Fantastic Maternity Swimwear at M&S

Written by on Thursday 2nd of February 2012

When we are looking for maternity swimwear, one of the most difficult choices is not what swimwear to opt for, but when you should start wearing it. Though most of us are incredibly keen to get in our maternity swimwear and show off our bumps in the prenatal swimming classes as soon as possible, at the same time you don’t want to be the woman who has jumped in too quickly and has a little droop where her bump should be.

Marks and Spencers Maternity SwimwearWell the new maternity swimwear range from Marks and Spencers will go a long way to stopping this dreadful dilemma with the introduction of tide side fasteners in their latest maternity swimsuit. Pull the ties tightly and the suit will draw in, giving you a flatter costume that looks as if it fits perfectly even in the early stages of pregnancy. Let the ties out throughout your pregnancy and you havea costume that is going to continue to fit you for as long as you want to be wearing it.

And after your baby is born, follow the same pattern in reverse and you have a costume that is going to continue to fit until you are ready to attempt your pre pregnancy swimwear again.

And though this swimwear is incredibly functional, with padding, lining, detachable strap and the extra stretch you need in a good maternity swimming costume, it has also been created to look great too. The intelligent design actually flatters your body shape, neatly drawing you in at the waist and carrying attention up the body to balance out your body shape even as you near the end of your pregnancy.

The detachable strap means that you have a costume that looks great both in the pool and on the beach and at only £29.50, it won’t break the bank to buy it.

Though you won’t find maternity swimwear in many of the M&S stores, their range of swimwear and maternity clothes in general is fantastic. So take a look today and see the full range of maternity wear available from M&S.

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