Move to Sweden for better Paternity Leave Benefits

Written by on Friday 3rd of December 2010

Dads in the UK aren’t getting a good deal when it comes to paternity leave. According to recent research from the Fatherhood Institute has revealed, saying that the pay gap is greater and paternity leave less than other countries.

According to the Fairness in Families Index launched by the Institute this week, the UK ranks in the bottom four countries of the 21 in the index with regard to supporting equal parenting.

“UK families get a raw deal on paid paternity leave, time spent caring for children and men and women’s pay, the Fairness in Families Index reveals. Despite Coalition Government claims to make Britain the ‘most family-friendly country in Europe’, the Index proves the UK “still has a long way to go”, says Rob Williams, Chief Executive of the Fatherhood Institute.

Sweden was the best for Paternity leave where Dads get 40 weeks full paternity pay, as compared to the two days full pay UK fathers receive. Of course, they are entitled to two weeks, but how many families can afford for the primary breadwinner to lose eight days pay around the same time a new member joins the family? Some UK Dads will benefit from the full 2 weeks but this is also at a cost to the Companies.

Williams feels that it is this distinction between men and women as primary breadwinners that poses part of the problem.

He said: “The fairness in families index gives a benchmark for where Britain stands in terms of how far policies allow families to share parenting and be more ‘equal’.

Parents’ choices are restricted by an outdated distinction between fathers as breadwinners and mothers as homemakers. There is clearly a long way to go if we are to become ‘the most family-friendly country in Europe’ as the coalition has pledged.”

When both my daughter and son were born, my husband did manage to take the entire 2 weeks off and he was lucky enough to have 2 weeks full pay, but even then this was not long enough, especially when you need all the help you can during the early stages. Also this is not the case for everyone in the UK that cannot afford to have the full 2 weeks off because they would lose the full pay.

How has paternity pay affected you, and do you think the UK government will even be a fair system. Some dads also become full time parents so shouldn’t it be equal. Please do share you opinions by commenting below.

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