Make This Years Autumn Look Work For Your Pregnancy

Written by on Wednesday 7th of September 2011

Noppies Maternity Coat at Mummy & Little MeAs we wave goodbye to our older children at the school gates and see the leaves falling off the trees, its impossible not to notice that Autumn has arrived and with it an urgent need to make sure that we wrap up warm during our pregnancy but look great doing it.

Did you know that most aches and pains related to pregnancy can be exacerbated by cold so make sure you wrap up well this Autumn and use some of our style guides to help you choose the right maternity wear for you.

This year the earth tones are well and truly in and with them comes a fantastic layered effect which is ideal for the pregnant woman. As your temperature varies so considerably during the day layers enable you to remain comfortable throughout the day without having to keep changing every time you feel hot or cold. There is nothing worse than wrapping up in a thick hot jumper when you leave the house only to find you are too hot when you are wearing it but too cold when you take it off. By using more thinner layers, you can ensure that you balance out your temperature and keep up with the latest styles while you are doing it.

Choose earth tones that suit your colouring and style but also consider one element of bright colour to draw attention and reflect your mood. Use bright colours away from your bump to detract from your size or accentuate your bump and show off your pregnancy by aiming your signature colour in the area around your tummy.

Take advantage of the support offered in maternity tights to keep you comforable and warm while looking great and team with clumpy shoes which are not only hot this season but will also keep you more stable and support your back better than a high heeled shoe can.

And right now is a great time to invest in an Autumn wardrobe as we see lots of the most desirable clothes still be included in the end of season sales.

We absolutely love this Coat from Noppies which is part of the range of Maternity Coats here at Simply Maternity.  Styled to flatter the pregnant woman, these coats can easily be worn for ages after the birth, making sure you stay comfortable and stylish, and hide a multitude of sins.

As you see from the styling done here at Mummy & Little Me, the layering effect can be enhanced by leaving your coat open and teaming it with further neutral colours to provide a gorgeous autumnal feel and a gorgeous red signature jumper to really finish the outfit beautifully.

Whether you opt for a maternity skirt and thick maternity tights, or you would rather go for a trouser style and close the coat, you can work the colours and the layers to suit you.

All the clothes seen in this styling are available at Mummy and Little Me and right now this gorgeous coat is just £30, an amazing discount from the original price of £99.99 and is still available in a size 12, perfect for an autumn stroll.

So take a look at the great new styles that are coming in for the season and keep coming back to Simply Maternity for more style advice and discount codes that will make your maternity shopping better value for money.


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