Don’t Forget Your Hair In the Sun

Written by on Wednesday 29th of June 2011

Maternity Bikini from Marks and Spencers at Simply MaternityNow that we are finally beginning to see the start of summer and an upsurge in demand for Maternity Swimwear as the days get warmer, most pregnant women are making sure they keep their skin properly moisturised and protected from the sun, but how many of us remember our hair?

The consistency and style of your hair can change dramatically when you are pregnant. Some see an improvement in the quality of their hair while a significant number of women experience a reduction in the quality of their hair thought to be due to the nutrition that is needed to build the best hair follicles being used to build your baby instead.

While it is the case that pregnancy can ruin the quality of your hair, there are more significant factors that can damage your hair at any stage in your life and they are the things that make the summer most fun: the sun, chlorine and salt!

Celebrity hairdresser Mark Hill has gone on record to warn women about the damages of the sun on your which can cause drying and bleaching. This leads to existing colour fading more quickly and a poorer quality of hair. And if your hair is weakened by pregnancy, this damage is going to occur even quicker.

To keep your hair in the best shape you can this season, make sure that you rinse any salt water or pool water from your hair every time you come out of the pool or the sea and wash your hair with a good quality shampoo at the end of the day if you can. Use a replenishing conditioner to give your hair an extra boost and consider using leave in conditioner or day protection when you are out and about.

Wherever possible covering your head can also help. Not only will this protect your hair but it will protect your scalp from harmful sun rays and keep the heat off your head which can be very uncomfortable during pregnancy. Choose a brightly coloured scarf to add interest to your outfit and draw attention away from your bump or a sun hat with an oversized brim for a fun, cool style that will work to ‘thin out’ your body at the same time.

So when you are in the sun this summer, make sure that you put as much attention into protecting your hair as you do your skin. Whether you want to get a nice brown tummy in a maternity bikini or want to stay covered up, being safe in the sun is not only going to keep you looking great and feeling comfortable this summer but it is also a great practice to start now to teach your children in the years to come.

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