Can’t Afford To Buy That Designer Dress – Then Hire It

Written by on Wednesday 14th of December 2011
Purple Embellished Maxi Dress at Crave Maternity

Pay only £95 to hire this £295 Embellished Maxi Dress

If you are craving a gorgeous designer maternity dress this Christmas but don’t want to go to the full expense of buying a signature piece for just one event, then Crave Maternity have come up with the ultimate solution – Maternity Dress Rental.

In fact, as part of their website, Crave offer a selection of their top dresses on a 14 day rental basis, so that you can enjoy the very best that Crave have to offer at a fraction of the usual price.

Crave Maternity makes hiring top designer maternity dresses so simple that they even take care of the dry cleaning. And the best part is that any Crave Maternity Coupon Code also applies to these dresses, which means you can qualify for further discount from the offers section on our site. Right now, we have a code offering 20% off when you spend over £75, which means the rental of any dress is even cheaper.

Simply click on the banner below to go directly to the rental section on the Crave Maternity website and choose the dress that you would love to wear at a fraction of the normal price.

50% of the overall cost that you will see is the rental fee for the hire of the dress while the other 50% is the returnable deposit, which means you ultimately only pay third of the cost of one of these gorgeous maternity dresses and still get the opportunity to shine this season. Checkout from the site in the normal way and your dress will wing its way to you in plenty of time for your special event.

So if you want to wear that killer dress this Christmas but don’t want the price tag to come back and bite you in the New Year then why not consider renting your maternity dress. No one will ever know, and we certainly won’t tell if you don’t!

Crave Maternity Dress Rental

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