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Written by on Wednesday 8th of June 2011
Black Slouch Linen Maternity Trousers from Crave

Linen Trousers from Crave Maternity

Even if you are not usually a trouser wearing person, a lot of people opt for trousers when they are pregnant as it gives them more coverage and can be more practical. But just because you opt for a pair of trousers during your pregnancy it doesn’t mean you have to loose your femininity or your style.

When you are considering your capsule wardrobe when you are first pregnant a pair of good tailored trousers in a basic colour are essential. One pair of trousers can be adapted to so many styles with different shoes, tops and accessories.

The first consideration when you are buying your maternity trousers is your preference of waistband. An over the bump band will give you more security but it can become visible under tops if you are wearing darker trousers under a lighter top and you may feel that an over the bump band will be too warm in the summer months when you may still be in need of them.

At present the trend is to wear under the bump waistbands which allow you to wear the same pair of trousers during your entire pregnancy and provide you with the opportunity to have a more precise lie to your trousers as you don’t have to incorporate your bump into the cut. Some women do find that under the bump trousers are not comfortable as they feel they will fall down or they are worried that their bump will show. Under the bump maternity trousers are designed to stay in place and they won’t fall down, but if you are concerned that you will feel insecure in this cut, use a maternity band which will give you the security that your trouser will stay up and a layered effect which will cover your bump and that can be removed if you get too hot.

Though we are all hoping we don’t gain too much weight during our pregnancy, it is inevitable that our bottoms and hips are going to get bigger. It has been proven that most lactating women will store more fat on their hips than at any other time. This phenomenon is known as ‘famine fat’ and your body stores fat to ensure that if you do run out of food there is still enough energy in your body to produce the nutrition needed when your baby arrives. It is a shame that our bodies can’t keep up with the times and understand that this is not necessary now in our country, but until they do we must ensure that all our maternity trousers have room for some growth in this area during pregnancy.

Palazzo Maternity Trousers from Dorothy Perkins at Simply Maternity

Maternity Palazzos from Dorothy Perkins

Maternity trousers are designed to provide you with some give, so make sure that you choose your pre pregnancy size in all your maternity clothes or use the online size guides to help you if you feel you should be ordering a different size. Some trousers incorporate elasticated sides so that they provide that extra give should you need it, while others integrate tailoring into the trousers to compensate for any growth.

We love these Palazzos from Dorothy Perkins which have an elasticated element to the back of the waistband to accommodate extra growth and integrated pleats which allow for further growth whilst maintaining a slender tailored look which is going to be smart and sophisticated throughout your pregnancy. Imagine these trousers with a shiny black maternity top and high heels for an evening outfit, or team them with sandals and a maternity vest and floating cardigan for a casual but smart daytime look.

Bengalin Trousers from FunMum at Simply Maternity

Bengalin Trousers from FunMum

The cut of your maternity trousers can do a lot to balance out your body when you are pregnant. With a larger middle, a wide legged trouser will not only keep you in proportion but will have a slimming effect on your bump and will be bang on trend with this seasons style.

Choose more tailored or skinny trousers if you want to lengthen your body or if you want to show off the slimming effect pregnancy has had on your legs.

We love these Bengalin Maternity Trousers from FunMum that are so elasticated that they stretch as you grow to ensure they provide a continuous tailored and flattering fit throughout your pregnancy and then will even draw back in after you have had your baby until you ready for your standard clothes again.

We have a great range of maternity trousers on our site for you to choose from with some fantastic offers. Right now the Bengalin Maternity Trousers from FunMum are half price at only £17.00 in the FunMum sale, Dorothy Perkins are offering Free Delivery on all orders over £40 and Crave Maternity are offering 15% off when you spend over £75. So take a look around our site and find the trousers for you.

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