About Us

What is SimplyMaternity.co.uk?

Simply Maternity is a website setup for all things related to Maternity, hence the name of our website. The site is designed to help save you time and money when shopping online for Maternity Clothes. But it does not stop there. We aim to make this a One Stop Resource for everything related to your pregnancy. Whether it be asking and finding out information or a place to meet other like minded people. Yes there are other great sites and forums out there, but we also think there is a gap in the market for a common place to find all this Maternity stuff online.

Simply Maternity has a unique selling point. We offer a comparison of all products from all the major retailers listed directly on our site. We work closely with the merchants to bring you all the best products, and any sales news, discount codes and offers. This is a site run by parents for parents to be so that you get the information and the support that you need when you are starting on one of the biggest journeys life has to offer.

We aim to make this the best Maternity site in the UK. Please help us by contributing to our site, by either contacting us through email or signing up to our facebook or twitter.

Who is behind SimplyMaternity.co.uk?

Simply Maternity is run by a team of young families. As we have recently been through the pre and post pregnancy adventure we have experienced the pitfalls and highlights of choosing the best maternity wear and have the experience and knowledge to provide you with information you need.

In addition, we have extensive experience in creating the best online experience for you to ensure that you have a safe and secure shopping experience when you use our site.

This History Of SimplyMaternity.co.uk?

Simply Maternity was setup because we found it difficult to find information and products online when we were going through the whole baby experience.

With experience in web design and an unending thirst for more pregnancy support and information we initially created Maternity Belt, to provide every pregnant woman with the information and support they needed to help reduce pain and discomfort during pregnancy and with the development of Pregnancy Pillow we were able to gain a true picture of how the pregnant body works.

Whilst working with women who were trying to conceive, the interest in the male contribution to this process became more and more apparent which led to the development of Jockstrap providing the necessary equipment to ensure that when those little swimmers are needed, they are in the best form of health!

Simply Maternity was a natural progression from these sites, and became our flagship solution to finding the maternity clothes that we wanted for our own pregnancies. As we started to raise our young families, more and more people have found our site useful and joined us in using Simply for all their online maternity wear which saves endless days of trudging around the shops to find the products you are looking for.

As maternity clothes are rapidly being withdrawn from the high street, we have found that sites such as ours have become more important to ensure that everyone is getting the range and variety that women need so that they can feel comfortable during their pregnancy. In conjunction with our sister site Maternity Nightwear we now feel we offer the resources required for pregnancy.

Thanks to suggestions from friends and family, we have also moved into providing baby products to support our customer base and have now developed Baby Sleeping Bags and Travelling Cot to ensure your new born babies are safe and protected wherever you may travel.

Thanks to suggestions from family, friends and loyal customers, we have now expanded our range of websites to explore other subjects that have begun to take our interest including High Tops, Cheap Bikinis and Plus Size Swimwear and more recently Boyfriend Jeans and Girls Coats to expand our growing business and offer online users with the resources they need to gain the best experience of online shopping.

With each of our sites you can be sure that you gain the full quality of product that you expect from Simply Maternity and the same attention to detail and complete information that we trust has become the values for which we stand. So we hope you enjoy your time on our site and that you come back often.

Best Regards

from all at Simply Maternity