Keep Up The Exercise During Your Pregnancy

Written by on Monday 4th of April 2011

Alicia SilverstoneLast week Alicia Silverstone was spotted leaving her Yoga Class with an over sized bump that looks ready to drop any minute, which shows that each one of us can exercise during pregnancy and keep ourselves looking and feeling great.

Revelling in both pre-natal Yoga and pre-natal Pilates, the former Clueless star is a great role model to every pregnant women, showing us that gentle exercise is achievable no matter how big you get during your pregnancy, as long as you take it easy.

Before taking up any exercise during your pregnancy you should consult your Doctor or Midwife to get the all clear and then discuss with them the type of exercise you would like to do.

If you have been a keen runner or have carried out regular activity before your pregnancy, then there is no need to stop. Make sure you listen to your body and only do as much as you can do and you should have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

If you haven’t been an active participant previously, but your pregnancy has given you the incentive to get fit, make sure you start slowly and build up as you gain stamina during your pregnancy and your fitness. 

It is ideal to take up any new fitness program with a partner so that you not only have someone to keep you company and make sure that you are OK when exercising, but they will also give you the incentive to keep going and encourage you to go as far as you can, whilst still remaining within your limits. Or consider joining a club or exercise group which will not only keep you fit but also help you meet like minded people who can continue to support you throughout your pregnancy and can even become life long friends.

Wear loose maternity clothes which will not restrict you during your exercise and consider wearing a maternity belt to reduce movement and provide support to your bump and back.

Exercise during pregnancy can not only strengthen your body making it easier to carry your baby, but the increased stamina that you will develop can help you during pregnancy and can actually increase your pain threshold so that pregnancy is easier. The strength in your core muscles could also help you push your baby out easier while strong, supple muscles also make repair and convalescence after the birth much easier.

There are pre-natal yoga and Pilate’s classes in most towns and are an ideal way to relax but keep fit when you are pregnant. So contact your local NCR or local parents group and they should be able to help you find a group that will suit you and keep you fit during your pregnancy.

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