us what maternity clothes should like and we loved seeing the key pieces from the new collection including great shaped maternity leggings which are so essential through pregnancy as well as tops and trousers for casual, workwear and special occasions.

Maternity Paisley Print Maxi Dress from New LookBut the item that stood out for us has to be the Paisley Print Maxi Dress as worn by Amanda in the clip.

As you can see from the video itself, the colouring and sophistication that this dress provides the model is instantly apparent. The beautiful shape floats gently over her bumps and gives an elegant, summery feel that you too can achieve with this gorgeous style.

Though only on sale in some flagship stores, this dress is readily available online and at only £24.99, it is not something that is going to cost you the earth, but it is going to make you look and feel amazing.

Maxi Dresses are perfect for pregnancy. The under the bust emphasis draws the eye up your body while the long floating skirt gives you a fluid silhouette that makes you feel feminine and attractive even towards the very end of your pregnancy. And because you choose your pre-pregnancy size in all maternity clothes at New Look, this dress is also perfect for wearing after the baby is born and will give you some extra leeway when you are still trying to get rid of that extra post baby weight.

Whether you are going to a special occasion or just want to feel a bit more gentile during your pregnancy, order this dress from New Look today and see that maternity fashion with elegance and style doesn’t always have to come with a heavy price tag.


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New Maternity Wedding Dresses at Tiffany Rose

by on the 20th April 2012


Looking out the window, Summer doesn’t look like it is ever going to arrive, but with the 2012 wedding season already under way we just had to show you the latest maternity wedding dresses from Tiffany Rose.

Silk Sophia Mauve Maternity DressThe range of maternity dresses from Tiffany Rose is always incredible. Whether you are a wedding guest, a bridesmaid or the bride herself, the collection includes some beautiful traditional dresses designed specifically for the pregnant bride as well as some great alternatives to the traditional style such as this stunning Silk Sophia Dress.

Available in mauve and rose, the beauty of this dress lies in the simplistic detail that just takes your breath away. Created in soft flowing silk crinkle chiffon, the sheer elegance and style cannot be disputed and would be perfect for any occasion when you want to feel like the bell of the ball.

The gathered bodice provides cross-over detail and delicate cap sleeves that flatter the fuller bust most women benefit from during pregnancy and a detachable crystal brooch sash provides a sparkling central focus.

Silk Sophia Rose Maternity Wedding Dress

Intricate detail on the back ensures there is always something to look at even if you are at the front of the church and when completed by an effortlessly light skirt which floats over your lower body, this dress is the image of beauty and style.

Claudia Maternity Wedding Dress from Tiffany RoseAs more couples are going away to get married, Tiffany Rose are offering a lighter version of the traditional wedding dress which is perfect if you are going to tie the knot on a long white beach or even if you want something fun for a Summer wedding at home.

This beautifully simple Claudia Maternity Gown has an almost Pride and Prejudice romantic feel to it with a pleated bodice and full length ivory skirt that would look wonderful sashaying along the beach as the sun sets.

The ivory jersey used to create this soft style has a slight shimmer that catches the sun and offers a subtle hue to make you glow more than ever. Whether in a fine manor house or letting the ends of the dress delicately hit the waves, the Claudia Gown is one not to miss.

Alice Maternity Wedding Dress from Tiffany RoseBut if the only dress you have ever imagined getting married in is a full white wedding dress, then being pregnant is not going to stop your dream coming true.

If you are a traditionalist at heart then the new styles for 2012 are going to make your eyes water – but only in a good way of course!

We can’t stop looking at this Alice Gown new for 2012. It has all the traditional qualities of a fabulous wedding dress yet it is still under £300.

If you are opting for a church wedding or need cover for your shoulders during the service, the coordinating vintage lace jacket with beaded detail is perfect to give you style and sophistication, and then when the fun begins you have the most wonderful strapless dress that will flatter your figure but with a sweetheart bodice and soft boning is going to keep you comfortable and supported all day long

All the dresses and accessories on this page are available at Tiffany Rose along with a full range of the most beautiful maternity wedding dresses and maternity dresses for special occasions that may possibly ever see. Take a look today and start planning that special occasion with confidence knowing that, with our help, you are going to look simply amazing.



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M&S Guide to Maternity Wear and Free Delivery for Easter

by on the 8th April 2012

If you are having difficulty in finding the maternity wear that is going to suit you this season, why not check out this new video from Marks and Spencers. This is a complete guide to your maternity essentials, showing you which items M&S have selected to create your capsule maternity wardrobe and displays them to you on genuinely pregnant women so that you get the complete picture of how your maternity clothes will look.

The video explains how to wear maternity clothes to create the best look for you and the key points to consider when selecting the outfits that are going to make you feel your best throughout your pregnancy.

Marks and Spencers Maternity JeggingsThe four essential items featured on this video include the Maternity Denim Jeggings which are a perfect combination of maternity jeans and comfortable leggings, to give you the best from comfort and fashion in your maternity wear.

If you are finding maternity jeans constrictive during your pregnancy then these jeggings provide you with a fantastic look but with added flexibility and comfort that some people just cannot find wearing maternity jeans.

With an up to date style that is going to give you comfort but fashionable style, these jeggings have the perfect length for maternity jeggings with a soft ‘cut and stretch’ waistband that goes all the way over your bump providing you with comfort and support even towards the very end of your pregnancy.

A perfect look and a great feel for your maternity clothes so that you combine comfort and fashion in your basic maternity essentials.

Maternity Dress from Marks and SpencersThe video also talks a lot about how you can dress your maternity clothes up or down to create the look you want. Use additions from your own wardrobe such as cardigans or jackets to create the feel you are looking for from basic maternity essentials without the need to incur unnecessary cost of further maternity clothing.

Choose a versatile maternity dress such as this gorgeous V-Neck Tea Dress from Marks and Spencers and then add extras from your own wardrobe to vary your look and adapt the dress for any situation.

The beautiful summer print used in the material of this dress is perfect for this season and the under the bust tie which completes the look also ensures a neat fit that is going to adapt as your body grows. Consider varying heights and styles of shoes, accessories and hair styles to create the look you want and have a look in your existing wardrobe for clothes that could create a new and exciting look for this stunning dress.

Team with a waterfall cardigan and basic wedges for a day look or coordinate with a smart jacket and heels for a more sophisticated style that would be ideal for maternity work wear or for any special occasion and you will find that you will get the most out of your maternity budget by buying the basic essential items and then coordinating with your existing wardrobe.

And right now, Marks and Spencers are offering FREE DELIVERY on all orders over £30 placed in the Easter period. Check out your order before midnight on Bank Holiday Monday, 8th April 2012, and any order with a value of £30 or more will be delivered directly to your door free of charge. There is no voucher code, you just click on the banner below and start shopping.

All items featured on the video and above are available from Marks and Spencers online, so take a look at the exciting range of maternity wear today and take advantage of the intelligent design and sophistication that can make you feel extra special during your pregnancy.

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