Girl Power Arrives

Written by on Monday 11th of July 2011

After all the speculation in recent weeks over when and where baby girl Beckham will arrive, David Beckham announced on Facebook this morning that his wife, Victoria Beckham had given birth to Harper Seven Beckham at 7:55am yesterday in LA. Weighing a healthy 7lb 10oz, David said of the new arrival ‘Victoria is doing really well and her brothers are delighted to have a baby sister xx’.

Harper, meaning ‘Harp Player, has most commonly been used as a boys name but has become increasing popular over recent years and we are sure that this celebrity naming will start a whole new trend in baby naming terms over the coming years.

We are sure the ‘Seven’ as the middle name has to be in reference to the Golden Balls era of David Beckham when he wore the Manchester United and England number 7 shirt when playing at the very peak of his international career. Though Seven is a great middle name for a celebrity daughter, will the same be said when us mere mortals start naming our children, ‘Asda’ and ‘Emergency’ after the logos on our work wear!

We wish the Beckhams the very best over the next few weeks and the coming years with everything a new baby brings. It will be an incredibly exciting time for the family as they start to experience some of the differences having a girl brings to the family dimensions. Though it has always been said that boys are more laid back and easier to look after in the first couple of years, in the longer term it can be girls that are more relaxed and boys that cause more trouble. But with three boys under their belt and now a little girl, with the heritage that Harper Seven has, we just hope we don’t get another Beckham prima donna in the similar vain that Victoria used to be!


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