Five Ways To Keep Cool When You Are Pregnant

Written by on Monday 17th of June 2013

It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of summer or the middle of winter, when you get hot when you are pregnant, it can make you tired, miserable and very uncomfortable. Which is why we have put together our top five tips of how to keep cool when you are pregnant.

1. Layer It Up

Layer it UpThey key to a healthy pregnancy temperature is to remember your layers. Because of the increased level of blood flowing around your body, you get hot quicker and cold even quicker so make sure you are always prepared. Even on the very coldest days make sure you have several thin layers rather that one big layer.

This means you can easily peel down to reduce your temperature but also that you can put the layer back on when you start to feel the chill. But remember, each of your layers needs to be able to be shown out in public. So don’t put on your oldest worn out top just because it is comfy. If you get too warm, you may soon be showing it off to all and sundry.

Keep clothing loose and air can circulate enabling your entire body to cool down a lot easier and try to stick to breathable materials when choosing summer maternity clothes that will provide extra ventilation.

2. Take It Easy

One of the things that’s get us all hot under the collar is when we have to rush to events simply because we didn’t prepare sufficiently in advance and this is never more important than when you are pregnant. If you can, always leave a little extra time to get to places so that you don’t have to hurry at the last minute. This can be incredibly tiring and very embarrassing if you are running to catch a bus or a tube with a great big bump on the front. Keeping calm and preparing also stops you getting stressed out and stops your blood pressure rising. This will be a more comfortable environment for you and your baby, and make your entire life easier.

On very hot days, consider the time you travel. If you are a commuter then try to avoid peak rush hours when transport will be at its hottest and most busy. Instead consider discussing flexi time with your boss or maybe coming in and going home a little later to avoid the hottest periods.

3. Keep Hydrated

Basic stuff, I know, but drinking is so important during pregnancy. Water is a great way to keep cool as the more hydrated you are the more you can sweat to relieve the extra warmth in your skin.

bottle of water

If you don’t like water than try adding a little flavour to encourage you to drink more. Even a slice of lemon or lime can make boring old tap water more interesting.

If you like very cold water then consider freezing a bottle of water the night before so that it can defrost during the day giving you constantly cool water on the go.

If you do go down this route, make sure you leave a little air in the top of your container when you put it in the freezer so that there is room for the liquid to expand when it defrosts without you having to worry about it bursting in your bag.

For added comfort, apply a little cold liquid to your pulse points such as on your wrists or on your neck. But avoid submersing your feet or your body in cold water, the shock can be uncomfortable for you and your baby.

4. Become a Night Owl

On the hottest days of the year, one of the best ways to keep cool is simply to put off the major tasks of your day until it gets dark. This way you can do all the hardest chores when it is a lot cooler. Obviously, the children still need to be put to bed at the same time and hubby’s dinner probably still needs to be on the table, but why not consider making the meals the night before and waiting until it gets dark to hand out the washing or tackle that mountain of ironing. If it is done at night, it gives you more of an opportunity to take it easy during the day and wait for the cooler air to come. And with all those extra chores late at night, it may even encourage your body to actually get a good nights sleep, ready for when the weather gets a bit less extreme.

5. Let It All Hang Out

let it hand outFor a wonderful way to stay cool when you are pregnant let it all just simply hang out and cool down.

There is nothing more wonderful than feeling a cool fan over your naked skin after a hard day or simply walking around your house with your belly out, free to breathe again.

We spend so much of our time trussed up and covering our bumps that we forget how beautiful nature can be. Besides, while the tummy is stretched with bubs inside, at least you don’t have to look at those stretch marks that are probably on their way.

Even if you can just walk around without the binds of any clothes for a few minutes with the curtains closed and the windows open, it can make all the difference to your day and make you feel great.


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