Get Out Of Your Jeans For Spring

Written by on Friday 16th of March 2012

Though maternity jeans are one of the easiest and most comfortable items of clothing for the colder months, when it comes to a warmer summer, pregnancy jeans can become heavy, constricting and uncomfortable. So we’ve decided to give you some inspiration on how you could get out of your jeans this season with the use of the Spring Maternity line, launched at Crave Maternity.

Khaki Maternity Trousers from CraveWe start with an old favourite that is never going to go out of style, the baggy maternity trouser. A must have for any summer pregnancy, whether you are a lady that lunches or just want to make sure you are relaxed and comfortable on the beach this Easter, khaki trousers are a must have essential, and if you can roll them up to create a second versatile style, then even better.

When you are looking for a good pair of baggy trousers, opt for a style that is created with a baggy fit rather than just buying a bigger size. The baggy effect is incredibly flattering, especially for the pregnant body as it balances out your size and gives you a feminine flow to your lower body.

Khakii Maternity Trousers from CraveGet a size too big and you are left with bags and sags where you don’t need them, rather than the elegant silhouette that you were hoping for. So choose your pre pregnancy dress size and then opt for a more relaxed style to get the look you want.

Wear with soft gentle maternity tops when your trousers are full length and then opt for more casual maternity t shirts or vest tops when you roll your trousers up. These Khaki Roll-Up Trousers from Crave can actually be worn at three different lengths when means you can create a huge number of styles with just one pair of trousers – ideal if you want to create a different look everyday on your holidays but don’t want to be carrying too much luggage.

Maternity Capri Pants from CraveWhen it comes to that City Break or Girl About Town look, you can’t beat a pair of Capri pants for a hot summer look. The traditional while is going to be very popular again this year because it gives that neat sophisticated style while still keeping that summer feel.

The skinny fit of these Capri pants from Crave really shows off your toned legs even better and gives a great foundation for some gorgeous maternity tops and fabulous shoes to make this season go with a swing. And if white is not your style, you can always choose a black or khaki style that may be what you are looking for.

When you are choosing your Capri pants, make sure you go for 100% cotton to keep your trousers breathable and comfortable all summer long. The shorter length leg is going to give you more comfort and airflow while extending your body to make you look taller and slimmer as you progress through your pregnancy.

Jersey Maternity Shorts from CraveBut when the sun really turns up the heat, there is nothing like a good pair of quality maternity shorts to keep you cool and feeling relaxed. Though there are smarter shorts, and longer shorts, we couldn’t do without a good pair of fitness shorts in the summer. The short cut makes them so much fun and the soft material ensures they are going to keep you comfortable in the very hot weather even as you near the end of your term.

These fitness shorts from Crave are made with their own signature jersey which means they are going to keep their shape and are easy to maintain, ideal if you want to wear them day after day in the summer months. Available in black or grey marl, you don’t have to be going out for a run or even be thinking about it to carry off this style, the comfort and fit that these shorts provide make them perfect for looking great and keeping cool on holiday and at home.

Team with a flowing maternity top and you have a fantastic outfit for any occasion or match up with a good quality t shirt for a great casual look. And when a hospital stay is required, don’t worry, team these shorts with a simple maternity vest top and you have the ideal hospital outfit that will combat even the warmest wards for an overnight visit. However you use these shorts, make sure they make it into your wardrobe this summer as you won’t realise how useful they are until the warm weather starts.

So as the weather starts to warm and we all want to find an alternative to the good old reliable denim, why not take a look at some fantastic alternatives and get yourself ready for a fantastic summer.

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