No Sign Of The New Spice Girl On July 4th

Written by on Tuesday 5th of July 2011

Victoria BeckhamIt has been rumoured for months that Victoria Beckham was going to pay homage to her adopted American home town by giving birth on American Independence Day, 4th July, but thankfully the rumours proved unfounded and the original Posh Spice is still very much pregnant this morning.

Though we completely understand the need for planned ceseareans for those who follow this path, to plan your baby’s birth as a deliberate publicity stunt seems way over the mark, even for a family as publicity hungry as the Beckhams!

In a press conference at the weekend, David Beckham did nothing to allay the rumours by suggesting that, as he and Victoria married on 4th July, that it was a special day for them and always will be, but said nothing to quash rumours that the date was about to get much more important in the Beckham household.

At least Simon Oliveira, the Beckham’s publicist was on hand on Twitter yesterday to quash the rumours stating ‘Contrary to certain reports, David and Victoria Beckham’s baby is not due today and that was never the case….’ but what can be said of today?

We have woken up to rumours this morning that Victoria has indeed given birth to a baby girl Felicity weighing 5lb 8oz but, again, these reports have been denied by the Beckham camp claiming that the earliest the new Spice Girl will arrive is next week. David has been gushing in news reports that he can’t wait to be a Dad again and that he is going to be a lot more protective over his little girl, but first they have to get through the media circus surrounding what must be one of the most anticipated births yet.

So for now, we are just going to have to keep are ear to the ground and watch this space to see what is happening, but be rest assured, as soon as there is news we will bring it to all our readers  – we can’t wait to see the first pictures of a true designer baby!


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